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The working principle of Java Rule Engine and its application

efficiency problem of rule inference mechanism and rule condition matching well. The efficiency of the rule condition matching determines the performance of the engine, the engine needs to quickly test the data objects in the workspace, find the eligible rules from the load

Java rules Engine Java Rule Engine builds the development environment

in the plugin just unzipped)-Click OK-Select So plugin.-Here is the click Next,finishAfter the plug-in is installed, you need to add the drools environment in eclipse:-click "Windows"-"preferencess"-Select "Drools"-"Installed Drools runtimes" in the tree menu of the window-In the empty Drools runtime list on the right, click "Add"-In the pop-up window, name input droolsruntime (a random name), select ".../\" in path.\binaries " (thi

Java Rule Engine Integration

J2EE-related: Java Rule Engine IntegrationPosted on Wednesday, August 04 @ 09:57:48 CST by joezxh Joe. Zhang shipping "this article is taken from starrynght's blog star moon and night. The author first introduces javarule and then provides integration of spring and business rule engine.Rule

Simple use of Rule Engine drools

The rule engine is applicable to complex and variable rules, such as product full reduction, bonus points, and attendance rules. 1. Introduce Maven dependency    2. drools can be executed in two ways. The first is based on the kmodule. xml and DRL configuration files, and the second is the dynamic read Rule. Kmodule-based 1) create a fact. The fact in drools is

Add a simple rule engine for spring-based applications

This article explainsJ2EE ApplicationAnd describes how to develop a simple rule engine for a popular spring framework. This article requires readersSpringHave a basic understanding.Any larger software project contains many things called business logic. The exact description of the business logic is still controversial. In a large amount of code generated for typi

Working principle and application of Java rule Engine

Introduction At present, the Java community has promoted and developed a compelling new technology--java rules engine (rule Engine). It can be used to separate the business decision logic of business decision-makers and the technology decision of the application developer i

Java Rule Engine-drools

Infoq published an introduction to the rule engine real-world rule engines, the original There are also two articles on onjava: Give your business logic a framework with drools Using drools in your Enterprise

Java Rule Engine Drools framework

1. What is drools. Drools is a Java-language based rule engine framework. Solves the problem that the complex business logic in the business system is hard coded into the program code. The advent of drools can separate business logic from program code, and can also change business logic in real time. Support the rule

Java Rule Engine data collection

1. An earlier article on the rule engine in IBM's Developworks A master's thesis, Do not know waterResearch on pattern matching algorithm and rule engine application in

On the integration of Rule engine and Blaze rule Library three--blaze rule engine and Srl

development of blaze, it is simple to introduce the grammar of the rule language. The rule language, the name SRL (full name of standard Rule Language), is claimed to be an English language, which is a language that allows business people to understand. Let's look at an example: Theaccount's balance is between $00.00

Rule Engine (1): inference engine and Rule Engine

reasoning: Forward-chaining and backward-chaining ). Positive reasoning is also called the embedding method. It is driven by facts. It starts from an initial fact and constantly applies rules to draw conclusions. First, select a rule in the Candidate queue to enable the rule for reasoning, and record the conclusion as the evidence for the next reasoning. Repeat this process until no available rules can b

Gobang's rule of winning and losing-Java programming (simple optimization full version)

{ - Break; the } the}//Judging the right the for(PosX = x-1, PosY = y + 1; PosX > 0 posY ) {94 if(Board[posx][posy] = =color) { thecount++; the if(Count >= 5) { the return true;98 } About}Else { - Break;101 }102 }103 return false;104}Iv. Follow-up1, this algorithm principle is also very simple, but more t

Java-based simple search engine and java Search Engine

Java-based simple search engine and java Search Engine Reprinted please indicate the source: At school, the java teacher once said a Baidu interview question, which proba interface-oriented extensible framework-Business Rule Engine extension module and Business Rule extension module

}-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Three articles have been published successfully, one. net article and two others. The results are very good. Wait a moment. What is Engine Engine is a well-known business rule Engine. ArticleRepository does not publish an article, but i

Velocity A template engine or a rule engine or Both

March 2005 Discussion Velocity:a template engine or A rule engine or Both? Most of the developers must is familiar with Velocity as a great open source template engine and I don ' t do I need to s Ay much about its uses and features as a template engine. This paper compil

Implementing dynamic business logic using the WebLogic Portal Rule engine

not available by default in the process project, you need to import these controls and the EJB of the rule engine into your application. The control input and output are then inserted into the JPD. The basic steps for using the portal Rule engine in the WLI process are as follows: Import

Common Rule engine Technology

workflow engine enables flexible configuration when the process changes. The rules engine also allows business decisions to be drawn out from program code and also flexibly configured to implement changes in rules. after having the metadata model, object model, workflow, permissions, interface model. The remaining two focuses on events and rules, and if events and rules can be flexibly configured a

20 Rule 80: Search engine dark rule 2

I've written 20/80 principles before, and here's a new mention: The 20/80 law is also called the 28 law, namely the Baledo law. The law of Baledo was invented by Baledo, an Italian economist, at the end of 19th century in early 20th century. In his view, in any group of things, the most important only a small part, about 20%, the remaining 80%, although the majority, but is secondary, and therefore called the 28 law. In search engine design, it can b

Drools Rule Engine memory overflow due to memory leaks

implementation, to realize the separation of technology and business, developer processing technology, business analysts define business rules, each do their own good things.Scenario: There is already a relatively mature open source product support, it is drools, we define business rules in database or brms (Management System), through the management of DB or brms to achieve dynamic change of business logic.When should you use the rule

Introduction to Rule Engine

forgy's Rete algorithm. Official Address: No.: 2 Rule Engine: SRE Description: SRE (simple rule engine) is a lightweight open-source, forward-serial reasoning Rule

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