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Take a look at the product lines for foreign saas, such as salesforce, NetSuite and zendesk, and more (salesforce buys $750 million for cloud computing word processing Applications Quip)

To see what they do, I do what I do ~ even better than they do.------------------------------------------------------------Sina Science and technology Beijing time August 3 afternoon news, The U.S. cloud computing CRM software provider Salesforce is still a big acquisition to expand the category of cloud computing applications and services, the company has just announced the acquisition of cloud computing word processing application Quip.The deal is m

Jira Notes-A simple application of jira in work

Companies use Jira to distribute tasks, and each jira is equivalent to a task. Can be sent by the team leader (assign) a jira to you, you can also find Jira to do. Because the company is a foreign enterprise, the use of products are in English, so just start contact with Jira

Subversion-jira-plugin realizes integration of Jira and subversion

After the subversion and Jira were installed, the two items were not connected and felt a little regret, so they found a subversion-jira-plugin to implement the integration of Jira and subversion 1. Before downloading Subversion-jira-plugin, we have to look at the version corresponding Version

JIRA official: Jira defects and Transaction Tracking

Fast tracking of Software defectsJIRA's website page enables testers to quickly report, manage, and track defects. Using Keyboard Shortcuts can easily navigate and modify problems. You can also access Jira directly from the IDE or through various other desktop clients, mobile clients, browser plug-ins, etc. Your personal panelYou can configure your personal panel to display the issues assigned to me, View recent activities, or

Call Jira REST API for Jira statistics automation

Statistical automation is performed by invoking the Jira Rest Web API, which starts with a login simulation:$content= @{username= ' user name ';p assword=' Password '}$JSON=$content|convertto-json-Compress$res= Invoke-webrequest-uri"Http://jira Address/rest/auth/1/session"-method Post-body$JSON-contenttype application/JSON$webClient= new-Object Net.webclient#Set encoding style here.$webClient. Encoding=[sys

JIRA official: Jira source code Integration

Label: style http I/O for Ar problem code Git after FirewallUse Atlassian stash to create and manage git repositories, set fine-grained permissions, and collaborate on code. All of this-secure, fast, reliable, and more importantly, can be deployed behind the firewall. The Jira question keyword automatically associates the Jira question with your source code. Supports one-click browsing of

Install the Jira plugin in Eclipse, set Jira

Installing Jira 1. Open Eclipse, open ' help ', ' Install New software '. 2. Click Add3. Enter Address: http://update.atlassian.com/atlassian-eclipse-plugin/e3.6 4. You can see the plugins that can be installed in ' Available software '. 5. Select the desired, click Next to install. 6. Restart Eclipse Set Jira 1, choose Windows->show view->other2. Select "Task repositories" click OK3. Display the task rep

JIRA Official Website: What are the highlights of Jira?

Simple operationSimplicity does not mean sacrificing functionality at the cost. JIRA provides a friendly and intuitive configurable web interface and supports a large number of shortcut keys. Tracking any transactionsTracking problems, tasks, requirements, and Software defects. Define your own transaction type to make it more compatible with team work. Software lifecycle managementJIRA is the core of Atlassian p

JIRA graphics plug-in Jira charting plugin is recommended.

After JIRA is installed, you can create several tasks and view them several times using filters. This is not intuitive. Therefore, you can find a graphical plug-in on the Jira website. See the following link for details: http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/plugins/charting.jspUse and Installation Copy the plug-in jar to

Getting Started with SalesForce

Salesforce.com started out as a cloud-ready sales Automation (Sale Force Automation, SFA) and CRM tool (Customer relationship Management, CRM), But after so many years of evolution, it has become a common platform to build any enterprise application. The name Salesforce is a legacy of history, although the Salesforce1 platform still offers SFA and CRM applications, but it is a fundamental platform for building modern enterprise systems.Prices and Feat

JIRA official: Jira Report and Analysis

Important access problemsThe built-in filters in the Jira system allow you to quickly access the most important issues. By saving and adding custom filters to your favorites, you can learn the priority of your project and team at any time. Team SyncCreate a filter to save any of your search criteria. By using the share filter, each team member can understand what is most important and work based on the same task list.

[JIRA] The latest Linux version jira6.3.6 is used to install Chinese-based cracking and data migration.

[JIRA] The latest Linux version jira6.3.6 is used to install Chinese-based cracking and data migration. Preface: JIRA is an excellent problem tracking management software tool developed by Atlassian, Australia. It can track and manage various types of problems, including defects, tasks, requirements, and improvements. JIRA adopts J2EE technology and can be deploy

Web server services for Java development through the SOAP API and the metadata API in Salesforce

1. Download the WSDL file in the Salesforce platformOnce we have created the objects that we need to use in Salesforce, we want to read and write records to objects in other applications, the first thing we need is the permission of our Salesforce platform. Log in to your salesforce and download the WSDL file.In the to

Inter pinch, Salesforce calls for EU investigation into Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn deals

In Thursday, Salesforce called on EU regulators to conduct a full investigation into Microsoft's deal to buy LinkedIn for $26 billion, foreign media reported. Microsoft is expected to seek EU antitrust approvals for the deal in the next few weeks. It's the biggest deal in Microsoft's history.650) this.width=650; "alt=" mutual pinch, salesforce calls on the EU to investigate Microsoft's acquisition of the Li

[JIRA] Latest Linux version jira6.3.6 install Chinese hack and data migration

Preface:JIRA is an excellent problem-tracking management software tool developed by the Australian Atlassian Company to track and manage various types of issues, including defects, tasks, requirements, improvements, and more. Jira uses the Java EE technology to deploy across platforms. It is being used by a wide range of open source software organizations, as well as world-renowned companies.Jira products are very complete and powerful, simple install

"Cloud Alert", "Salesforce Cloud Services" Makeover ", and will launch a new financial services cloud"

2015-08-27 Zhang Xiaodong Oriental Cloud InsightClick on the link text above to quickly follow the "East Cloud Insights" public numberSalesforce.com 's appearance and interface are about to be greatly upgraded, and the new interface is a big change for the user's original usage habits. Salesforce Senior vice President Moxley introduction says: salesforce has designed a new user interface that we call " l

Read and update XML files in the static resource of salesforce

I haven't been in the garden for a long time. One is busy with work, but some trivial matters in my life make me unable to "idle". Recently I have just finished some projects, and I have been idle for some time, when I visited the garden, I suddenly had the urge to write a blog. I have been working for four years since I was just working. I have been working on development and system integration based on the salesforce platform. There have been some "

How to integrate wordpress with Salesforce

How can we better use wordpress sites and CRM (Customer Management )? One of the best options is to use Salesforce, but the two did not have a better combination in the past. What is Salesforce? The world's leader in On-Demand CRM solutions offers unparalleled customer success rates. For more information, see Baidu encyclopedia http://baike.baidu.com/view/1455163.htm. This article will show you how to integ

Salesforce empties the database with truncate

Tags: field HTTPS NIS logical counter Loader user Reference profileIf you want to quickly empty the table in MySQL, you can use the truncate command.Truncate is able to quickly and easily erase data without any differences. The syntax for using truncate in MySQL isTRUNCATE table [table Name]; The Truncate feature is also available in Salesforce. However, just providing a button does not provide any code and the way the API calls truncate.So the right

How to create a Web service in Salesforce for external system calls

Web service can be created in Salesforce for external system calls, and the calling interface can be provided externally as soap or rest, followed by a detailed description of how to create a Web in soap Service and make a simple call with a asp.net program. 1): Create the following class in Salesforce "NOTE: If you want to make it a Web service, then class must be defined as global, with the specific met

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