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Converter use and its principle

Label:在Spring MVC开发中,我们可以很方便的使用Converter来实现对请求参数的处理,比如字符串去空,日期格式化等。配置文件中对Converter的引用:<!--Property Editor -- <bean id= "conversionservice"class=" ">

How PHP and FASTCGI/PHP-FPM work-the theoretical part does not involve experimentation

Tags: php fastcgi/php-fpmTitle: PHP OverviewAuthor: ZhengDate: 2014-05-16------------------| Thank you Marco Education |---Cumago's career is plain sailing.Mime,http,htmlMIME:N enables HTTP to transmit non-textual information, such as mp3http: can

Linux PHP turn doc to PDF transfer swf to realize Baidu Library preview function

Last year, the development of an OA system, need to implement a key document upload and realize online preview, similar to the function of Baidu Library. System Environment: CentOs5.5Tools used: Openoffice 3, pdf2swf tool, Jodconverter, Flexpaper On

Facebook unveils hiphop project PHP program big speed Up

Tags: c style class Code java aRecessive nutrition crisis programming efficiency is the most important feature of PHP language, but as a scripting language, there is a problem of inefficient CPU and memory usage until the advent of hiphop for PHP.

Retrofit2 Source Code Analysis

Label:Original link: company's recent projects in the network framework used is retrofit, with a lot of later think this framework is really good to use, and then took a little time to debug

Detailed description of the use of the front-end resource pack in the PHP yii framework, the YII Framework _php Tutorial

In the context of PHP's YII framework, the use of the front-end resource bundle, YII framework The resources in Yii are files related to Web pages, which can be called by the Web server, such as CSS files, javascript files, pictures or videos, and

Spring MVC Data Transformation

Tags: Word handler ice Zha PAC MIT pattern ASM Framework Example: Encapsulates a string and an object.such as: Data zhangsan:1234 in Username:password format. We encapsulate this data as a user object. The following are implemented using the

Php+jquery+ajax+json Simple Small Example

Tags: des style blog http color os java using IODirect Sticker Code:PHP Code:<html> <title>php+jquery+ajax+json Simple Small example </title> <?PHPHeader("Content-type:text/html;charset=utf-8"); ?> <head> <script

Analysis of the usage of the self-contained front-end resource bundle for YII framework in PHP

This article mainly introduces the use of the front-end resource bundle in the YII framework of PHP, enumerates some JavaScript and CSS resources commonly used in yii, and needs friends to refer to the following The resources in Yii are files

PHP implementation Word/excel/ppt converted to PDF

Tags: turn ppt his dll ora software code online cannot The previous period was responsible for the design of the company's internal document platform, one of which was to be able to browse online user-uploaded Office files. My idea is

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