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Use of Jenkins+tomcat+maven+gitlab+shell environment under Linux (Jenkins Automated Deployment)

Jenkins Automation Deployment Goal: Jenkins on point build (also automatically check code changes automatically build) "Project deployment complete." First, install the jenkins1. Download JenkinsHere I choose is the war package installs Jenkins, simple does not hurt the brai

Jenkins actual Combat Jenkins installation Deployment (i)

"The content described in this document is intended for common Jenkins application environment deployments such as daily test/production environments"Since the installation of Jenkins is running in a Java environment, it is necessary to deploy Java-related environments before installationOne: Prepare the Java environment before deployment:1.1 Related software and

. NET continuous integration and automated deployment The first-half day build your Jenkins continuous integration and automated deployment systems

. NET continuous integration and automated deployment first (half-day build your Jenkins continuous integration and automated deployment system) Preface I believe that every programmer has experienced the pain of late-night overtime online! And as an overtime on-line as the norm of the farm, it is deeply painful. Because of the complexity of the system business,

A Concise introduction to Jenkins (ii)--using Jenkins to complete the build, test, deployment of the Python program

You may not have figured out what Jenkins can do.This section uses Jenkins to complete the build, test, and deployment of the Python program, giving you an intuitive understanding of what Jenkins can do.The contents of this section are rewritten from

Manual deployment of Jenkins project script configuration tutorial, jenkins script

Manual deployment of Jenkins project script configuration tutorial, jenkins script Generally, after a company project is completed, it needs to be deployed to the test environment, where testers perform tests. After a BUG is detected through the test, the developers modify the code and re-deploy the test environment, currently, the company provides

Jenkins (VI)---Jenkins Remote deployment script

folder!"Exit1 Else Echo "Find ${war_dir} exist war package ${war_name}" # Echo "deleteing old Package ${war_name} in ${war_dir}" # RM${war_dir}/${war_name}Echo "deleteing old Package ${war_name} in ${deploy_loaction}" RM${deploy_loaction}${war_name}Echo "start Transfer ${war_name} to ${deploy_loaction}" CP${war_dir}/${war_name} ${deploy_loaction}Sleep 3 fiEcho "--------------Transfer War package to Tomcat WebApps End-------------------"#reboot TomcatEcho ">>>>>>> rebooting to

[Jenkins Combat] Several considerations for jenkins+git deployment

Author: disappearedgod article source: Time: 2015-1-28 These two days are looking at Jenkins for the purpose of using Jenkins to do the automatic compilation of GIT projects. There are some interesting blogs online: The purpose of this blog is to supplement the gaps between blogs if you are doing a program integration problem according to

About MAVEN multi-module aggregation project deployment issues-- <jenkins></jenkins>

In general, our company will have its own web site to deploy the project: After entering the URL, of course you have to have a login account 1), first you will see the index of the company's various (aggregated) projects 2), click on the project index will list the various modules of the project, mouse over the module will see the Triangle Extension button, click on the pop-up options, (be sure to note the correct branch name) This is what people often say packaging, when we pac

Build Jenkins for automated deployment

Jenkins is a very well-known CI tool, open source, free, through Jenkins we can more intelligent, rapid continuous integration, early detection of problems in the code and timely deployment up. Install Jenkins on Ubuntu Wget-q-o-

With Jenkins, why do you need a standalone deployment system?

The need for a standalone deployment system is an issue that many enterprise users often confuse in building a continuous delivery process. There are often users who ask us that there is now Jenkins, which itself provides a rich set of deployment plugins (such as WebSphere deployment plug-ins, tomcat

Jenkins+gitlab Automated compilation deployment scenario exploration and service-side compilation Webpack combat

to the test and the online environment, eliminating the hassle of manually organizing the list of files to be published, but also avoid the release of files missing. In order to improve the development process quality, scientific and friendly normative development process, we choose Gitlab as the new Code warehouse, through branch management and code review to improve development efficiency, reduce publishing errors.Two. Automating the deployment arc

k8s+jenkins+gitlab-Automating the deployment of ASP. NET Core Projects

0. Catalogue Overall architecture directory: ASP. NET core distributed project-Directory k8s Schema Catalog: Kubernetes (K8S) cluster deployment (K8S Enterprise Docker container cluster Management) series catalog This article reads the catalogue: 1. Chatting 2. Introduction to the deployment process 3. Deploy Harbor Warehouse 4, Jenkins-slave Mirror construction

Jenkins automates deployment and service restart-Beginner

Jenkinsautomate deployment and service restart-PrimaryI. DescriptionDeploying Jenkins is primarily used for Web -Interface code uploads, production service restarts. the code package in SVN is not yet covered , and it will be done together with development colleagues later. The main purpose of using Jenkins instead of scripting is to facilitate versioning and re

Netcore programming to face the unaccustomed Xshell black screen deployment, it is time to use the Jenkins Automation publishing tool

     A long time ago, net can only be deployed on windows, perhaps a lot of startup company friends release projects are human deployment, anyway, Windows is a visual interface, procrastination, switch off is not is particularly troublesome ... Now your project needs to be deployed on Linux, unfortunately there is no visual interface to you, all on the Xshell, if the Xshell on the deployment of single-digit

Distributed building and deployment of Jenkins-nodes

Distributed building and deployment of Jenkins-nodes1. What is the distributed build and deployment of Jenkins? The distributed build of Jenkins is called a node in Jenkins configuration. Distributed build allows the same set of

Jenkins + maven + SVN + Tomcat automatic deployment

is/root/.jenkins/workspace/crm/crm.adminweb/target/crm.adminweb.war. The context Path/#/represents the WebApps directory where Crm.adminWeb.war will be replaced with Root.war in Tomcat. Tomcat's information is primarily the username and password (from Tomcat-users.xml) and the address that Tomcat accesses 10086 To this Jenkins deployment aut

Jenkins + maven + SVN + Tomcat build automated, automated deployment, continuous integration environment

, the workspace directory, such as, C:\Users\Administrator\.jenkins\workspace 3.2 Configure the deployment plug-in. This step needs to go back to the management plugin in Jenkins System management. As pictured, download and install the Deploy Plugin 3.3 After rebooting Tomcat, go to the admin plugin interface to see if the plug-in is installed successfully, the

Use the Application Orchestration service one-click deployment, Continuous Integration tool--jenkins

automation. If there is no comparison there is no harm, if there is no automated continuous integration, the first contradiction point will focus on, Dev and ops, that is, one to change, one to be stable. For a service on-line release, testing, upgrade deployment is unavoidable, as OPS personnel often exist a scene is: Do not understand the business, the developer every step of the written clear Operation Guide, step by step implementation, do not a

Jenkins + Gitlab Automated Deployment

OutlineIdeas about Jenkins installation Gitlab installation Jenkins and Gitlab configuring automated deployment testing possible issues ideas to explain Gitlab->pull (Other operations) (->webhook)-Trigger (Jenkins build operation)->jenkins build->pull Specify Project---buil

The distributed construction and deployment of Jenkins--node

)    Five Summary  Because Itoo subsystems are distributed to different JBoss servers to relieve the pressure on the server, how to build the server through Jenkins, this process tries many ways, including deploying plugins using Jenkins to deploy to other servers remotely. However, there are many reasons for this, such as cargo (Itoo did not involve cargo), JBoss version of the problem (plug-ins only suppo

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