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Use Jenkins from scratch to build a Docker container (Ubuntu 14.04)

# sudoinstall Jenkins 2. Login to http://IP:8080, enter Jenkins, in Http://IP: 8080/pluginmanager/available Install some necessary plugins for SCM Sync Configuration Plugin, GitHub Plugin, git Plugin, git client Plugin, restart Jenkins at the end of installation.3. Re-login to http://IP:8080, enter Jenkins and cre

Pits using the Jenkins Docker container

1. When using MAVEN, the project first adds the auto-install MAVEN to the global Tool configuration and then adds the Maven top-level MAVEN targets in the project's build The Maven ID you just added is selected in version, otherwise the following error is reported:Fatal:command Execution Run program ' MVN ' (in directory/var/jenkins_home/workspace/ Jettydocker "): error=2, No such file or Directoryat Java.lang.ProcessBuilder.start ( at Hu

Android continuous integration with Jenkins and Docker

successfully installed, vagrant init ubuntu/trusty64 can help you quickly install a Ubuntu14.04 virtual machine, the first installation will be slightly slower, because vagrant will help you generate vagrantfile files, and download the image.Do not start immediately after the Vagrantfile is generated because we want to access vagrant through localhost and then access the Docker through vagrant. Since Jenkins

Run Docker practices in Jenkins (Docker)

Follow the practice of running Docker ( in Jenkins (Docker).With this article, you can quickly learn how to load Docker sock in a container (here is the Jenkins

Android continuous integration with Jenkins and Docker, jenkinsdocker

access Docker through Vagrant. Because Jenkins uses port 8080 by default, if Vagrant's port 8080 can be forwarded to Jenkins in Docker Container. Localhost: 8080 can be forwarded to port 8080 of Vagrant Ubuntu, and then port 8080 of Vagrant can be forwarded to port 8080 of

A docker-based Jenkins pipeline workflow.

output is the mirror, so the continuous deployment, we only need to run the mirror, or take advantage of the third-party container management platform provided by the API for deployment. Local deployment applies To Docker: local deployment to Docker containers can use Jenkins's Docker plug-in, as described below.

Run the Jenkins service using the Jenkins docker Image

Requirement Use docker technology to manage Jenkins servers. This avoids repeated installation for multiple deployments and facilitates migration to new servers. Jenkins docker Image Https:// Official Jenkins

Docker combined with Jenkins, gitlab implementation. Continuous integration practice of Netcore

The goal of this paper is to implement ASP NET core-based practicesOperating Environment Cent OS 7 VS Code . NET Core Cmder Run Docker, set up the Docker image Accelerator, or the internal download image will be slow. To learn how to get started with Docker, you can refer to Docker e

Use of Docker-related Jenkins plug-ins

CloudBees Docker Build and Publish plugin.Docker build step plugin use to set the Docker URL System Management → system settings → Docker Builder, set the Docker URL and test the connection. In the build area of the Jenkins JOB, add the build step → Execute

Docker+jenkins+golang Continuous Integration Practice [reprint Self's blog]

is also an official sample configuration. Note: Mount the host's/home/worker/jenkins/jenkins_home as the container's/var/jenkins_home directory. The purpose of this is to avoid the loss of Jenkins data if the container is accidentally deleted. Here, we just need to execute the docker-compose up -d

Cloud computing Docker full project Combat (maven+jenkins, log management elk, wordpress blog image)

development, testing, and operational dimensions. Good at using Docker to build the entire DevOps Automation platform. Love the research Dockerfile, and the technology around Docker, CoreOS in-depth study.Getting started with DockerDocker introduction to Docker's advantages and what can be solved by Docker component compositionDockerfileDockerfile Concept docker

. netcore MVC Docker Environment Jenkins One-click Deployment (DEVOPS)

ObjectiveDevOps articles are very early to share, squeeze a little time to build some of the previous time to improve the development of the efficiency of things to share with you.This article describes a. Netcore MVC Web project, starting from project push to GitHub Automatically pull the replacement code from GitHub Compile, build, publish Stop the Docker container and remove the

Docker Installation Jenkins

Installation Environment Operating system centos7.3 Installing Docker, installation and configuration see Docker Docker Introduction and installation Configuration jenkins Download Jenkins Command: sudo docker pull

Docker from the container inside the file to host or from host to copy files to Docker container __docker

1, from the container inside copy files to host. Answer: Execute the following command in the host Docker CP container name: The path of the file to be copied inside the container to be copied to the appropriate path of the host Example: Assuming that the container is name

Docker Container Chinese garbled (Modify Docker container encoding format) solution _docker

After the front upload files to the server, the server returned to the foreground of the file list in Chinese garbled, all the Chinese file name into? , the English file name is displayed normally. The problem is positioned to find that the Multipartfile class of the background code has this exception when executing the Transterto method, but Multipartresolver and encodingfilter in the configuration file set are already UTF-8. Excludes code exceptions. KUBECTL exec enters into the

Backup and reuse of Jenkins Docker containers

Jenkins configuration file Backup:Docker CP Focused_bhaskara:/var/jekins_home./jenkins_homeWhere Focused_bhaskara is the name of the currently running Jenkins container and is available through Docker PS viewing names.Docker create-v/var/jenkins_home--name JENKINS-DVMake the

Simple project Deployment for Jenkins+docker

How to use Docker to implement the release of new projects, typically in two ways, take a web container as an example:1: Customize a generic web container image, in logical volume-V mode, associate the WebApp directory to the host, and each time a new version is released, you only need to update the project package for the associated directory on the host (for ex

Docker container data management and operation tutorial, docker container Data Management

Docker container data management and operation tutorial, docker container Data Management Docker data volumes What is a data volume? Features of data volumes Relationship between data volumes and containers Add volumes for containers Add permissions for data vo

Jenkins+docker Build continuous integrated test environment

then launches it to complete deployment (like opening a container). For more detailed information about Docker please refer to the official website documentation. Current difficulties encountered by Jenkins With the popularity of agile development, automated testing becomes a must for every project. A project that has been developed over many years has a stagg

Install vim In the docker container, and install vim In the docker container

Install vim In the docker container, and install vim In the docker container When using docker containers, sometimes vim is not installed. When you press the vim command, the system prompts vim: command not found. At this time, you need to install vim, however, when you pre

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