javascript tcp socket example

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tcp/ip, Http, sockets, Xmpp-from Getting started to in-depth

tcp/ip, Http, sockets, Xmpp-from Getting started to in-depthUltimate iOS Program ape 2016-12-29 18:27 In order to facilitate people's understanding and memory, We first introduce these concepts, and then analyze their differences, and then carry out

HTML 5 web socket: unveiling of the next web communication revolution

Recently, rumors about HTML 5 web socket are everywhere. It defines a full-duplex communication channel through a single socket on the web,HTML 5 web socket is not an enhanced version of ordinary HTTP Communication, it represents a huge progress,

Getting started with socket. io in node. js _ javascript class library

This article mainly introduces the socket. io entry instance in node. js, and introduces reverse ajax technologies such as websocket. For more information, see Introduction to websocket and other Reverse ajax Technologies In real-time web

How to establish socket long connection???

Source of Information: Http:// Http:// Popular said after the connection is long connection, hehe.To give

Socket. io entry instance in node. js

Introduction to websocket and other Reverse ajax Technologies In real-time web applications, a common method is reverse Ajax. Definition of reverse Ajax: Reverse Ajax (Reverse Ajax) is essentially a concept that can send data from the server to the

WebSocket Introduction, the difference from the socket

Introduction and principle of websocket WebSocket protocol is a new protocol for HTML5. It implements browser-to-server full-duplex communication (Full-duplex). The first handshake needs to be done with an HTTP request. --Baidu

Talk about the WebSocket introduction, and the difference between the socket

This topic should be the frequency of the interview is relatively high bar .... However, it is necessary to have a deeper understanding of the relationship between the two. Don't say much nonsense, direct into the question:WebSocket Introduction and

Is TCP applicable to the WAN environment?

Is TCP applicable to the WAN environment? 1. Background information A long time ago, I heard a colleague from the department say that the Http protocol is applicable to the WAN, but the TCP protocol is not applicable to the WAN, because the Http

Mutual calls between JAVA and. NET -- basic architecture of mutual calls between TCP/IP (with the original code)

Concept of TCP/IP socketTCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) is a communication protocol for network interconnection, through which various heterogeneous networks or heterogeneous machines can communicate with each other. TCP/IP

[Experience] 8 years of long web socket journey

Eight years ago, I was a newbie who just stepped into the Internet. I remember that it was still an Internet Explorer 5 era. Win98's classic style and friendly blue screen are still fresh in our memory. But with curiosity about this unknown world, I

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