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Jenkins + maven + git + sonar system continuous integration & amp; Code single test management, jenkinsmaven

Jenkins + maven + git + sonar system continuous integration code Test Management, jenkinsmavenJenkins + maven + git + sonar system continuous integration code Test ManagementInstall JenkinsJenkins is a Java-based continuous inte

Jenkins + maven + git + sonar system continuous integration & amp; Code single test management

Jenkins + maven + git + sonar system continuous integration amp; Code single test managementJenkins + maven + git + sonar system continuous integration code Test ManagementInstall JenkinsJenkins is a Java-based continuous integration tool used to monitor continuous repetit

Jenkins+maven+git+sonar System Continuous Integration & Code single-Measurement management

jenkins+maven+git+sonar system Continuous Integration Code single-Measurement managementInstallation of Jenkins Jenkins is a continuous integration tool based on Java development that monitors ongoing duplication of work, including: 1. Continuous software release/test proje

Git Management of App development process source code and git Management of app process source code

Git Management of App development process source code and git Management of app process source code The base project can be compiled and run

Jenkins obtains the source code on git.

Jenkins may encounter three situations when obtaining the source code on git. Here we will introduce them separately: 1. Get public projects on git You only need to configure the repository URL. How to Use git to obtain the

Jenkins Continuous integration platform built to commit code via GIT

, in the project configuration, you can see, as follows:650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_3285272904.png "title=" 15.png "alt=" Wkiol1dnplar_utpaabvuukkzqq413.png-wh_50 "/>In this way, there are 4 ways to manage the source code!5. View Jenkins ' global Tool Configuration"Syst

[SCM] source code management-Git

From: /? P = 2129 + /? P = 2115 Reference: A description of git data migration is very clear and helpful for understanding git commands. the forwarding and sharing are here: 1Git is definitely a non-central distributed version control system at the

Source code git management for the app development process

The base project can already be compiled and run, just without the actual functionality. Before we continue to refine the base project, we need to consider the code management thing.Whether it is a person development or a team development, the source code version management

Git source code management tool learning notes

No.1 (very good) progit.orgNo.2 No. 3Http:// No. 4Http:// WORD = git SE = 360se_8_dg Ie = UTF-8

Jenkins Configure source Control git

First, install up JenkinsDownload and install the Jenkins git plugin: git pluginCreate a new Jenkins project and choose to build a free-style software project:Source management Select Git,repository URL to fill in the

Build a git server for source code management

Git, which has been used for a period of time before, feels great. Therefore, we plan to use it for Development Asset Management in future official projects.The installation and configuration process is as follows: Step 1: select a type. Git server construction methods: 1. It is easy to configure Based on git daemon, b

Jenkins integrates with the. NET platform to monitor the GIT repository and automatically extracts the latest code compilation

In the previous chapters we explained the Jenkins combined with. NET platform tools and some third-party tools for automatic Project Restoration, automatic compilation, automated testing, and automatic publishing. However, there is a key step in automating the process of listening to the source repository changes and pulling up the latest code from the repository

The problem of using Git plugin to access the HTTPS code base in Jenkins

A recent need to configure a JOB,SCM source on Jenkins is HTTP// using Jenkins's Git plugin to do this thing.The resulting error is as follows:Hudson.plugins.git.GitException:Failed to fetch from Https:// at HUDs On.plugins.git.GitSCM.fetchFrom ( at

Jenkins configuration from Git pull code

Jenkins to pull code from git, the GIT server is now based on TFS, unlike ever before. 1. First determine repository URL how to write is the canonical 2. Set up Creentials, that is, login git server user and password 3. SSH Key Manage

"Instruct" iOS code static check--clang format (+ git pre-commit hook + jenkins)

The clang format plug-in can be installed in the Xcode IDE to format the iOS code. But someone will always forget, so plus git client pre-commit hook one for the stay, after the execution of git commit command check, check after the normal completion of a commit: But some people are too lazy to even hook are not worthy, so plus

Jenkins specify the source code on the Gitlab, the prompt does not have permission

This article is used to record the problems encountered when Jenkins integration; Reference documentation 1: Problem Description: Jenkins specify the source code on Gitlab, the prompt does not have permission Problem reason: You need to use the

Code management and building system based on Jenkins and Koji

by making few changes to configure files.Challenges In powerkvm development, we have to ship all the significant bug fixes frequently, usually a couple days. all the fix patches of qemu, libvirt, Linux, kimchi will be sent to a certain mailing list. after the code cut-off day, we download all the patches from the mailing list and manually apply them to different git repositories accordingly. then copy all

Kingsoft Fast Disk Git server, fast disk + git GUI implementation code version management

Git, this goods can be called artifact, use it will no longer want to use other VCs, like on the high-speed do not want to go the same road. The power of Git is that you can create warehouses in any shared path within your LAN without having to run any services. All operations are local based. This is not difficult to understand can be directly in the fast disk. Generally, larger companies have their own

Integrated open-source systems for automated building, code quality assessment, and project information statistics (1) -- install Jenkins

Author: alonesword Contact: Http:// (This article is published in the blog and csdn at the same time. If you need to reprint it, keep its author as its source) Jenkins is developed in Java and requires support from JRE (JDK). (Note: I still don't know the difference between JRE and JDK >_ (1) Preparations Check that the

Recently, Git @ OSC code hosting is used to share a class written in php to obtain git repository information-PHP source code

Recently, Git @ OSC code hosting is used to share a git repository written in php that obtains Git repository information. It uses the Git client to query the database to obtain some types of statistics. Currently, it can obtain the hash of all submitted branches, the hash

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