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The configuration file cannot be read in Jar or Jboss.

Previously, the configuration file was loaded in this way: [java] private static void init () {URL url = PropertyUtil. class. getClassLoader (). getResource ("ApplicationResources. properties "); String file = url. getFile (); try {file = java.net. URLDecoder. decode (file,

Modules detailed configuration of the JBoss EAP 6 Series six public module for the jar configuration to JBoss

file on each line to the jarThis means that we will load the jar when we are developing and compiling it, and will not break into the inner ear package when we pack it, but automatically load it through the jar provided by the container.As followsWar ModificationThe parent Pom file for each system, after modifying the team leader remember to deploy a copyStep three: Add the load

FAQs about Jboss startup, shutdown, and port configuration in Linux

directory directly under/usr/xx/jboss/server/and change it to yy, you can start it with the simpler parameter-c yy;For multiple applications, we still need to solve the port conflict problem in two ways:First, directly modify all the configuration ports under the default directory corresponding to each application, mainly involves the configuration

JBoss Installation and Configuration

JBoss Welcome interface by visiting: http://localhost:8080, click on the JMX console under JBoss Management to enter JBoss's console. Failure to start can be caused by the following reasons: 1 The port used by JBoss (8080,1099,1098,8083, etc.) is occupied. Typically 8080 ports are occupied (for example, Oracle occupies 8080 ports), and the

JBoss 5.0 Installation and configuration detailed

to communicate with JBoss. Docs The configured sample files (database configuration, etc.). Docs/dtd A DTD for various XML files used in JBoss. Lib Some jars, which are loaded when JBoss starts and are shared by all jboss conf

JBoss-4.2.3GA + Apache load balancing and cluster solution configuration process

responsible for will lose the session.Configure JBoss Modify the JVM heap size in the run .. CONF file of the VM. If sun or hp jdk is used, set maxpermsize. Set java_opts = % java_opts %-xms256m-xmx1024m-XX: maxpermsize = 128 m2. Application Deployment: copy the jar package of EJB and the war of Web to $ jboss_home/Server/default/deplay.(In the following sentence, it seems useless.) if it is a cluster

JBoss Maximum Connection number configuration and JVM memory configuration

-xx:+cmsclassunloadingenabled -Djboss.platform.mbeanserver " log File Settings :Jboss\server\default\logIf you need to modify the JBoss default log4j settings, you can modify the Jboss-log4j.xml file under the JBoss installation d

Detailed configuration of balanced load cluster system based on JBoss Mod_cluster

, relatively mod_jk, it supports HTTP, HTTPS, AJP.      Let's go, here we start mod_cluster trip. First, let us go to the JBoss website to download Mod_cluster, the latest version is Mod_cluster 1.0.0 GA, download address: http://www.jboss.org/mod_cluster/downloads/latest/? Action=awindowstate=maximized can see Mod_cluster versions of most operating systems, and there may be subtle differences in the configuration

Apache + JBoss multi-instance configuration + Load Balancing (mod_jk implementation)

Recently, we need to use the JBoss configuration item to configure the target server Load balancer (it is best to have multiple instances to ensure the concurrency). After a whole day of search and practice, the final success will be recorded here, for future reference by others. System Environment: Windows Server 2003 Software environment: JDK 7 (update 55) Vc9 (http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/detail

JBOSS EAP 6 Series three configuration (driver) of Oracle, MySQL data sources-recognize the use of modules

location: under the%jboss_eap_home%/modules directory To configure a resource as a JBoss module: writing the Module.xml file Next, take Oracle as an example to build an Oracle driver module1. Create directory%jboss_eap_home%/modules/com/oracle/main/, store Oracle driver: Ojdbc14.jar (for Oracle 10g)2. Create the Moduel.xml configuration

A concise tutorial on JBoss configuration method _java

test the success of your installation by: Run the JBoss installation directory "Bin" Run.bat, if no exception appears in the window, and appears: 10:11:08,656 INFO [Serverimpl] JBoss (Microcontainer) [5.1.0.GA (build:svntag=Jboss_5_1_0_ga date=200905221634)] started in 1m:6s:110ms indicates successful installation. We can access the JBoss Welcome interface by

Modify JBoss port configuration

Which configuration files need to be modified when two JBoss instances are running on the same machine?Information Source: http://gocom.primeton.com/module... Cle. php? StoryID = 398.Which configuration files need to be modified when two JBoss instances are running on the same machine?Note: It is also applicable to run

Jboss 4.2.3 cluster configuration method

I. PreparationsInstall JDK 1.5 or later, Jboss 4.2.3, apache 2.2.x, mod_jk.soConfigure the JAVA_HOME, JBOSS_HOME, and APACHE_HOME Environment VariablesMod_jk is the plug-in for connecting apache server to Jboss.Ii. ConfigurationAssume that jboss is installed on both servers. The IP addresses are and respectively.To clarify the configuration

JBoss configuration uses JMS Message Queuing

 Create a message queue on the JBoss server We can create message queues in the following 4 ways: Management Console Management CLI deployment *-jms.xml file to deployments directory edit JBoss configuration file using Management Console creating Message Queuing 1. Start

Installation Configuration Jboss-5.1

interface and click on the JMX console under JBoss Management to access the JBoss console. If the startup fails, it may be caused by the following reasons:the port used by JBoss (8080,1099,1098,8083, etc.) is occupied. Typically, 8080 ports are occupied (for example, Oracle occupies 8080 ports) and JBoss ports need to

Installation Configuration Jboss-5.1

interface and click on the JMX console under JBoss Management to access the JBoss console. If the startup fails, it may be caused by the following reasons:the port used by JBoss (8080,1099,1098,8083, etc.) is occupied. Typically, 8080 ports are occupied (for example, Oracle occupies 8080 ports) and JBoss ports need to

JBoss EAP 6.3 domain mode configuration

and monitor their running status. When deploying an application, a war package only needs to be deployed to the group, all JBoss servers in the group are automatically deployed. The configuration steps are as follows: Environment: Windows, JBoss EAP 6.3 Machine resources: (master), (slave57), (slave128)-that is, 181 is

Jbuilder2005+jboss+oracle9i Environment Configuration Tutorial

" in the variable Value (V) column. Jboss_home value is: d:jboss4.0, add path: "d:j2sdk1.4.2_06in; d:jboss4.0in " 4, configure JBoss in JBuilder, select the Config servers of tools, then select jboss3+, select Enable server, specify home directory. 5. Configuring oracle9i data sources in JBoss and testing, Oracle becomes a very popular enterprise database with its stable and reliable operation. The first

JBoss Linux boot Configuration

Jboss for Linux boot 1. Copy the jboss Startup file to the system startup directory. Cp/opt/ci/jboss/bin/jboss_init_redhat.sh/etc/rc. d/init. d/jboss 2. Add a jboss User: (if the following JBOSS_USER is set to root, this st

JBuilder + JBOSS + Oracle9i environment Configuration

: "D: j2sdk1.4.2 _ 06in; D: jboss4.0in" 4. Configure JBoss in JBuilder, select Config servers of Tools, select JBoss3 +, select Enable server, and specify Home Directory. 5. Configure and test the Oracle9i data source in JBoss. Oracle has become a very popular enterprise-level database with its stability and reliability. To configure Oracle on Jboss, copy the J

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