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[Original] Jira homepage List add expiration time

JIRA homepage List add expiration time Call Sequence of related files:Atlassian-Jira \ WEB-INF \ Classes \ com \ Atlassian \ Jira \ plugin \ jirapluginmanager. ClassAtlassian-Jira \ WEB-INF \ Classes \ system-portlets-plugin.xmlAtlassian-

Construction of software project development environment Five: Confluence, Jira, BitBucket Unified account Management

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The construction of software project development environment Five: Confluence, Jira, BitBucket Unified Account Management _ Project Management

In multiple systems, the ability to log in multiple systems with an account and to have role grants (so-called single sign-on) is undoubtedly the most popular, and the Atlassian software family can integrate users of each system in a variety of ways: 1, through the unified use of external database unified user management. 2, through the LDAP server for unified user management. 3, through the Microsoft Activity Directory Unified User Management. 4, through the

Issue record for ubuntu16.04 add Windows fonts (fix Jira chart garbled problem)

Recently encountered Jira in the new Ubuntu machine table in Chinese does not correctly display the problem, the solution is to install Chinese fonts for Ubuntu, we choose to copy the fonts on the Windows to Ubuntu installation method, the steps are as follows: Copy the fonts that need to be installed from Windows (copy the C:\windows\Fonts folder) onto Linux, assuming the directory on the server is named/home/usrname/download/fonts 2. I

JIRA Add-on Installation

Preparation1. JIRA Server2. Downloaded jar file of the add-onInstallation1. Go to Setting, add-ons, ATLASSIAN MARKETPLACE, Manage add-ons2. Click "Upload Add-on"3. Choose and upload the add-on on local computer or from URL4. If Th

JavaScript jQuery-9 jquery Development plugin (Add new global function, add JQuery object method, add new shorthand method, method parameter)

;Customizable default values-by setting reasonable parameter values for the method parameters, you can significantly improve the user experience of using the plug-in, but depending on the consumer, it may be difficult to determine the default value, you can customize the default value to reduce the number of code to write-the so-called custom default is to remove the default value code from the method and place it outside the method650) this.width=650; "src=" Http://s4.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/7E/74

iOS development: Add multiple buttons to the navigation bar and add logos to the left

Add multiple buttons, and you can add just oneUibarbuttonitem *anotherbutton = [[Uibarbuttonitem alloc] initwithtitle:nslocalizedstring (@ "register", nil) style: Uibarbuttonitemstyleplain target:self Action: @selector (Registerclick:)]; Uibarbuttonitem *anotherbutton2 = [[Uibarbuttonitem alloc] initwithtitle:nslocalizedstring (@ "login", nil) style: Uibarbuttonitemstyleplain target:self Action:

Revit Secondary Development Foundation-add external tool options to the additional module, and revit Secondary Development

Revit Secondary Development Foundation-add external tool options to the additional module, and revit Secondary Development Those who want to participate in secondary development with Revit may have such a situation. When we open our revit (version 2014 or later), click Add m

Add an index to the table view of IOS development, and create a View index for ios development

Add an index to the table view of IOS development, and create a View index for ios development The effect we want to achieve is as follows. # Import @ Interface IkrboyViewController5: UIViewController { NSMutableDictionary * dict; } @ End #import 2. Add the following changes in ControlView. m:Cpp Code -(Void) view

Sogou speech cloud development portal-easily add speech recognition on the Mobile End and cloud Development Speech Recognition

Sogou speech cloud development portal-easily add speech recognition on the Mobile End and cloud Development Speech Recognition1 Overview Based on self-developed and industry-leading voice technology, sogou voice cloud strives to provide developers with the best voice service. Developers only need to integrate voice cloud controls in a simple manner, you can call

JBuilder7 + Weblogic7 + configure EJB for mysql development (add BMP and CMP development instances )[

Jbuilder7+weblogic7+mysql Development EJB Configuration Configuration jb+wls can be said to be a nightmare, online search all the posts can be found, there are only three or four quality, you can say that these several Post in some aspects of the writing is really good, I also rely on their help, after a few days of hard groping to completely successfully integrated the JB7+WLS7 to and MySQL database to develop EJB. But these posts are the previous jb

Embedded Linux Driver Development Add a temperature sensor module to your Linux system

Busy a few days, finally can let Ds18b20 in their own Development Board Linux system ran! Although Ds18b20 is not a new thing, but think of a confidant can add modules to the Linux system or a little chicken cold!Although the hardware resources are very rich and a lot of surplus, you can use software resources to replace hardware resources, such as video codec software can replace the hardware to work. But

Visual Studio 2008 Scalability Development (ii): A preliminary study of macro and add-in

Objective In the VS overview, we briefly review the history of vs. This article will illustrate the development of macro and add-in with two simple examples. By macro us to record some of the duplicates in VS, we can run them multiple times to save time and maintain a good mood; through add-in, we can add new function

In Android development, add Textwatcher to EditText controls to implement restrictions on input words (recommended) _android

This function is due to the development of the project, because the background interface some parameters of the value of the length of the request, can not exceed the number of characters, so the edit box to enter the characters are limited. Here is a look at the demo implementation process: First, you place a EditText control in the XML control, and then initialize the control and add text listening to t

[Add to favorites] 12 rules for successful software development -- Joel Spolsky

a detailed instruction for software development?8. Do your programmers work in a quiet environment?9. Do you use the best tools available in the market?10. Do you have a full-time software tester?11. Do you want to write a program during the interview?12. Do you need to try out your software by anyone? The "Joel rules of measurement" is good. You only need to answer the above questions one by one, and then calculate the question "yes" as one point. T

Three different development models for extending Office software features –office add-in model, VBA and VSTO

, because this approach has its unique advantages. Below, we introduce each of the three development models of the pros and cons, so that we know when appropriate choice of what kind of solution.Office add-in Model"Deployment Diversification" using the extended functionality developed in this way, called Office add-in, Microsoft provides a unified publishing stor

ESP8266 Introduction to the Alios-things Development Guide (ii) ESP8266 open CLI function and add CLI function __ function

Only { . Name = ' Test_wifi_hal ', . Help = "Test_wifi_hal [Start|scan|scan_adv|monitor [mngt]|80211send| Get_mac|ip_info|all] ", . function = Handle_test_wifi_cmd } #endif }; After saving, execute the following instructions in the Docker compilation environment AOS make netmgrapp@esp8266 Burn the generated Netmgrapp@esp8266-0x1000.bin files to the Development Board. 3, the use of serial tools to run CLI command Send

How to add a suspension button on TableView in Android development _android

-(void) Scrollviewdidscroll: (Uiscrollview *) scrollview{ if (Scrollview.contentoffset.y > Self.offsety Scrollview.contentoffset.y > 0) {//Up slide //button disappears [UIView TransitionWithView:self.bottomButton duration:0.1 options:uiviewanimationoptiontransitionnone animations:^{ self.bottomButton.frame = CGRectMake ( KSCREENW-80, kScreenH-65); Completion:null]; } else if (Scrollview.contentoffset.y The above is a small set to introduce the Android

Database Development Foundation-SQL Server Control database service + database creation and management (add and revise)

Services that control the database:Method One:1. Windows+r Open cmd Open run2. Input net start MSSQLserver start database serviceEnter net stop MSSQLserver to shut down the database serviceEnter net pause MSSQLserver to pause the database serviceInput net continue MSSQLserver continue database serviceDatabase creation and management (add and revise):Open SQL Server 2008Method Two:1. Open Control Panel → management tools → services2. Right-click to sel

17: Bing map Silverlight control development: Add polygon and line

anything about Virtual Earth development before, I tried to describe it simpler. From the common sense, each polygon should have some basic attributes, such as fill color, border, transparency, and so on. Similarly, we need to define these attributes when initializing a polygon instance. Fill-How to fill a polygon? It is a brush object. Stroke-What is the border of a polygon? It is also a brush object. Strokethickness-Border width, double precisi

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