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JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:JBoss Group JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 5.1.1Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 54915Cve id: CVE-2011-2908 JBoss E

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform JMX Console XSS Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:JBoss Group JBoss Enterprise Web Platform for RHEL 5 Server 5JBoss Group JBoss Enterprise Web Platform for RHEL 4ES 5JBoss Group JBoss

JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Security Restriction Bypass Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:RedHat Linux Description:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 64125CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2013-2133 JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) is a middleware Platform for J2EE app

Enterprise SOA Platform JBoss SOA

The JBoss Enterprise SOA platform is the first full-fledged open-source SOA offering designed to speed business execution both within and across the enterprise. The JBoss Enterprise SOA platfo

JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform caller Authentication Bypass Vulnerability

Release date: 2011-11-17Updated on: 2011-12-13 Affected Systems:RedHat JBoss EAP 5.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bugtraq id: 50720Cve id: CVE-2011-4085 JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) is a middlewar

JBoss and open-source enterprise application solutions

JBoss Resource Collection: 1) JBoss China http://www.jbosschina.org 2) JBoss community: http://www.jboss.cn 3) share the development and management knowledge of JBoss platform: http://www.jbossweek.com/ 3) JBoss: (Chinese) seam in

JBoss Seam 2.1 is a well-anticipated Java Enterprise Application Development Framework

JBoss Seam is a new-generation enterprise application development framework led by Gavin king, author of The Persistence framework hibernate. Seam integrates a series of Java EE specifications such as ejb3 and JSF, and uses the annotation Technology of jdk5.0 to form a complete and one-stop enterprise

Implementation of SOA-based application integration solutions based on AgileEAS. NET Enterprise Application Platform-opening part

Document directory Related information Download AgileEAS. NET quick development platform Opening The system architecture article will be well organized during this time, and then enterprise-level application architecture practices based on the AgileEAS. NET platform will be released. The specific cases will b

Distributed solution based on Agileeas.net Enterprise application development Platform

workflow user manual, will follow up, you can view and download, of course, the group share will be the first time to provide relevant Download the information. Official blog: http://www.smarteas.net/ Official website: http://www.agilelab.cn/ If you have any questions about using the Agileeas.net development platform, please use one of the following contact or communication methods. 1, phone-mail mode: Hego:[email protect

Viewing the transformation of enterprise mobile Internet from the application of mobile platform

application or business migration to the mobile side, There is no way to meet the needs of enterprise mobility, with the increase of mobile applications, the attendant management problems are increasingly prominent.Over the years, the information practice of medium and large enterprises proves that platform is the new engine of software technology product develo

Silverlight enterprise application development practices-5.0 Silverlight support preview on AgileEAS. NET platform

1. Introduction to AgileEAS. NET platform AgileEAS. NET platform is a rapid development platform for application systems. It helps small and medium-sized software developers quickly build their own enterprise information management development teams to save development costs

Application + platform-features of SAP enterprise-level SOA Products

In 2006, SAP released the enterprise-level SOA application product mysap ERP 2005. The most frequently asked question is: what are the characteristics of SAP enterprise-level SOA products? In fact, the answer is obvious. SAP is not a pure technical platform, but a business platform

Beacon Exmobi leads the enterprise mobile application Platform Wave

Exmobi Mobile Application Platform , through comprehensive data integration technology and rich cross-platform client presentation capabilities, the business system is fast, secure and efficient porting to mobile terminals, and with open and standard infrastructure flexible support HTML5 and native plug-in extension. Products from development (IDE environment), i

WebAPI Identity authentication Solution--phenix.net Enterprise application software rapid development platform. User Guide. 21.WebAPI Service (i)

=" + CryptoJS.AES.encrypt (NewPassword, key, {iv:key, Mode:CryptoJS.mode.CBC}),DataType: "JSON",ContentType: "Application/json;charset=utf-8",Data: {},Complete:function (XMLHttpRequest, Textstatus) {if (xmlhttprequest.status = = = 200)Alert ("Modify login password successfully!") Status: "+ Xmlhttprequest.statustext +", Response: "+ Xmlhttprequest.responsetext);ElseAlert ("Failed to modify login password!") Status: "+ Xmlhttprequest.statustext +", Res

Use the. NET platform to build an enterprise application system field (below)

-demand business, you can make necessary changes to the way tasks are completed or executed. The so-called "system field" is an enterprise system model built on the idea of SOA. the business logic layers of multiple systems are abstracted as WebServices to form a global "field ", each system can use this field to obtain the required business model. Based on the procurement and production examples mentioned above, there is no specific boundary betwee

C#.net Large Enterprise Information System integration rapid Development Platform 4.1 version-application development for database SQL statements

Many traditional enterprises, including the system integration class of it enterprises, if not engaged in professional software development field, can make a suit for the company's enterprise information Flexible information system is still very difficult, and some have not written programs for many years of senior developers, beginners, are difficult to put a complete system out.Mature development Framework on the market to hundreds of thousands of,

Mobile development trend of enterprise application platform

as there is a network, sufficient power can be, by time and place restrictions greatly reduced. And more lightweight, you want toIt's more convenient to work with a laptop and work with a smartphone.In fact, our country's information development and the West to compare, that is far behind, but because of the development of mobile Internet, the personal feel that this should be in the near future catching up, at least willFrom the past to the next to the point of reach.I'll take a very simple ex

C#.net Large-scale enterprise information system integration rapid development Platform version 4.1-Application development for database SQL statements

, examples of additions, deletions, modifications, and basically developing simple programs that don't have much of a problem. As long as you can imitate it. It's a lot quicker than learning from scratch. The following is a few of the core code to refer to you:The above example is relatively complex and is the data obtained from the Association of 2 tables.Enterprise information, fine management needs more and more urgent, data upload, statistical summary of the demand is also very urgent, there

Silverlight enterprise application Quick Development Platform Framework Design (3) analysis-Page Model

We have analyzed 5 commonly used page parts. Under normal circumstances, it is enough to have these five parts. However, the preceding five parts have no significance for separate use. The five parts can be compared to raw materials, Then we need to process the What general page models do we usually need? As summarized here, the general enterprise database application system develops a 80% page model, such

[Leaneap. Net] lean enterprise application platform-source code & demo download

This framework has been developed for a long time, but it is not well developed by one person. The demo and documentation are still incomplete. Now, you can upload the source code. If you are interested in time and want to know about framework development, to make some contributions to this framework, please join. If you have outsourcing projects, contact me. Next Development Plan: 1. Complete the webform demo. 2. Translate the resources in webform into Chinese and English and simplified Ch

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