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C # uses DataTable for group by data statistics

1, with two-layer cycle calculation, the precondition is that the data has been grouped by the column of the order.DataTable dt = new DataTable ();Dt. Columns.addrange (new datacolumn[] {new DataColumn ("name", typeof (String)),New DataColumn ("Sex", typeof (String)),New DataColumn ("Score", typeof (int))});Dt. Rows.Add (new object[] {"Zhang San", "Male", 1});Dt. Rows.Add (new object[] {"Zhang San", "Male", 4});Dt. Rows.Add (new object[] {"John Doe",

Application of stored procedures and DataTable in C #

Stored procedure p_operatordetails, there are four parameters @sdatetime, @eDatetime, @operatorNo, @transdesc. Where @operatorno and @transdesc are two optional parameters, through the four parameters how to extract their own specific data fields from the stored procedure, the method is different, here I use a DataTable related operations.First open the database linkString Strcon = system.configuration.configurationmanager.appsettings["ConnectionStrin

About GV and DataTable dynamic binding

Foreground aspx page>Back-end. CS Code1.GV Dynamic BindingDynamically binding the GridView columnvoid Addgridviewcolumn (){GridView1.Columns.Clear ();First columnBoundField bfColumn0 = new BoundField ();Bfcolumn0.datafield = "Month";Bfcolumn0.headertext = "month";GRIDVIEW1.COLUMNS.ADD (BfColumn0);Dynamic acquisition of nuclear medicine reagent nameDataTable nuclearmedicinename = new DataTable ();Nuclearmedicinename = new Ristotalmanage (). Getnuclearm

DataTable converted to IList

Article Source:Http:// converted to IListWhen using C # for development, it is often useful to convert a DataTable to IList, to manipulate a DataTable to be cumbersome, to convert a DataTable to IList, and to object entities as an element of IList.Note: The attribute of an entity must correspond to a fi

Ways to filter data in a DataTable

When you take some data out of a database and then integrate it, it's easy to think:1DataTable dt =NewDataTable ();//Suppose DT is the result of a "select c1,c2,c3 from T1" Query2 for(inti =0; i ) 3 { 4 if(dt. rows[i]["C1"]. ToString () = ="ABC")//Query Criteria5 { 6 //to operate7 } 8}View CodeBut this practice with one or two times fortunately, with more tired. Is there a better way to do that? Remember that LINQ can query the DataTable directly, is

Datatable is converted into CSV and binary streams, and Excel and transfer are exported.

/// /// 1 Changes to CSV file stream/// 2 zip Compression/// /// /// Private byte [] tocsvfilestream (datatable ds, Dictionary {// Replace the Chinese column header nameDS = datatablecolumename_en2ch (DS, DIC ); // Datatable-> CSV dataByte [] DATA = exportdatatocsvstream (DS ); // After processing, delete and clear the cacheDS = NULL;GC. Collect (); // ZipByte [] zipdata = csharpziper. zipdata (data, 6

datatable/collection to Json

The jQueryUI framework for the front end gets the JSON-formatted data-bound display table.The data obtained by the backend via WebService is a DataTable.The DataTable to JSON is now available, and the data collection to JSON is also supported.One. Project References: Newtonsoft.jsonTwo. function code, very simple:Using System;Using System.Data;Namespace Webapplication1.common{public class Datatabletomodel{public static

Use NPOI to generate the DataTable Excel and npoidatatable

Use NPOI to generate the DataTable Excel and npoidatatable I heard that npoi 2.0 supports the excel2007 format, and I look forward to its performance. However, we are still using 1.2.5. There are too many lists in life that require an export function. Of course, life here refers to the life of programmers. DataTable is a commonly used data structure after reading data from the database. Of course, the

Code for transmitting and receiving DataTable using Jquery Ajax in

The server then reverse constructs the GridView into a able, adds a row to the DataTable, binds it to the GridView, and sends it back to the client...Can it be simpler?When using Ajax data to request data, the data is usually in a simple format, such as String, with less information. Of course, you can also request back to XML, but XML data is redundant, and the client processing is much more troublesome than json.Can it be simpler?The above problems

C # get data from Excel to DataTable

Example 1 The code is as follows Copy Code #region get data from a specified workbook in Excel to a DataTableGets data from the specified workbook in Excel to the DataTablePrivate DataTable exceltodatatable (string excelpath, String sheetname){String strconnexcel = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data source="+ Excelpath + "; Extended properties= ' Excel 8.0; Hdr=yes;imex=1 ' ";OleDbConnection connexcel = new OleDbConnec

Jquery Ajax to transmit and receive the Code of the DataTable

This article is about the ASP tutorial on jquery Ajax transfer and receive DataTable. NET code Oh, let me give you an example of Ajax sending and receiving a DataTable. tutorial Code A simple example shows WebServices: [WebMethod (True)] [Scriptmethod (Responseformat = responseformat.xml)] public string Competitor (String sl_id) { DataSet ds; Slcompetitor slcompetitor =new slcompe 2.0 WebService pass the DataTable reference

Prior to the release of the 2.0 official release, the new features of the DataTable support serialization were seen all over the sky, and it was thought that using the DataTable from then on would be as convenient as the dataset, and the result would be that it was not the case when the project was applied. The DataTable supports serialization, but Microsoft doe

Asp. NET: Saving Data using a DataTable object| Object | A DataSet object is a collection of data tables (DataTables), where multiple DataTable can be stored in a dataset. As a data source, a dataset can provide multiple data tables, which can be associated with tables in a dataset, and each DataTable object can also be used as a data source. The following example demonstrates how a DataTable object i

C # DataTable cannot access the line's information processing methods through deleted rows _c# tutorial

The reasons are as follows: The DataTable is required after Delete (). The Acceptechanges () method confirms a complete deletion, because delete () simply flags the status of the corresponding column as deleted. You can also pass the DataTable. RejectChanges () rollback, causing the row to be removed. If you want to completely remove DataRow, you need the Delete () and acceptechanges () methods to be used

jquery DataTable Parameters

CSS, rich documentation, more than 110 examples, full support for Adobe Air.IntroducedUseJavaScript code $ (document). Ready (function () {$ (' #example '). dataTable ();});Another example of $ (document). Ready (function () {$ (' #example '). DataTable ({"Binfo": false}); });It is important to note that the table object to be processed by the DataTable must hav

C # DataTable Operations Summary Dry Goods

The first one is to add a DataTable and operate the second is to operate on the existing table basically all should have covered if there is no message I am good to update.OneAdd ReferenceUsing System.Data;Create a tableCreate an empty table datatable dt = new DataTable ();//Create an empty table named "Table_new" datatable

Convert HTML tables with cells merged with complex headers to DataTable and export Excel

background first converts the string passed by the foreground into an HtmlTable object, and then converts it to a able object.Variable rowSeparater = columnSeparater = valueSeparater = nullFlag = string to HtmlTable String2HtmlTable (= [] rowArray = data. split (row rowArray) = [] colArray = row. split (col colArray) = [] valArr = col. split (val = valArr [rowspan =. parse (valArr [colspan =. parse (valArr [=== HtmlTable to DataTable =

Asp. NET how to operate a DataTable instance application _ Practical skills

There is a chance to see a problem on the blog, "ASP." NET how to operate the DataTable: As shown above, the table on the left is built by the program, not the database table, how to get the four tables on the right by manipulating the DataTable method? tried to do it, it was a skill to practice the DataTable. The effect is as follows: Based on the

How to select and record No duplicates in a DataTable? _null

Just like the SELECT distinct field name from table name What to do with the select in the DataTable? Reply to the content "wwwiii520": Occupy a Sand "" "do not understand LZ meaning "Ezhuyin": Public DataTable selectdistinct (String tablename, DataTable SourceTable, String FieldName) { DataTable dt = new

Experience with DataTable operations-sorting and paging

1.datatable Sort 1:Public DataTable Sortdesc (DataTable dt) {DataView dv = new DataView ();Dv. Table = DT;Dv. Sort = "Autoid desc";Return DV. ToTable ();}2. DataTable Sort 2Public DataTable Sortdesc (DataTable dt) {dt.DefaultView.

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