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Make a cooler JList interface __list

Make a cooler JList interface Content:1. The working principle of the drawing device.2. Replace the appearance of JList and JComboBox with a custom drawing.3. Let the new look respond to mouse events. With the swing system's MVC design concept, it's easy to replace different skins for components. This article mainly takes jlist and JComboBox as an example to expl

Jfc/swing Ingenious series of custom jlist display

Show   Click here to download the source file    IntroductionIn the graphical user interface (GUI), Java has been unable to compete with C + +, PB, Delphi and so on, the use of the early JAVA/AWT package developed by the interface is really people dare not to compliment. With the maturing of jfc/swing, it is no longer an "impossible task" to develop a GUI comparable to C + +. In addition to its rich interface components, the following excellent features make swing even more powerful. Swing is i

Add right-click menu (jpopupmenu) to jlist)

I have not mastered the right-click menu in some components for a long time, and I have always felt quite difficult (it really seems that I am stupid, but I am in a daze spirit, and I succeeded today, but it will be nice to understand it later. So let's take a look at it and share it with you. 1: define variables. Jlist; jpopupmenu; jmenuitem; jsonjradiobuttonmenuitem; jcheckboxmenuitem; jseparator; 2: Initialize member variables. Saving, no writing.

Java Swing jlist usage examples

package so; Import java.text.*;Import java.util.*;Import java.util.ArrayList; Import java.awt.*;Import java.awt.event.*;Import javax.swing.*;Import javax.swing.event.*; Import util.*;Import Com.borland.jbcl.layout.XYLayout;Import com.borland.jbcl.layout.XYConstraints; /*** * * * * @author by Samzheng* @version 1.0*/ Public class Pmmshipingspace extends JFrame { int cycle = 0; Private Boolean trigtable = true; JPanel ContentPane; JPanel jpnlTop2 = new JPanel (); Xylayout xYLayout1 = n

JList use is not more complete

Use of JList JList compared to Jcheckbox, you can select a maximum of one item, and JList can be selected as a whole column . The third constructor cannot change the number of items --Construct a simple listImportJava.awt.Container;Importjava.awt.GridLayout;ImportJava.awt.event.WindowAdapter;Importjava.awt.event.WindowEvent;ImportJava.util.Vect

Use of list box Space JList Demo

Package list box control demo; import Java.awt.color;import Java.awt.gridlayout;import Java.awt.event.actionevent;import Java.awt.event.actionlistener;import Java.awt.event.windowadapter;import Java.awt.event.windowevent;import Javax.swing.borderfactory;import Javax.swing.defaultlistmodel;import Javax.swing.jbutton;import Javax.swing.jframe;import Javax.swing.jlabel;import Javax.swing.jlist;import Javax.swing.jpanel;import Javax.swing.listselectionmodel;public class MyFrame extends JFrame implem

[JAVA programming] a little note on JList

also control the accuracy, pleasure ...The following gives the function of Levenshtein distance calculation ....1 Private Final intdistance (string x, string y) {2 intm =x.length ();3 intn =y.length ();4 int[] T =New int[M + 1] [n + 1];5T[0][0] = 0;6 for(intj = 0; J ) {7T[0][j + 1] = T[0][j] +ins (y, j);8 }9 for(inti = 0; I ) {TenT[i + 1][0] = t[i][0] +del (x, i); One for(intj = 0; J ) { AT[i + 1][j + 1] = min (T[i][j] + sub (x,

Java Swing Programming Interface (---) list box: JList

A list box can also be used to create a list box when information is presented to the user's list of multiple options, using JList.Package Com.beyole.util;import Java.awt.container;import Java.awt.gridlayout;import java.awt.event.WindowAdapter; Import Java.awt.event.windowevent;import Java.util.vector;import Javax.swing.borderfactory;import Javax.swing.jframe;import Javax.swing.jlist;import javax.swing.listselectionmodel;class MyList {private JFrame frame = new JFrame ("Beyole");p rivate Contain

JList component with filtering function [Swing]

Scenario: You can enter a character in a list to dynamically filter the display of items in the list. Of course, all the items displayed dynamically contain characters entered by the user! Here, the implementation of the function is very simple, there is no moreComplex logic. It only provides some examples for learners. You can perform the extensions you need.[Relationship diagram ]: In Swing, to build your own components, the simplest thing is to inherit the existing components, and then perfor

Swing custom jlist

Swing custom jlist First, explain Each entry in the middle is a cell. Here we use jpanel to display the cell, so we can add buttons, labels, and checkbox on the panel... Do what you want. Click remove to delete the current row. Complete engineering http://download.csdn.net/detail/jasper_success/4488517 Key code /*** Custom jlist. Each cell is a component, which can be defined at will, for example, A jpane

Right-click an item in the jlist and choose a menu event.

Import java. AWT. borderlayout; Import java. AWT. event. mouseadapter; Import java. AWT. event. mouseevent; Import javax. Swing. defaultlistmodel;Import javax. Swing. jframe;Import javax. Swing. jlist;Import javax. Swing. jmenuitem;Import javax. Swing. jpanel;Import javax. Swing. jpopupmenu;Import javax. Swing. jscrollpane; Public class jlisttest extends jframe { Jpopupmenu popupmenu = NULL;Jlist li

How to keep items in jtable and jlist visible

processing. The parent container chooses to continue forwarding or process the request. The scrollrecttovisible function receives only one rectangle parameter, indicating which region you want to be visible. For jtable, obtain the required parameters in the following way: Int x = jtable1.getbounds (). X; Int y = jtable1.getrowheight () * rowindex; Int width = jtable1.getbounds (). width; Int Height = jtable1.getrowheight (); Jtable1.scrollrecttovisible (New rectangle (X, Y, width, height ));

JList the implementation of the double-click event

1. Define JList 2. Add mouse Monitor on the JList object (MouseListener) 3. After the Click event is triggered, determine its position in the jlist, and then determine the number of hits, depending on the number of times to select the processing function. String data[] = {"Red", "Blue", "green"}; JList

List box jlist and motion monitoring

Source:Common monitoring:List box jlist and motion monitoring

How to Make Your webpage links easily spread among WeChat friends and circle of friends, friends and circle of friends

How to make your web pages easily spread in the circle of friends and friends Hi everyone, I'm a big cat! I think everyone has seen some webpage link messages shared by others in their circle of friends. But do you pay attention? Some linked icons use a blue default image, but some linked icons have their own special icons (Note: Text messages of Public numbers a

XMPP series (3) --- get friends list, add friends, and xmpp friends list

XMPP series (3) --- get friends list, add friends, and xmpp friends list 1. Heartbeat detection and disconnection Reconnection Both the client and the server can set how often to send a heartbeat packet. If the other party does not return the correct pong information, the connection will be disconnected, and the reconnection function will be automatically added.

Javascript: WeChat sharing (QQ, circle of friends, sharing with friends) and javascript circle of friends

Share Javascript (QQ, circle of friends, share with friends), javascript circle of friends Recently, developers have developed public accounts. Now, all of the best features are shared in the circle of friends, QQ, sharing with friends, and so on. Here we will record the sha

Micro-trust Friends Circle how like QQ @ Friends? Micro-trust Friends Circle Ai Others method

1, we enter in the micro-letter to the circle of friends, such as the "discovery"-"Friends Circle", and then we click on the circle of friends in the "camera icon" can be said, but here we do not say to the @ others. 2, we sent to see friends, are ready we will see found in a "remind who to see", where you can choos

WeChat js-sdk + JAVA implements the "share to friends" and "send to friends" functions, and js-sdk sends to friends

Js-sdk + JAVA implements the "share to friends" and "send to friends" functions, and js-sdk sends to friends Follow these steps: 1. Bind a domain name Log on to the public platform and go to "function Settings" of "public account settings" and enter "JS interface security domain name ". (Especially if you do not need to add http or https, you have suffered a loss

Vue enables WeChat to share the circle of friends, send examples of friends, and vue circle of friends

Vue allows you to share a circle of friends, send examples of friends, and vue circle of friends. First download jssdk to introduce the project. Here I will not talk about how to install it. If not, you can take a look at the npm tutorial and es6 tutorial. Step 1,Introduce jssdk. Here, I download jssdk and use webpack to introduce the entry. Step 2,Get detailed d

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