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Php learns to delete string whitespace characters. You can use Trim (), LTrim (), RTrim () functions to remove whitespace from the string masthead or end: $trimmed = Trim (String[,charlist]), $trimmed = LTrim (String[,charlist]); trimmed = RTrim

In js, trim removes spaces between the left and right sides of the string.

In javascript, if you want to remove spaces between the left and right sides of the string, you can use the trim, ltrim, or rtrim function in vbs, and you will find an error, if you do not have these three functions in js, You need to customize them.

Trim functions of JavaScript

Today, when I was writing JavaScript, I encountered an error. The JS Code is as follows:  // Verify the regular expression of the date format. For example Function isdate (STR )...{ VaR days = new array (, 31 ); VaR A = Str. match (/^ (d... {4}) (-)

JavaScript regular trim remove spaces and strings

About trim in fact, nothing to say, is to remove the first space, for modern browsers is simply a regular/^\s+|\s+$/can be done.JavaScript Regular expressions implement trim () The code is as follows Copy Code

Js custom trim function to delete spaces at both ends, jstrim

Js custom trim function to delete spaces at both ends, jstrim This article describes how to delete spaces at both ends of a js custom trim function. We will share this with you for your reference. The details are as follows: Compatible with

Two definitions of JavaScript trim () Functions

  1 First: 2 String. Prototype. ltrim =   Function () {3Return This. Replace (/^ \ S */,"");4} ; // Remove the left space; 5 String. Prototype. rtrim =   Function () {6Return This. Replace (/\ S * $/,"")

How JavaScript customizes the Trim method _javascript tips

Compared to Vbscript,javascript is already very powerful in string processing, but there is no need to remove the space before and after the trim method. Clear the right and left spaces function trim (s) {return trimright trimleft (s)); }

Js remove space instance Trim () LTrim () RTrim () _ javascript tips-js tutorial

Js remove space instance Trim (), LTrim (), RTrim () need friends can come to refer to, hope to help everyone 1. Remove string spaces in js// Remove the left space; Function ltrim (s) ...{ Return s. replace (/(^ s *)/g ,"");}// Remove the

Enhanced JavaScript Trim function code _javascript tips

Copy Code code as follows: String.prototype.trim=function () { var _argument = Arguments[0] | | " "; var _re= new RegExp ("(^" +_argument+ "*) | (" +_argument+ "*$", "G"); Case sensitive Return This.replace (_re, ""); }

Basic overview and syntax for front-end Foundation-javascript

1. JavaScript overview 2. JavaScript Introduction method 3. JavaScript Language Specification 4. JavaScript Language Basics 5. JavaScript data type 6. JavaScript operators 7. JavaScript Process Control 8. JavaScript

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