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Use JavaScript to get the Web page js, CSS, Flash and other documents _ typical special effects

Author: Ma Jian Email: Home: Http:// Version: 1.01 Initial release Date: 2005.08.29 Date Last updated: 2005.09.28 DirectoryFirst, the prefaceIi. general steps for obtaining files from e-book or Web pagesThird,

Last-modified and ETag and configuration in Apache and Nginx

1) What is "last-modified"?When the browser requests a URL for the first time, the server-side return status is 200, the content is the resource you requested, and there is a last-modified attribute that marks the last time the file was modified at

JavaScript memory analytics for Chrome developer tools

A memory leak is a gradual decrease in available memory for a computer. Occurs when the program continues to fail to release the temporary memory it uses. JavaScript Web applications also frequently encounter memory-related problems in native

C # Problem Solving ideas-"Array bytes undefined", ASP. NET page load order

Haven't written a blog for a long time, say nothing more, directly say the problem.The problem occurs, first this is the old item, and then I am the first to revise. When I solve the various references, database configuration and other similar

Page event Loading Sequence in

Msdn:Events on ASP. NET master pages and content pagesBoth the master page and content page can contain the event processing of the control.Program. For controls, events are processed locally, that is, controls on the Content Page trigger events on

Proficient in Javascript Chapter 4: Debugging and testing tools

Maybe you are using any Programming Language The most time-consuming part of development is testing and debugging. Code . For Professional-level code, make sure that what you write is fully tested, verifiable, and zero bug, and become extremely

JavaScript performance optimization Chapter JS optimization

I'll point out some important rules in this article about how you can use your JavaScript, what tools you use, and what benefits you'll get from it. Make sure your code is as concise as possible Don't rely on javascript for everything. Do not

About JavaScript browser objects and javascript

About JavaScript browser objects and javascript Window The window object not only acts as a global scope, but also represents a browser window. The window object has the innerWidth and innerHeight attributes to obtain the internal width and height

On the _javascript techniques of JavaScript browser objects

Window The Window object not only acts as a global scope, but also represents a browser window. The Window object has the Innerwidth and Innerheight properties to get the internal width and height of the browser window. Internal width refers to

Use JavaScript to obtain js, css, Flash, and other files on the webpage.

Author: Ma Jian Email: Home: Version: 1.01 Initial Release Date: 2005.08.29 Last Updated: 2005.09.28 DirectoryI. Preface2. General steps for getting files from an ebook or webpage3. Obtain the linked

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