javascript addition of two decimal numbers

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Analysis of inaccurate JavaScript decimal operations

Var sum = 0;For (var I = 0; I Sum ++ = 0.1;}Console. log (sum );Will the above program output 1?Among the 25 JavaScript interview questions that you need to know, the 8th questions briefly explain why JavaScript cannot correctly handle decimal

Why is Lua's decimal computation very accurate, while Python and JavaScript are often inaccurate in decimal computation?

It is the result of Lua's computation. We can see that the computation result is very accurate. It is the calculation result of Python3. We can see that the calculation result is inaccurate: the decimal computation in JavaScript is also inaccurate.

Why is the decimal calculation of Lua very accurate, and the python,javascript of these languages is often inaccurate?

Is the result of LUA calculation, you can see the result is very accurate. Is the result of Python3 calculation, you can see that the calculation results are inaccurate: The decimal calculation in JavaScript is not accurate, see this problem Why are

Reproduced Loss of precision for JavaScript decimal and large integers

Title: Loss of precision for JavaScript decimal and large integersAuthor: DemonLinks: All articles of this blog are subject to the terms "Attribution-NonCommercial use-share 2.5 mainland

JavaScript solves decimal subtraction precision loss scheme _javascript skills

Reason: JS in accordance with the 2 to deal with decimal subtraction, on the basis of arg1 arg2 precision extension or reverse expansion matching, so will appear as follows. JavaScript (JS) decimal point subtraction problem, is a JS bug such as 0.3*

The solution of the number of decimal problems in JS decimal operation _javascript Skill

Written in front of the words: Today to help colleagues solve a problem, is a decimal multiplication of many decimal places problem; This problem has been encountered before, and now deliberately to sum up; Number type: The number type is the

Example of the precision processing for decimal addition of JS

The addition of JavaScript will have an error, it will be more obvious when the two floating-point numbers are added. This function returns more accurate addition result, here is a description of how the next JS to decimal addition precision

Precision loss of small numbers and big integers in Javascript

Original article: Precision loss of small numbers and big integers in Javascript Title: Precision loss of small numbers and big integers in JavascriptAuthor: demonLink:

A detailed explanation of the decimal point multiplication Division problem of JavaScript (JS)

  This article is mainly on the JavaScript (JS) decimal Point Multiplication Division problem is introduced in detail, the need for friends can come to the reference, hope to help everyone else First, with JS calculation 12.32 * 7 The result is

The processing method of error of JavaScript decimal multiplication result _javascript skill

First, with JS calculation 12.32 * 7 How much is the result?Answer: 86.24000000000001Why is there such a problem? How to solve?JS in processing decimal multiplication and division of the time there is a bug, the solution can be: The decimal into an

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