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. NET continuous integration and automated deployment The first-half day build your Jenkins continuous integration and automated deployment systems

. NET continuous integration and automated deployment first (half-day build your Jenkins continuous integration and automated deployment system) Preface I believe that every programmer has experienced the pain of late-night overti

Jenkins + maven + SVN + Tomcat build automated, automated deployment, continuous integration environment

, the workspace directory, such as, C:\Users\Administrator\.jenkins\workspace 3.2 Configure the deployment plug-in. This step needs to go back to the management plugin in Jenkins System management. As pictured, download and install the Deploy Plugin 3.3 After rebooting Tomcat, go to the admin plugin interface to see if the plug-in is installed successfully, the

Build Jenkins for automated deployment

,--help output UsageInformation-v,--version output the version number-f,--from [value] Sender name-A,--attachment is temporarily placed in a GitHub private warehouse because it involves email account passwords. Automatic deployment after successful build Add the Post Build Action step, execute a set of scripts, fill in the command with the

Docker+jenkins to build automated testing and deployment upgrades Environment __ Project Management

-end interface but also the execution of back-end upgrades. And in order to ensure the completeness of the test dimension and facilitate analysis, the upgrade test framework must ensure the following: Automatic upgrade Test Simulate the behavior of a user Stability Guarantee Detailed Test Report View the upgrade process at any time Considering these requirements, we decided to build an automated upgrade tes

Jenkins+git+maven build an automated deployment project environment

Brief introduction tossing for two nights, take advantage of the more free tonight, the Jenkins+git+maven Build Automated deployment project environment to build the process of recording, here I use GitHub as a git remote repository ( Jacky-lulu/cxf_demo-m

Use of Jenkins+tomcat+maven+gitlab+shell environment under Linux (Jenkins Automated Deployment)

execute"/bin/bash/dat****/ execute this script on orgProcess: Jenkins call git to download the code on the Gitlab to the Jenkins server, MAVEN build into a war package, call SSH run shell script to complete the backup, stop service, clear WebApps, copy War package to Tomcat under the service, say it is very simple ah ...I groped for a ride, a variety of er

Jenkins+gitlab Automated compilation deployment scenario exploration and service-side compilation Webpack combat

, maintain a scaffold warehouse, provided to the various environments to compile.Deployment Scenario ExplorationA. Jenkins merge code and compile, SSH send compiled code to test environmentCons: Large amount of sending code, serious time consumingB. Jenkins merge code and compile, compile results submit to GITLAB,SSH Connection test environment Update code from GitlabCons: Post-compilation code merge into G

Jenkins + Gitlab Automated Deployment

OutlineIdeas about Jenkins installation Gitlab installation Jenkins and Gitlab configuring automated deployment testing possible issues ideas to explain Gitlab->pull (Other operations) (->webhook)-Trigger (Jenkins build operation

Automated build _jenkins Continuous integration using Jenkins configuration +maven

~12; The last parameter represents the week week, 0~7,0 and 7 are meant for Sunday. So 0 * * * * represents the first 0 minutes of each hour to perform the build. Build Examples: Because the code for the project typically exists in SVN, an SVN often has multiple project teams submitting code, and each team has more than one person, and each of them is constantly maintaining their own piece of code, so for a

Jenkins combines ansible with shell for automated deployment and rollback

Recent continuous integration with jenkins+gitlab+ansible, automated deployment and version rollback. However, the Deploy plugin failed to do incremental upgrades and rollback operations, tossing a long time to decide to write their own script simple implementation.Environment:7.0 64-bit gitlab:v2. 9.0 git: 2.9 1.651. 3, git plugin, GitLab plugin, Dynamic Parame

A Concise introduction to Jenkins (ii)--using Jenkins to complete the build, test, deployment of the Python program

You may not have figured out what Jenkins can do.This section uses Jenkins to complete the build, test, and deployment of the Python program, giving you an intuitive understanding of what Jenkins can do.The contents of this section are rewritten from

⑤:jenkins of continuous integration script for automated code deployment and one-click Rollback to the previous version

⑤:jenkins of continuous integration script for automated code deployment and one-click Rollback to the previous version One: This article uses the way Jenkins invokes shell scripts to get code from a git server, package, deploy to a Web server, remove a Web server from a load balancer, unzip, copy a configuration file,

(Jenkins) Build an android project continuous integration and NativeDriver-based UI automated testing environment on the hudson Platform

(Jenkins) Build an android project continuous integration and NativeDriver-based UI automated testing environment on the hudson Platform From kevinkong 02:56:51 | category: automated test | font size subscription After the deployment, running the

Git + Jenkins learning path (14th): automated script deployment practices

, 3 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)683a44www_683a44_2018-11-03-10-06-56.tar.gz 100% 22KB 9.3MB/s 00:00 HTTP/1.1 200 OK6. Test Access [[emailprotected] ~]$ curl rollback Test [[Email protected] ~] # Ll/data/web/total 0 lrwxrwxrwx 1 WWW 43 Nov 3 www->/webroot/www/www_683a44_2018-11-03-10-06-56 test access as follows: view the version list below, and select rol

Build an automated packaging environment with Jenkins's continuous integration of IOS projects

---restore content starts---Jenkins is a widely used Visual Web tool for continuous building, which is the "automated" compilation, packaging, and distribution deployment of various projects. Jenkins can support a variety of languages (such as Java, C #, PHP, etc.) project building, but also fully compatible with Ant,

6.jenkins configuration build triggers for automated builds

With the previous configuration, Jenkins is able to implement automatic remote deployment and mail notification, but each time the build is manually executedBuild triggers configuration for automated buildsThe build triggers module in your project configuration allows you to

Jenkins+svn+maven+tomcat One-click Build deployment

1 BackgroundThis is a multi-person collaborative development, automatic construction, automatic deployment of the scenario. You do not have to pack your own, and then upload the deployment, liberation of manpower, easy to manage. This is a simple introduction to the use and integration of their software, in fact, no matter svn and Maven have a lot of practical usage, SVN management planning, MAVEN warehouse

Jenkins detailed installation and build deployment using tutorials

package is thrown directly under Tomcat, start tomcat,jenkins installed, access to http://localhost:8080Ii. Building a maven project1. Create a new job2. Enter a name and project type3, set the compiled version number and other information4. Set the SVN repository address:Enter the address of the project hosting SVN, and if there is a place to enter your account and password, enter it.The user or password is incorrect if any of the following appear:C

Linux fully automated build, deployment management tools __linux

Overview As a Java web Developer, it is time-consuming and laborious to manage a large number of Tomcat and Nginx instances of Linux on a purely manual, and an automated management software or script is essential. Jenkins, as a convenient and powerful continuous integration tool, is being used by more and more development and testers, and it really improves the efficiency of our work. However, the power of

Jenkins Configuration Item Auto-Deployment (Build with Parameters)

1. Open Jenkins, select the project you want to build, and click the Configure button.??????????????????????????? 2. The first step is to select the parameterized build process, drop-down add parameter, and select the string Parameter option.3, the first string parameter, fill out the SVN version parameters, the default is head, that is the latest version.? 4, an

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