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JS trim function de-whitespace function and regular collection

When working with text box input values in JavaScript, it is often used to "remove the front and back blanks" function. jquery's friends know that jquery provides a trim () function that can easily help us achieve this effect. However, if the

Trim in BOM and JavaScript

Today encountered a IE7 under the Json.parse failure problem. A troubleshooting Discovery: The server-side profile encoding is UTF-8 + BOM that the output string starts with the BOM character, not the legitimate JSON.IE7 does not support native JSON,

10 Recommended content for Trim

Php learns to delete string whitespace characters. You can use Trim (), LTrim (), RTrim () functions to remove whitespace from the string masthead or end: $trimmed = Trim (String[,charlist]), $trimmed = LTrim (String[,charlist]); trimmed = RTrim

[Zhuan] JavaScript trim Functions

The W3C team's head was kicked off until javascript1.8.1 supported the trim function (with trimleft and trimright). Unfortunately, only firefox3.5 supported it now. Since the blank spaces on both sides of the string are too common, all major types

JavaScript eliminates two ways of whitespace on both sides of a string, object-oriented and functional programming

The main is to eliminate string spaces in JavaScript, to compare the two different ways// object-oriented, eliminating whitespace on both sides of a string function () {returnthis. Replace (/(^\s*) | ( \s*$)/g, "");}; // to the function of the left

Implementation of the Trim method in JavaScript

The string class in Java has a trim () to remove the space characters before and after the string, and the trim () method in jquery can delete the string before and after the character variable. But there is no corresponding trim () method in

Crop string trim () Customize Improved Version _ basics

ECMASCRIPT5 has defined the native Trim method for the string. This method may be faster than any version of this article. It is recommended that you use native functions in supported browsers. The following is a discussion of the problems

Five ways Javascript removes whitespace before and after a string

First: cyclic check replacement[JavaScript] function returnRemove the left blankfunctionTrimleft (s) {if(s = =NULL) { return""; } varwhitespace =NewString ("\t\n\r"); varstr =NewString (s);if(Whitespace.indexof (Str.charat (0))! =-1) { varj=0, i

JavaScript to remove whitespace various methods summary

Method One: Personally think the best way. Using regular expressions, this is the core principle.Second, this method uses the prototype properties of JavaScript In fact, you do not use this property can be implemented using the function. But this

Native implementation of the JavaScript removal space trim ()

The people's brains were kicked by the donkey until javascript1.8.1 support the Trim function (and trimleft,trimright), but now only firefox3.5 support. Because it is too often used to remove whitespace on both sides of a string, each large class

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