jboss web application server

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Activemq learning notes -- integrate activemq 4.x into JBoss 4.x

In the Java field, it is very common to integrate a product into the application server, and it is more common to integrate the message middleware into the application server.Currently, open-source application servers are widely used in Geronimo and

Migrate WebLogic EJB program to JBoss

WebLogic Server is a top-level commercial applicationProgramServer. But for small-scale developersSource codeThe standard-based application server JBoss can be used to replace commercial application servers such as WebLogic or websphere.

Tomcat,jboss and JBoss Web

Recent exposure to application server JBoss, in addition to the JBoss Web and Tomcat as a Web server, then consult the data to compare the three, for your reference.First, TomcatThe Tomcat server is a free open source Web application server. Support

JBoss security question Summary

0x00 Introduction JBoss AS is a widely used open-source Java application server. It is part of JBoss Enterprise middleware (JEMS) and is often used in large enterprises. This software is highly modular and loosely coupled, making it very complicated

migrating WebLogic EJB programs to JBoss _jsp programming

The WebLogic server is a top-level commercial application server. But for a small developer, JBoss, a standards-based application server that develops the source code, can be used to replace a commercial application server like WebLogic or WebSphere.

Original heavyweight: JBoss 4.0.2 cluster Guide

JBoss 4.0.2 cluster Guide Bromon originality, please respect copyright This article mainly describes the basic knowledge of JBoss cluster and simple configuration methods, and involves some supplementary knowledge of JBoss. I. Material preparation:

JBoss Installation and Configuration

one. Download and install JBoss In this article, we download the JBoss version as: 4.2.1.GA. Download Address: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=22866&package_id=16942&release_id=523619 Download the Jboss-4.2.1.ga.zip file in

Past origins of JBOSS and Tomcat

This article introduces JBoss and Tomcat respectively, and compares JBoss with Tomcat to give readers a better understanding of JBoss and Tomcat. In recent years, JBoss and Tomcat have become two stars, and JBoss has become the most rapidly

Introduction to JBOSS and installation of JBOSS in linux

. Install jbossExtract jboss to a directory such as/usr/local/jboss, add "/usr/local/jboss" to the path, and set jboss_home = "/usr/local/jboss"Run. sh and open the browser http: // localhost: 8080. If the test page is displayed, the installation is

Differences between JBoss web and tomcat

In the wave of web, various page technologies and frameworks are emerging, which puts forward higher stability and scalability Requirements for the server-side infrastructure. In recent years, as a global leader in open-source middleware, JBoss has

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