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Jenkins Docker-plugin and Kubernetes-plugin plug-in practical case

How to use Jenkins docker-plugin:Node {stage (' Clone Code ') {dir (' baas-ops ') {git credentialsid: ' Umarkci ', URL: ' [Emailprotected]******.com:umark/baas-ops.git '}} stage (' Unit testing ') { Docker.image (' BusyBox '). Inside {sh ' echo "Unit testing step!!!" ' }} stage (' Build ') {docker.image (' BusyBox '). Inside {sh ' echo Build Step!!! ' }} stage ('

Docker+jenkins+golang Continuous Integration Practice [reprint Self's blog]

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Blog Address: Cause Because production needs have recently re-toss Jenkins and Docker. The main purpose is to automatically compile, package, and deploy some Golang httpserver. So decided to use Jenkins to do this continuous integration carrier, choose

Android continuous integration with Jenkins and Docker

possible.ProvisionMy goal is to build a CI server that can run Android. For money-saving purposes, I use the local vagrant to start an Ubuntu virtual machine instead of a real server. The general idea is: Launch the Ubuntu virtual machine and install Docker on Ubuntu; Install the official Jenkins Docker image via

Android continuous integration with Jenkins and Docker, jenkinsdocker

Android continuous integration with Jenkins and Docker, jenkinsdockerAbout Docker What Docker, why do we need to toss Docker, instead of directly installing the various environments required to run appilication on the server? This problem is similar to the reason why a virtu

Preliminary Jenkins use Kubernetes Plugin to complete the continuous construction and release

, the following is installed software and version: Docker:version 17.09.0-ce Oracle virtualbox:version 5.1.20 r114 628 (Qt5.6.2) minikube:version v0.22.2 kuberctl:Client version:v1.8.1 Server version:v1.7.5 Note: The Minikube boot k8s node instance is required to run in the VM virtual machine in this machine, so the VM needs to be installed in advance, where I choose Oracle VirtualBox. K8s run the bottom of the use of Docker containers, so the machine

A docker-based Jenkins pipeline workflow.

, certifications, plugins and other files after the Jenkins run. Can be used for data recovery. Configuring Jenkins 1. Unlock Jenkins: Unlocked password can be viewed in the container's log, or directly view jenkins_home specified file Select Plugins Create pipeline below we create a pipeline of Jenkins to complete t

Jenkins Pinned Plugins (Jenkins binding plugin)

Subversion plugin will be restored during the Jenkins restart.Take Docker Commons plugin as an example, create an empty file docker-commons.jpi.pinned under $jenkins_home/plugins/and restart JENKINS. $

Use of Docker-related Jenkins plug-ins

Use of Docker-related Jenkins plug-insJenkins plug-ins related to Docker use Jenkins plug-ins related to Docker Search for Docker-related plug-ins on the Jenkins

Docker combined with Jenkins, gitlab implementation. Continuous integration practice of Netcore

, Available, Manage Jenkins, find Blue Ocean, GitLab Plugin and restart Jenkins after installation Docker Run Gitlab $sudoDocker Run--Detach--publish10443:443--publish8098: the--publish10022: A --name Gitlab--Restart always--network docker-Net--Envgitlab_om

Cloud computing Docker full project Combat (maven+jenkins, log management elk, wordpress blog image)

method actual Combat Elk Log Management schemeDocker NetworkFamiliar with Docker-supported network patterns familiar with the features of various modelsDocker communication across hostsOverlay's explanation of the actual combat Docker overlay network for cross-host communicationDocker ComposeDocker-compose explains the actual combat

. netcore MVC Docker Environment Jenkins One-click Deployment (DEVOPS)

ObjectiveDevOps articles are very early to share, squeeze a little time to build some of the previous time to improve the development of the efficiency of things to share with you.This article describes a. Netcore MVC Web project, starting from project push to GitHub Automatically pull the replacement code from GitHub Compile, build, publish Stop the Docker container and remove the Docker i

Build Springboot services based on K8s, Docker, and Jenkins

Jenkins + GitHub + docker + k8s + springboot本文介绍基于k8s、dockerjenkins、springboot构建docker服务。Environment preparationserver-1 k8s-master Centos7 ip地址10.12.5.110server-2 k8s-node Centos7 ip地址10.12.5.115Two services execute the following command$ setenforce 0$ systemctl stop fi

Use Jenkins from scratch to build a Docker container (Ubuntu 14.04)

# sudoinstall Jenkins 2. Login to http://IP:8080, enter Jenkins, in Http://IP: 8080/pluginmanager/available Install some necessary plugins for SCM Sync Configuration Plugin, GitHub Plugin, git Plugin, git client Plugin, resta

Pits using the Jenkins Docker container

1. When using MAVEN, the project first adds the auto-install MAVEN to the global Tool configuration and then adds the Maven top-level MAVEN targets in the project's build The Maven ID you just added is selected in version, otherwise the following error is reported:Fatal:command Execution Run program ' MVN ' (in directory/var/jenkins_home/workspace/ Jettydocker "): error=2, No such file or Directoryat Java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start ( at Hu

Jenkins builds Docker images to upload to harbor and publishes to Kubernetes

Wrote an article about Jenkins integrated Docker very early, using the cloudbees Docker Build and Publish plugin plugin. This article is done directly with the shell script, mainly this time there is a need to detect whether the harbor warehouse is already existing to build

ASP. NET Core + Docker +jenkins for continuous integration

1. Create a new ASP. NET Core MVC application:2. Upload it to git:3. Create a Jenkins task(1) Select "New Task", enter the task name, select "Free Style project", then click OK:(2) Select "Source Code Control" to fill in our Git addressEnter H/2 * * * * settings two minutes to pull once(3) Build environmentCheck the Delete workspace before build start delete workspace before setting up the buildThe tick Abort the build if it‘s stuck is to set the time

Jenkins Building Docker containers

First, the processSvn-->jenkins-->build Image-->run ContainerSecond, step1. Install JenkinsDownload the Jenkins installation package (Jenkins.war) and deploy to Tomcat.2. Initial ConfigurationInitialize the configuration follow the recommendations to install the necessary plug-ins, maven students need to install Maven Integration plugin, not required here. 3, bu

Jenkins plugin Hyper Slaves Source analysis

: A slave that's designed to being used only once, for A specific,and as such have A life cycle to fully MA Tch the Run ' s oneProvisioning such a slave should be a lightweight process, so one can provision them at any time and concurrently to match Hudson.model.Queue load.Typically usage is Docker container based Jenkins agentsActual launch of the Slave is postponed until a Run are created

Docker Volume Plugin Development and Golang implementation

Original address: Pre-project requirements, the need to make reasonable use of the host storage, the use of the host deployment agent, the way to achieve the allocation of Docker data volume based on LVM, with the development of the project to integrate Docker compose to complete the application of automatic orchestration, need in the

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