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Taobao Flowchart Graphics Library (for Visio)

Take a look at the effect of the following diagram, which is done in Visio. If you're not interested, you don't have to look at it. ^_^ In general, we use Visio to draw flowcharts, but the main reason is that the drawings are too ugly. Have seen the Mac under the OmniGraffle has been to it after a long time (you see it will), today's pain determined to take a moment in Visio built a graphics library, That's it. Although the graphics are not much,

JavaScript draws static or dynamic charts, relational tables, flowchart-jointjs

Jointjs Modern HTML 5 is a JavaScript library that visualizes and interacts with charts and graphs. It can be used to create static diagrams, or, more importantly, fully interactive drawing tools and application builders. Jointjs can be used to easily create a variety of visualization tools. The event-driven nature-bound MVC Architecture Jointjs facilitates plug-in for any backend technologyCharacteristics:

JavaScript-create your first class library, javascript-class library

JavaScript-create your first class library, javascript-class library Through the previous object-oriented and Prototype Learning Section. We know how to create a class, including private attributes and methods of the class, public attributes and methods, static attributes and methods. Here we will review it a little. F

Yahoo! UI Library (YUI) is an open source JavaScript library of functions

Yahoo! UI Library? (YUI) is an open source JavaScript library that uses code technology such as Ajax, DHTML, and DOM in order to build a highly interactive Web page. It also contains a number of CSS resources. Use Authorization for? BSD License?YUI contains the complete documentation. It contains two types of components: Tools and controls [2], and some CSS resou

A preliminary understanding of JavaScript function library jQuery and function library jquery

A preliminary understanding of JavaScript function library jQuery and function library jquery The jQuery library can be added to a webpage with a simple line of markup.JQuery library-Features JQuery is a JavaScript function

Dynamices CRM JS Class library artifact xrmservicetoolkit-a Microsoft Dynamics CRM-& CRM-JavaScript Library

Xrmservicetoolkit-a Microsoft Dynamics CRM CRM in JavaScript LibraryHttp:// usage Create and Update{id:id, LogicalName: "New_entityname", type: "EntityReference"}; Lookup{value:100000000, type: "Optionsetvalue"}; OptionSetvar updateresponse = XrmServiceToolkit.Soap.Update (ENTITY); Update MethodDynamices CRM JS Class library artifact xrmservicetoolkit-a Mi

Use the JavaScript library or write your own code? _ Javascript skills

Sometimes, when writing JavaScript to Your webpage, you need to decide whether to use an existing available JavaScript library or write all the code by yourself. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, so no method is absolutely correct for everyone. You must decide which of the two methods to write your JavaSc

Javascript achieves Baidu Library-like scoring and JS library scoring

Javascript achieves Baidu Library-like scoring and JS library scoring As we all know on the Baidu Library sharing platform, today we will introduce you to the Baidu Library scoring function based on js through an example code. Let's show you first. The Code is as follows:

Appbasejs class Library On-line common JavaScript functions and other JS class library write _js object-oriented

Copy Code code as follows: /*----------------------------------- WEB Application JavaScript Library 2009.11 Janchie ------------------------------------*/ String native object extension empty left and right space String.prototype.trim = function () { Return This.replace (/(^[\s\n\t\r]*) | ( [\s\n\r\t]*$)/g, ""); }; Date native object Extended formatted output Date.prototype.format = function

JavaScript library, JavaScript

JavaScript library, JavaScriptJavaScript library-jQuery, Prototype, and MooTools. JavaScript framework (Library) JavaScript advanced programming (especially complex processing of browser differences) is usually difficult and time-

Top 10 most famous JavaScript library _ javascript skills in Google rankings

In this article, we will use Google to search for the top 10 JavaScript libraries and introduce them one by one. JavaScript is an indispensable part of Web development and design. Whether it is a simple Web page or a professional site, or whether you are a master or a cainiao, the JavaScript library is becoming more an

JavaScript ToolPak: Cloudgamer JavaScript Library v0.1 released

"The namespace is: $ $SI'm less of a high-level application for string, so there's no way to put it in for the moment.There is a camelize method that converts a string in the form of a bar (such as "Border-top") into a hump form (for example, "BorderTop").The principle is to use the second parameter of replace as a function technique:Return S.replace (/-([A-z])/ig, function (all, letter) {return letter.touppercase ();});This conversion can be used in the name of the style attribute, which is use

[JavaScript] 5 best JavaScript Date processing class Library

In our daily web development and Web application development, we often need to effectively call JavaScript processing date and time format-related functions, in JavaScript has included some of the most basic built-in processing methods. In our daily web development and Web application development, we often need to effectively call JavaScript processing date and t

JavaScript Library Development Rule _ javascript skills

1. Keep it non-invasive and mark the JavaScript code You Don't Want To Know; 2. prohibit modification and extension of Object. prototype !; 3. the fewer extensions of JavaScript built-in objects, the better. 4. follow the standard; 5. or follow the lead; 6. flexible; 7. memory Management; 8. eliminate browser sniffing; 9. smaller and better ...... 1. Keep non-invasiveMy HTML tag does not want to know your

JavaScript (14) jQuery (JavaScript Library)

JavaScript frameworks (Libraries) JavaScript advanced programming (especially complex processing of browser differences) are usually difficult and time-consuming. To cope with these changes, many JavaScript (helper) libraries have emerged. These JavaScript libraries are often called Java

Baidu JavaScript Open Source Library and Baidu map JavaScript Api__java

JavaScript Open Source Library Baidu map JavaScript Open Source Library, is a set based on the Baidu Map API two development of open source code base. Currently provides a number of Lib libraries, to help developers quickly to add marker on the map, custom Information window

[Reprint] Several open source JavaScript graphics library

"Reprint" Original address: of the needs of the Google Map project, we have been looking for the relevant JavaScript graphics library recently, and have found it less effective and inefficient when trying to draw with the JavaScript interface provided by the Google Maps API, and have used the Jsgraphics

JavaScript chart--15 JavaScript Chart Library

Source: can't imagine what a dashboard would look like without a chart. Charts can be visually and effectively displayed on the data. Not only that, the clever application of the chart can also improve the overall visual effect of the website.This article will cover some of the most useful JavaScript libraries for making charts. These librari

We recommend the JavaScript library _ javascript skills for 10 SVG animations.

This article mainly recommends 10 JavaScript libraries for SVG animation, which are very practical and effective. if you need them, you can refer to them. SVG can be used as a cross-resolution video. This means that the image sharpness will not be reduced on a high-score screen. In addition, you can even make SVG work by using some javascript class libraries. Next, we will share some

[Essay] JavaScript graphics library popularity survey, with javascript

[Essay] JavaScript graphics library popularity survey, with javascript 2014 was the most popular year of JavaScript and the fastest growing language. Seven of the top 10 most popular Repositories on Github were developed based on JavaScript, countless function libraries can

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