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Mxnet's Ps-lite and parameter server principles

Mxnet's Ps-lite and parameter server principlesThe Ps-lite framework is the parameter server communication framework that is implemented by the DMLC group, and is the core of DMLC other projects, for example, its deep learning framework mxnet distributed training relies on the implementation of

Negative tive C ++, 3rd edition, item 37: Never redefine the inherited default parameter value of a function (default parameter value obtained through inheritance)

(dynamic binding) alsoLate binding(Later binding .) So let's review it. An objectStatic type(Static type) is the type that you declare to it in the program text ). Consider this class hierarchy (class inheritance system ): // A class for geometric shapesClass shape {Public:Enum shapecolor {red, green, blue }; // All shapes must offer a function to draw themselvesVirtual void draw (shapecolor color = Red) const = 0;...}; Class rectangle: Public shape

The formal parameter closure of the function's argument function js

Arguments and formal parameters of a function# Optional Parameters```if (a = = = undefined) a = [];```Equivalent to```A = a | | [];```These two sentences are completely equivalent, except that the latter need to declare a in advance.If the parameter is not passed in, the remaining padding undefinedOptional formal parameters: Use the annotation/*optional*/to emphasize that the

ORACLE12C (12.1) Performance optimization & function enhancement using the multithreaded model via parameter Threaded_exection

ConversationThe view v$process includes a new column called Stid that shows the thread ID of the session.SET linesize 140COLUMN username FORMAT A15COLUMN Osuser FORMAT A15COLUMN spid FORMAT A10COLUMN Stid FORMAT A10SELECT S.username,S.osuser,S.sid,s.serial#,P.spid,P.stid,S.statusFrom V$session S,V$process PWHERE s.paddr = p.addrAnd S.username is not NULLORDER by S.username, S.osuser;USERNAME osuser SID serial# SPID stid STATUS--------------- --------------- -------------------- ---------- -----

Receive pipe parameter instance in PowerShell function _powershell

This article describes how to set a function to receive input parameters through a pipe (Pipeline) when customizing the PowerShell function. Let's take a look at an example and use a pipe as a function of input parameters: Copy Code code as follows: function Test-pipeline { Param [

PowerShell console output symbol + function parameter type specify + text content read

function can specify a default value when defining a parameter, and the default value is maintained if the value of the parameter is not specifically specified when called. $args Universal ParametersThe simplest thing to do with a function definition parameter is to us

The PowerShell function parameter is set to the optional and required method _powershell

parameter set named A, and the other named B. Parameter set A has only one parameter $computername, and it is optional. and the parameter set B has two parameters $computername and $credential. If we use parameter set a, the input does not need to enter computername This

The PowerShell function parameter is set to an example of automatically identifying a data type _powershell

argument $name above [String]. With this kind of function definition, it's convenient for us to call, and if we pass a string to it, it will take this parameter as a $name and pass a number to it, and this parameter will be treated as $id. And look at the following example of calling a function. Copy Code code

PowerShell 2 methods for defining function parameters and examples of parameter-passing methods _powershell

test-function { PARAM ($ parameter name 1 = ' Default parameter value 1 ', $ parameter Name 2 = ' Default parameter value 2 ') Write-host "Parameters 1=$ parameter name 1, parameters 2=$

JavaScript gets URL parameters and script tags to get URL parameter function code _javascript tips

(); Alert (args.a+) | "+args.b+" | "+ARGS.C); If the above JS is in this js1.js script var getscriptarg=function (key) {//Get a single parameter var scripts=document.getelementsbytagname ("script"), Script=scripts[scripts.length-1], SRC=SCRIPT.SRC; Return (Src.match new RegExp (?: \ \?| ) "+key+" = (. *?) (? =|$)) | | [", NULL]) [1]; }; Alert (Getscriptarg ("C"));

Objective-C Variable Parameter Function implementation, objective-c variable

Objective-C Variable Parameter Function implementation, objective-c variable1. Preface I believe that those who have been familiar with OC are familiar with NSLog. By carefully checking the original definition of NSLog, we will find that its prototype is as follows: FOUNDATION_EXPORT void NSLog(NSString *format, ...) NS_FORMAT_FUNCTION(1,2); The path is:OS X version/Frameworks/Foundation/NSObjCRuntime.h Not

Problems and solutions of JS cyclic dynamic binding with parameter function []_javascript technique

fact, here the For Loop has cycled through the entire list and executed the i++, so here I turned 6, Is there any good way to solve the problem? That's closure, and personally think that closure is one of the most elusive places in JS, Look at what a closure is: A closure is an inner function that refers to a variable that exists within a function that surrounds him, even though the execution of the outer

PowerShell function parameter specifies a data type instance _powershell

This article describes the benefits of setting a strong type for a required parameter when you create a custom function in PowerShell, and how to set it. To improve the security of the required parameters, the best practice defined by the PowerShell function tells us to set the strong type for the required arguments. This is why, let's look at an example.

execl function Parameter Problem

function definition:int execl (const char *path, const char *arg, ...);This function is user process operation, Linux is included in header file #include Function Description: path represents the file path of the operation, followed by an indeterminate argument list to pass past arguments when the file is executed, and the last

The function overload problem that the C ++ center is involved in the const parameter.

own space and do not interfere with each other. However, at this time, the compiler will be dumpfounded, And the compiler will become Sb due to the ambiguity. Therefore, the conclusion is that this set of functions are not part of function overloading. PS: the equivalence of the const parameter is only applicable to non-reference parameters. Functions with const

The PowerShell function uses a required parameter instance _powershell

This article describes how to add required parameters when PowerShell creates a custom function, and you can use mandatory keywords. By default, parameters are optional (optional) in PowerShell custom functions. If you want to set a parameter to a required parameter, you must set a mandatory declaration on it. Copy Code code as follows:

The listen parameter backlog of the socket function in Linux

"Swing around 10.) When the value of backlog is When the value of backlog is greater than or equal to somaxconn, the maximum number of connected queues is somaxconn. The number of unfinished link queues is the same as the number of link queues. Conclusion: On ubuntu12.04, the value of backlog is the value of the connected queue. This value is limited by somaxconn. Finally, a script is provided to check the value of the two queues on the server (4333 in the script is the port value of my

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