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Java intercept backslash--java use split to split special characters

Label: Java intercept backslash ReplaceAll and split ("\") Problem resolutionXxx.split ("\ \") is obviously not getting the results you want.Correct methodXxx.split ("\\\\");The reasons are as follows:In Java to deal with some path-related problems,

Using split () in a servlet to intercept a string separated by a backslash ' \ '

Label:String dz = "D:workspace\tximage\a.png";You want to use the split () function to intercept the string.The code is as follows:String td[]=dz.split ("\\\\");if (td.length>1) {for (int i=0;i<td.length;i++){System.out.println (Td[i]);}String

A method of intercepting file names from a path with a backslash in Java

Label:For example: Gets the file path to C:\Documents and Settings\leeo\my documents\logo.gifNow want to get the name of the picture logo.gif, we know that the backslash "\" is an escape character, so you cannot directlyString temp[] =

A detailed description of the Java regular expression

Label:Java provides a powerful regular expression API, under the Java.util.regex package. This tutorial shows you how to use the regular expression API.Regular expressionsA regular expression is a text pattern that is used for text searches. In

More detailed Python Regular expression Operations Guide (re use) _python

By its very nature, a regular expression (or RE) is a small, highly specialized programming language that is embedded in Python and implemented through the RE module. With this small language, you can specify rules for the set of strings that you wan

Python Regular Expression Operations Guide _python

Original author: a.m. kuchling ( Licensing: Authoring Sharing protocol Translation staff: Firehare Proofreading Staff: Leal Applicable version: Python 1.5 and subsequent versions

Java Regular Series: (1) Getting Started tutorial __java

This paper briefly introduces the regular expressions of Java and its implementation, and explains the specific usage of regular expressions through examples. 1. Regular expression 1.1. Introduction Regular Expressions (Regular Expression), referred

Java Regular match pattern

Java regular expressions are implemented through the pattern class and the Matcher class under the Java.util.regex package (it is recommended that you open the Java API documentation when you read this article, and look at the method descriptions in

Understanding java-11.4 Regular Expressions from the beginning (1)-Perceptual cognition

Label:Let's take a look at the regular expressions in this chapter.A regular expression is a form of describing a string.Note: In Java, the backslash of the regular expression needs "\ \" to describe, if it is a normal backslash, need "\\\\" to

Java Pattern Matcher Regular application

Label:Transferred from: Http:// 1. Basic Syntax 2, string built-in regular expression function 2.1, String class comes with regular expression tool 2.1.1, Split method 2.1.2,

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