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Quickly bulk insert data in MySQL database using JDBC

Tags: final res ase about bar ReadLine log number programmingHow to improve efficiency when using JDBC to connect to MySQL database for data insertion, especially for large-scale sequential data insertion (10w+)? There are two statement methods in the JDBC programming interface that are particularly noteworthy: void Addbatch () throws SQLExceptionAdds a set of p

JDBC Connection MySQL

, the automatic submission of the connection object is set to False Con.setautocommit (false); Write the SQL statement here Con.commit ();//2, manually submit }catch (SQLException e) { //TODO auto-generated catch block E.printstacktrace (); try { con.rollback ();//3, rollback, if there is a failure, just go back to the way it was before the modification } catch (SQLException E1) { //TODO auto-generated Catch bl

Using batch processing to speed up mysql--large database operations with JDBC operations

the statement class above.The batch method of the PreparedStatement class, which is used to send a set of SQL operation statements of the same kind, for example: A group is insert, or a group is update, delete, so often used for BULK INSERT, bulk Delete, batch update field values and other operations. The above method can send a different set of actionsBecause it is a set of identical operations, it is often used in JDBC to bring parameters such as f

MySQL JDBC determines whether the query results are empty and how to get the number of query result rows

the warning will be clear. The start and end of next can be explained in the following diagram: 0->1->2->3->4->0 1, 2, 3, 4 is the result of the query ^ ^ Start endCorrect posture to determine if the JDBC query result is empty:Statement Statement = Conn.createstatement (); ResultSet res = statement.executequery (selectsql); if (!res.next ()) { //res is null } else { //RES was NOT null } gets the number of rows for the query result

Complete implementation of JdbcUtils, A jdbc framework class encapsulated by Java for MySql (including addition, deletion, modification, query, and JavaBean reflection principles, with source code)

Recently I watched the old Luo video, followed by a framework class JdbcUtils. Java that uses java to operate MySql databases, to complete addition, deletion, modification, and query of databases. Query this part, including common query and UtilizationReflectionThe completed query mainly includes the following function interfaces: 1. public Connection getConnection () to obtain the database Connection 2. public boolean updateByPreparedStatement (Strin

In Windows, JSP links MYSQL (JDBC) MYECLIPSE and jdbcmyeclipse

In Windows, JSP links MYSQL (JDBC) MYECLIPSE and jdbcmyeclipse First download the JDBC driver: Portal Create a database in MYSQL Create database books; Create tables and insert data: Use books;Create table book (bookId varchar (50), bookName varchar (50), publishervarchar (100), price float, constrai

Mac JDBC Connection MySQL

1. Download the JDBC Driver:http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/j/2. Add the JDBC jar package to the project's Libs folder and build path2. Change environment variables: Export Path=/usr/local/mysql/bin/:${path}3. Default [email protected] no password4. Change Password:Command line: mysqladmin-u root-p password rootCommands in the

[Java] JDBC-mysql connection and addition, deletion, modification, and query operations

Document directory Required Preparations Connected theoretical knowledge Connection test Perform SQL operations in Java Required Preparations 1. Install MySQL. For more information, see http://blog.csdn.net/jueblog/article/details/9499245 、to download the JDBC driver. You can download from the official website, or click the http://download.csdn.net/detail/oyuntaolianwu/5822697 to download 3, in eclips

JDBC Connection MySQL 8 times wrong "mysqlnontransientconnectionexception:public Key retrieval is not allowed"

Tags: Exception sha CTO inux in driver file why cat HangFirst, the questionDue to power outage overhaul, restart the server today, then start JBoss error "Mysqlnontransientconnectionexception:public Key retrieval is not allowed", JBoss could not obtain a JDBC connection to the data source.Ii. process of SettlementBaidu, first said the old version of the JDBC driver bug, so from the MAVEN Central Library to

Detailed description of the basic process for jdbc operations on the database _ MySQL

Detailed explanation of the basic process for jdbc database operations bitsCN.com All JDBC applications have the following basic procedures:1. load the database driver and establish a connection to the database. 2. execute SQL statements. 3. processing result. 4. disconnect from the database to release resources. Next we will take a closer look at each step:In fact, each stage can be used as an independent

Java uses JDBC driver to connect MySQL database _java

Java drives connection to MySQL database using JDBC: 1. Download driver, import jar Package 2. Load Driver 3. Set up the connection After the connection is successful, some operations are done on the data in the database 1. Download driver, import jar Package When you see a corresponding jar package in the JDBC directory, the first step is complete.

JDBC Basics (i) simple use of MySQL

Label:JDBC can do three things: establish a connection to the database, send a statement that operates the database, and process the results. And the first thing the program does is load the database driver, here I use MySQL: 1 string Drivername=new string ("Com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); 2 Class.forName (drivername); The database connection object is then obtained, with the parameters of the database URL, user name, and password. Here I use the database n

Java JDBC Connection to ODBC database MySQL database

1.JDBC Connection database to add a Mysql-connector-java-5.1.38-bin.jar library2.ODBC connecting the database to add an ODBC data source3. Test codeDbhelper.java Code JDBC Connection DatabaseImport java.beans.Statement;Import Java.sql.DriverManager;Import com.mysql.jdbc.Connection;Import com.mysql.jdbc.PreparedStatement;Import Com.sun.jndi.url.corbaname.corbaname

(verbose) Java connection to MySQL database using JDBC (1)-Software

Any form of reprint is welcome, but please be sure to indicate the source. 1.JDKClick to view installation and environment configuration tutorials2.EclipseClick to enter the website to downloadNote After the download finishes opening the. exe , the interface appears and there are many versions to choose fromI am currently learning JSP so the Java EE version is installed, beginners can choose the first Java developers version3.MysqlClick to enter the website to downloadClick to go to recomme

2018/1/3 MYSQL+JDBC

sql, Object ... param); Perform an update of SQL with multiple placeholdersint[] Batch (Connection conn, String sql, object[][] params) batchingT Query Method (Connection conn, String sql, resultsethandler INT Update (String sql, Object param);INT Update (String sql, Object ... param);int[] Batch (String sql, object[][] params)Note: If you call the action database method of the Dbutils component and do not have an incoming connection object, you need to pass in the data source object when insta

Learning summary------Connect MySQL with JDBC

1. Download the MySQL JDBC driverAddress: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/connector/For convenience, choose your own compression package directlySkip login, select Direct downloadAfter the download is complete, unzip the Mysql-connector-java-5.1.42-bin.jar, copyIn the extracted file, locate thePaste to Webcontent-web-inf-libSelect the Lib folder in the Ecplise, a

MySQL error number and JDBC corresponding SQL number corresponding to the list

Tags: java jdbc mysqlMapping MySQL Error Numbers to JDBC SQLState Codes MySQL Error Number MySQL Error Name Legacy (X/open) SQLState SQL Standard SQLState 1022 Er_dup_key S1000 23000

Simple test of JDBC connection MySQL database in Java

=utf8useunicode=trueusessl=falseservertimezone=asia/ Shanghai successfully.---------------------Java.lang.IntegerROWID 4INT Java.lang.Integer---------------------java.lang.String255 name 12VARCHAR java.lang.String---------------------Java.lang.IntegerAge 4INT Java.lang.Integer1 Songxingzhu 2 wanghaixing 3 Sindrol 4 Sindrol 5 Sindrol 28 6 Sindrol 7 Sindrol 8 Sindrol 9 lingling_0 lingling_1 Lin Gling_2 lingling_3 lingling_4 1 songxingzhu 272 wanghaixing 283 Sind Rol 284 Sindrol 285 sindrol 286

Connect to MySQL database using JDBC

= "123456"; PublicConnection Connection =NULL; PublicPreparedStatement PST =NULL; //Database Login Password Publicdbhelper (String sql) {Try{class.forname (name);//Specify connection TypeConnection = drivermanager.getconnection (URL, user, password);//Create a connectionPST = connection.preparestatement (SQL);//Execute SQL statement } Catch(Exception e) {e.printstacktrace (); } } Public voidClose () {Try { This. Connection.close ();

Mysql as an example to explain the JDBC database connection steps _mysql

1. What is JDBC and what is the effect? Java Data Base Connectivity Java Database Connection protocol is a Java API for executing SQL statements that provides uniform access to a variety of relational databases. He provides a benchmark by which more advanced tools and interfaces can be built to enable developers to write database applications With JDBC, it becomes easy to send SQL statements to variou

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