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Use JIRA to build an enterprise issue tracking system. PART1)

problems (such as defects, new features, demand changes, and QA audits) presented during the project process is an important task of project management, but few teams can do well. Although JIRA is a problem tracking system, it can become a project management software after a slight transformation. It is an application system for problem tracking and Project Mana

Build an enterprise issue tracking system using JIRA. PART5)

4.7 Interface 1.Configure overall attributes Set the default language, Title, and other information on the interface. The procedure is as follows: 1)Select "manage"-"Global Settings"-"General Configuration" to go to the "Settings" page. 2)Click the "Edit Configuration" link and modify the settings as follows on the page. 2.Configure external interface properties4.8 Others 1.Modify timeout settings Modify atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/web. xml 60 Change t

(Practice) Observe updates to the system information dashboard in Liferay System Management

Introduction: Sometimes we often encounter the server paralysis after Liferay runs for a period of time. In this case, we hope to log on to the Liferay Control Panel as an administrator (Dockbar-> Control Panel-> Server-> Service AdministrationAnd then call some operations in real time, such as garbage collection. Then, we can see the updated server memory or other situations from the dashboard. What kind of secrets are hidden? For example, how to rec

[Jira] IDE Remote connection things management system error

Today my IDE Association Jira suddenly unable to connect the Jira thing management system, Ash is often not used. Baidu did not find the answer.Open Google again to find it again, sure enough. Got it. (There was a problem with the PN and it was a bad morning.) Heart plug)Under the groove, these two really can't compare. Also can develop their own English reading

Puppet Reporting System dashboard and Puppet+nginx

_client_s_dn;passenger_set_headerx_client_ verify $ssl _client_verify;sslon;ssl_session_ Timeout5m;ssl_certificate/var/lib/puppet/ssl/certs/server1.example.com.pem ;ssl_certificate_key/var/lib/puppet/ssl/private_keys/server1.example.com.pem; ssl_client_certificate/var/lib/puppet/ssl/ca/ca_crt.pem; ssl_crl/var/lib/puppet/ssl/ca/ca_crl.pem;ssl_verify_clientoptional; ssl_cipherssslv2:-low:-export:rc4+rsa;ssl_prefer_server_cipherson; ssl_verify_depth1;ssl_session_cacheshared:ssl:128m ; }mkdir/etc/p

Use JIRA to build an enterprise issue tracking system. PART4)

4.4 User Group and permission Control User Group Description Permission Administrators Manage projects, people, defects, and administrators in JIRA Administer ProjectsModify ReporterDelete IssuesManage Watcher List Assigners Modify and allocate Defects Edit IssuesSchedule IssuesAssign Issues Developers Handle defects, fill in the original estimated workload of defects, fill in the actual workl

Dashboard world circle of friends rental System Development

Longzi: 185.7630.7194 for the development of dashboard system | development of distribution software for dashboard, development of dashboard software for dashboard, and development of advertisement app for dashboard,

Update system without MAC Dashboard problem resolution

Today updated the Mac system to El Capitan, the results come out after the usual use of Mac dashboard, is this thing:Find a half-day method, finally know that this is called "Dashboard" (MD did not know, headless fly-like search), the solution is very simple: to the System preference-mission Control-

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