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Defect tracking Tool JIRA and team collaboration with project management tools Conflunce

, build and publish good products, and thousands of teams around the world choose Jira, capture with Jira, organize defects, assign tasks, and track team activities.Advantage:JIRA Service Desk provides your customers with a simple and intuitive user experience with powerful SLA support, custom service queues, automated request management, and real-time reporting, which are powerful tools that more than 10,0

Jira open time tracking and log work logs for problems-defect management tools

In the upgraded version of Jira (4.2or4.3), we can use it to record the function of the work log. Studied for a long time, that is, can not find the initial estimate of where the time is set, but the remaining work time and time to fill. According to the official website's help document also did not find the suitable solution. The following is a detailed set of methods recorded below to facilitate future inquiries. 1. Open Time

Comparative Analysis Report of defect management tools Jira and TD

Comparative Analysis Report of defect management tools Jira and TD I. Preface Conduct a survey and trial of Jira tools, and conduct a detailed comparison and analysis with TD. The details are as follows. II. Introduction 1. Introduction to Jira JIRA is a commercial software

JIRA official: Jira defects and Transaction Tracking

Fast tracking of Software defectsJIRA's website page enables testers to quickly report, manage, and track defects. Using Keyboard Shortcuts can easily navigate and modify problems. You can also access Jira directly from the IDE or through various other desktop clients, mobile clients, browser plug-ins, etc. Your personal panelYou can configure your personal panel to display the issue

Use JIRA to build an enterprise issue tracking system. PART1)

JIRA is a good business problem tracking tool developed by Atlassian, Australia. It can track and manage various types of problems, including defects, demand changes, and review records. When I selected the defect tracking tool, I tried JIRA for a while and I personally felt

Build an enterprise issue tracking system using JIRA. PART5)

editing page, enter the expected resolution date, estimated workload, and modify the assignment person. You can also modify other attributes of a defect when assigning a defect. 2.You can use the "allocate" button for quick allocation only for the second allocation (when you do not need to enter the expected workload. 3.If you need to copy a defect to someone, u

Linux Project and Transaction tracking tool Jira set up the detailed installation of Chinese

the official verification code is using a Google authentication code system, need to access Google services, otherwise unable to brush out the verification code. Cracked part of my side for the time being not written. The last is the mail configuration, mail configuration Jira program for testing the message is more user-friendly, you can see in the test Message page sent after the status of the message. You need to check the settings section of the

Defect Tracking Management

Defect tracking management is an important part of the testing work, the purpose of testing is to identify defects in software systems early, so it is an important part of the testing work to track and manage defects and ensure that every defect found is processed in time. 1. The target of defect

Use JIRA to build an enterprise issue tracking system. PART4)

defect distributorDefect registrantAll owners of this defect The procedure is as follows: 1)Select "manage"-"Schemes"-"Notification Schemes" to go to the "Notification Schemes" page. 2)Copy the Default Notification Scheme and change it to the appropriate name (do not modify it in the Default permission Scheme) 3)Follow the instructions above to set the parameters.4.6 Set the interface design scheme

[Original] how to install Jira problem tracking and software management tools in Windows

[Original] how to install Jira problem tracking and software management tools in Windows I What isJIRA? JIRA is an outstanding problem developed by Atlassian in Australia (or bugs, task, Improvement, new feature) tracks and manages software tools to track and manage various types of problems, including defects, tasks, requirements, and improvements.

Description of use of the defect tracking system bugtracker. Net (Extended metaweblog API)

During the development of a calendar project, there will be modification and maintenance requirements from Different developers and testers. When there are few project members, the defect management is usually handled by email and excel, however, if there are more than one person, it will appear chaotic and have no clue. To this end, we have introduced the defect tracki

Readmine Project management and defect tracking tools

Official website:http://www.redmine.org/Demo Address:http://demo.redmine.org/:http://www.redmine.org/projects/redmine/wiki/DownloadArticle Source: http://www.OSphp.com.cnProgram Description:Multi-Project SupportFlexible role-based access controlFlexible problem-Tracking system //osphp.com.cnGantt Chart and CalendarNews, documentation, and file managementFeeds and email notificationsWiki attached to a projectProject ForumSimple real-time

Visual defect tracking Management with Leangoo Kanban

Kanban boardsIf a product or project is large in size and different modules or subsystems are owned by different teams, a defect kanban can be created for each team. In addition, you can set up cycles for kanban, such as a monthly cycle, regularly analyze defect causes and distributions, and speed of team defect processing.2) Classification by tagsIn Leangoo, we

Integrate SVN source code management and mantis defect tracking

ArticleSource Address:Http://www.cppblog.com/cloud/archive/2008/09/11/61606.aspx To integrate mantis and Svn, several tools are required:SVN client, tortoisesvn,: http://tortoisesvn.net/SVN server, this should all be available.Mantis defect tracking system http://www.mantisbt.org/ First, set the project attributes in tortoisesvn, right-click the directory, and add these attributes to the Subversion c

Two classic analysis models for defect tracking

The process of defect tracking is an extremely important process in software engineering. This article describes how to use two classic analysis models to control the process of defect tracking. These two models are called "Active bug Trend Map", "Bug Open Close Diagram".In addition, the article also mentions two conce

Dream defect Tracking System Version 2.0 Beta

Provides various official and user-released code examples and code reference. You are welcome to exchange and learn about the Dream defect tracking system. 2.0 is a fast solution for project bugs jointly launched by mengying Technology in the Ninth Five-Year Plan, it is a lightweight project management system that allows engineers to know and solve problems as quickly as possible with the project BUG. This

Java Development in Linux environment (vi): Software defect tracking using Bugzilla

Software defect tracking is an important step in the development of a project, especially in projects where multiple people collaborate. When there is a bug in the project, we can submit it to the bug tracking system, specify the programmer to modify the modification or the programmer to claim the task, and can track the status of the bug and so on. If, in other

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