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Read the Classics-"CLR via C #" (Jeffrey Richter) Notes _ Advanced Management Control (configuration)

publisher can send a new assembly to the administrator for the administrator to install. The CLR does not load this new assembly by default because the assembly that has been generated does not have a new version of the reference. However, an administrator can modify an application's XML configuration file to instruct the CLR to load a new assembly.If the administrator wants all applications on the machine

Read the Classics-"CLR via C #" (Jeffrey Richter) Notes _ primitive Type (ii)

accustomed to writing programs in one language can easily interpret the intent of the code incorrectly when they see a source written in another language. In fact, most languages do not even consider long as a keyword and do not compile code that uses it at all. Code at a glance, meaning clear . Many methods of the FCL use the type name as part of the method name. For example: BinaryReader types provide methods including Readboolean,readint32,readsingle, while System.Convert types provide met

Read the Classics-"CLR via C #" (Jeffrey Richter) Notes _ primitive types

ConceptData types directly supported by the compiler"C # Primitive types and corresponding FCL types" C # Primitive types FCL type Description SByte System.SByte Signed 8-bit value Byte System.Byte Unsigned 8th number bit value Short System.Int16 Signed 16-bit value UShort System.UInt16 Un

Read the Classics-"CLR via C #" (Jeffrey Richter) Notes _ ILDasm.exe See how the compiler compiles types and their members Narimoto data

"Instance Code"usingSystem; Public Sealed classSomeType//-------------1{ //Nested Classes Private classsomenestedtype{}//-------------2//constants, read-only fields, and static readable/readable segments Private ConstInt32 someconstant =1;//-------------3 Private ReadOnlyInt32 Somereadonlyfield =2;//-------------4 Private StaticInt32 Somereadwritefield =3;//-------------5//Type Constructor StaticSomeType () {}//-------------6//Instance Builder PublicSomeType (Int32 x) {}//-

Read the classic-the CLR via C # (Jeffrey Richter) Note the relationship between namespaces and assemblies

Namespaces and assemblies are not necessarily related1. Each type in the same namespace may be implemented in a different assembly. (System.IO.FileStream in MSCorLib.dll assemblies, and System.IO.FileSystemWatcher in System.dll assemblies )2. The same assembly may also contain classes in different namespaces. (both System.Int32 and System.Text.StringBuilder types are in the MSCorLib.dll assembly )Read the classic-the CLR via

Read the classic-CLR via C # (Jeffrey Richter) Note _ Run-time parsing type reference

already loaded. As you can see, the IL code above has a reference to System.Console.WriteLine. Specifically, the IL call Directive applies Token 0a000003. This token corresponds to the record entry in the MemberRef source data table 3.CLR checks the MemberRef record entry, and discovers that one of its fields refers to a record entry (System.Console type) in a TypeRef table. Based on the TypeRef record entry, the

CLR via C # (version 3rd)-Jeffrey Richter-Reading Notes

the performance. C # provides the as operator to simplify the code writing and improve its performance. Employee E = o As Employee; If (E! = Null ){} If O is not compatible with the employee type, the as operator returns NULL, which only causes CLR to verify the type of the object once. The IF statement only checks whether e is null, which is much faster than the type of the validation object.

Read the Classics-"CLR via C #" (Jeffrey Richter) Notes _CLR

becomes a managed module (which can be explained by the CLR and some utilities). The header contains the required CLR version, some flags, the METHODDEF metadata token (token) of the Managed Module entry method (Main method), and the location/size of the module's metadata, resources, strong names, some flags, and other less important data items"Meta-data"Each managed module contains a metadata table. There

Read the Classics-"CLR via C #" (Jeffrey Richter) Notes _new new objects

constructor, when called, is responsible for initializing the instance fields defined by this type. The final call is the System.Object Constructor, which simply returns and does nothing else. To prove this, you can use ILDasm.exe to load MSCorLib.dll and examine the constructor method of System.Object yourself. When new executes all of these operations, it returns a reference (or pointer) to the new object. In the preceding example code, the reference is saved to the variable E, which has

Read the Classics-"CLR via C #" (Jeffrey Richter) Notes _ reference type and value type (i)

1. The CLR supports two types: reference types and value types .2. Most of the types in the FCL are reference types , but the most used in a program are value types ." Reference type " The memory must be allocated from the managed heap. Each object allocated on the heap has an additional member that must be initialized. Other bytes on the object (set for the field) are always set to zero. When an object is allocated from the managed hea

Read the classics-the CLR via C # (Jeffrey Richter) Notes _dynamic primitive types

1. When code uses the dynamic expression/variable to invoke a member, the compiler generates special IL code to describe the desired operation. This special code is called Payload (payload). At run time, the payload code determines what to do based on the actual type of the object that is currently referenced by the dynamic expression/variable.ExamplePrivate Static return arg + arg;}AnalysisThe parameter type of this method is declared for dynamic. inside a method, the argument is used as two op

Read the Classics-"CLR via C #" (Jeffrey Richter) Notes _ primitive Type (iii)

"Checked and unchecked primitive type operations"1. First mode of Useunchecked ((UInt32) (-1//OK, will not throw abnormal checked)); // Throw OverflowException Exception2. Second mode of Usechecked {// start a checked block - ; ); // the expression will overflow check } // end a checked blockSimplified notationChecked { ; B +=;} NoteThe checked operator and the checked statement- The only function that determines which version of the add, subtract, multiply, and data convers

Read the Classics-"CLR via C #" (Jeffrey Richter) Notes _ reference type and value type (ii)

"Differences between reference types and value types"//reference type (due to the use of ' class ')classSomeref { PublicInt32 x;}//value type (due to the use of ' struct ')structSomeval { PublicInt32 x;}Static voidValuetypedemo () {someref R1=NewSomeref ();//allocate on the heapSomeval V1 =NewSomeval ();//Allocate on Stackr1.x =5;//To raise another pointerV1x =5;//Modify on StackConsole.WriteLine (r1.x);//Show "5"Console.WriteLine (v1.x);//Show "5"someref R2= R1;//Copy only references (pointers)

Face-to-face communication with. Net master Jeffrey Richter-a review of the activities of the Tup MASTER series (Multi-graph with detailed text)

lot and explained the problem comprehensively. It is a pity that the time is not enough. Some of the subsequent content about MEF is not finished.I feel that Mr. Jin is very similar to a teacher in my undergraduate course. He is very responsible to the students and has a persistent pursuit of technology. It seems like an old saying, but in fact he is very humorous. While explaining the C # language, it also incorporates many important ideas of softwa

[Shanghai] LinkCoder Stage 4 activity-Jeffrey Richter: Win 8 Application Development and. NET4.5

LinkCoder is a developer-oriented offline theme community jointly launched by the blog Park and heiding network. It hopes to provide developers with more opportunities for offline communication and sharing. We have invited you for this activity.Jeffrey Richter(Author of "Windows core programming" and "CLR via C #") to share "Win 8 Application Development and. NET

CLR via C # (4th edition) "PDF" Download

programming expert Jeffrey Richter, Microsoft. NET team of more than more than 10 years of senior technical consultants, in this book in a concise and fluent language of its decades of experience and insights, unique and deep insight, thoughtful insight into the formation of insights, these are clairvoyant, for the future to build robust, reliable and responsive applications and components to lay a good fo

[Unread] CLR via C # (4th edition)

Content IntroductionThe CLR via C # (4th edition) provides an in-depth, comprehensive discussion of the CLR and. NET Framework 4.5, with examples of how they can be used for design, development, and debugging. There are 29 chapters in Chapter 5 of the book. Section Ⅰ describes the CLR Foundation, Section Ⅱ explains how

C # basic-CLR-type [0]

The CLR via C # of Jeffrey Richter has been studying. It takes two months to get up in the morning for an hour. Now we can see chapter 14. I found that the previous content was almost forgotten, so I plan to write something similar to Reading Notes and write down the dry goods for future reference. Some people may not

C # basics-starting from the bottom layer of CLR (1)

C # basics-starting from the bottom layer of CLR (1) Introduction     I have been reading the book "CLR via C #" (Jeffrey Richter) recently. I did a good job in writing it, and I can see less than two hundred pages. I haven't forg

CLR via C # Learning notes----General summary of Knowledge

performance. C # specifically provides the AS operator to simplify the way this code is written, while improving its performance.Employee E = o as Employee;if (E! = null) {}If O is incompatible with the employee type, the AS operator returns NULL, which causes the CLR to verify the type of the object once. The IF statement simply checks if E is null, which is much faster than verifying the type of the obje

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