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Bipartite Java C # VB. NET

) / 2 ; 10 If (RS = A [Middle]) 11 { 12 Return Middle; 13 } 14 If (RS A [Middle]) 15 { 16 End = Middle - 1 ; 17 } 18 If (RS > A [Middle]) 19 { 20 Start = Middle + 1 ; 21 } 22 } 23 Return - 1 ; 24 } VB. NET Code Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighte

[Vb/. Net] converting VB6 to VB. NET [Part II] [one]

Part 1 Original article: Last month (vol. 2, issue 9), I gave an executive overview of the conversion process, and started looking at converting General VB6 code to VB. net. this month I will finish General conversions, including DLLs, then start on Database conversions. next month, in the final segment, I will cover converting ASP. net web pages, and look at

VB & VB. NET quick query table

Event VB6: doevents VB. NET: system. Windows. Forms. application. doevents () Color VB6: command1.backcolor = vbred VB. NET: Command1.backcolor = system. Drawing. color. RedCommand1.backcolor = system. Drawing. color. fromargb ( h80c0ff) List in the combo box: VB6: combobox1.additem "one

C # convert to VB. NET | VB. NET to C #

When I used it, the effect was good. The conversion of a single unit was good, but there were many obvious errors in conversion from VB. NET to C, For example Ilist list; List (INDEX) --> convert to list (INDEX) instead of list [Index] Tostring, tolower, getnextentry Not converted to add () Online conversion of VB. NE

VB. NET: query ID card information and VB. net id card information

VB. NET: query ID card information and VB. net id card information Sometimes we need to verify or check a person's ID card information. You can use the Baidu ID card query interface, including the extended information. To see You can see the random

Cool! Use VB or VB. NET to develop s60, PPC, palm, and other smart phone/PDA applications

[Note: The original alicloud post must point out the source of the original article link] Keywords: Visual Basic 6/Visual Basic. NET mobile programming, smartphone PDA Pocket PC, Palm OS, Sybian series60 Mobile Application Development Previously, we only knew that we could use VB to develop PPC platform applications in mobile application development. When I was looking for s60 development materials, I found

Use VB. NET to develop pure. Net Applications

Many companies I have worked for are selecting VB. net, as their core development tool, has gone through a long period of time. One of their major concerns is that if they do not use the C # language, they cannot develop pure. net Framework code. There are two main reasons for them to come to the conclusion that, first of all, due to the running restrictions of

[] XML File Parsing in VB. NET, vb. netparsing

[] XML File Parsing in VB. NET, vb. netparsingIntroduction Parsing XML files has always been time consuming and sometimes tricky.. NET framework provides powerful new ways of parsing XML. The varous techniques know to parse xml files with. NET framework are usingXmlTex

The simplest example of compiling and calling DLL in VB. NET, and the compiling example of vb. netdll

The simplest example of compiling and calling DLL in VB. NET, and the compiling example of vb. netdll DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is a very useful thing. It is very important to develop large projects, because when many people cooperate in development, they can assign a task to each person and use DLL to complete it, when combined, there will be no conflict. Here

VB. NET Winform and vb. netwinform

VB. NET Winform and vb. netwinform Recently, a winform program is required for development. Use VB. NET to write. At the beginning of development, you need to implement a form set as a multi-Document Interface (MDI) Sub-form container. To implement this function, start to

VB. NET WinForm: Get the User Name of the running program, vb. netwinform

VB. NET WinForm: Get the User Name of the running program, vb. netwinform A program may be run by multiple users as follows:In the WinForm environment of VB. NET, how does one obtain the User Name?You can use the following method: Code:Public Shared Function GetProcessOwne

VB/VB. NET/C # How to export data to Excel

In the VB project, reference "Microsoft Excel 11.0 Object" 11.0 as the version number. It is not important. The Excel2000 is 9.0. Declarative Variables Dim xlApp As Excel. ApplicationDim xlBook As Excel. WorkbookDim xlSheet As Excel. WorksheetSet xlApp = CreateObject ("Excel. Application ") Use TemplateSet xlBook = xlApp. Workbooks. Open (App. Path "common .xls ")On Error GoTo 0Set xlSheet = xlBook. Worksheets (1)XlApp. Visible = FalseXlSheet. Activa

Vb. NET is how to do (Moving edition) can implement many functions that C # cannot do, such as when statement, optional parameter, local static variable, object instance access static method, handles binding event, on error handling exception, Object direct late binding, and so on. VB and C # belong to the same. NET language, compiled with the same CIL, but why VB support a lot of interesting

. NET and VB. NET

divided into two layers: The program design layer and the execution layer .. Net is a program design layer, becoming a. Net programmer, not a Windows programmer Compile the software into. NET software instead of Windows software. C,. NET and Java are somewhat similar In so

To elaborate on VB. NET (top)

To elaborate on VB. NET (top) (Author: Green Apple Studio compiled March 07, 2001 14:47) Proposed by Microsoft Corporation. NET concept, is infiltrating into our life from all aspects. The role it will produce, as one industry expert describes: "Please forget what you think you know." NET will change everything! " Tha

Millions of programmers-choose VB. NET or C #

I wrote this article to help you solve this problem. I don't want to shake your preferred language, but want to solve some of your doubts on the basic issues so that you can make your own decisions, select a language that you feel is the most comfortable to use. I will try to avoid talking about some syntactic ambiguity, just like "C # has too many arc brackets," and "VB. net sentences are too long, "or" I

Is VB. NET a dead end? (2)

Speaking of "excellence", I have read a lot of materials released by Microsoft Research. Frankly speaking, those are pretty good materials. Of course, I do not understand many of the content, but my understanding is gradually increasing. I remember that Microsoft Research Institute did not publish any materials about VB. NET. In fact, compared with VB.

VB. NET Object-Oriented Programming features

VB. NET Object-Oriented Programming features Visual Basic 7, also known as VB. NET, has all the features of object-oriented programming language (OOP. For VB programmers, the concept of object-oriented and object-oriented programming methods are no stranger. What is an objec

[Net] VB. NET starts and monitors external programs

You no longer need to use Win32 application programming interfaces or vB Shell functions to start external applications. Because you can use the system. Diagnostics. Process class in the. NET Framework to further simplify the code. Although. Net makes a lot of things more complex, it is not here to start external applications. In traditional vbprograms, you can u

approached (13) VB. NET question and answer complete

------------------------------------------------------------------- Q: I heard that learning Java will use A: Have you ever seen a Java programmer write a program or article (a lot of abusive articles)? On the contrary, VB Programmer wrote the article of C #, quite good. But some VB programmer even v

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