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Easily rewrite jmp esp to jmp ebx

Reprinted: Q version hacker overflow tutorial I am writing this article, hoping to give some help to cainiao who want to learn about Buffer Overflow just like me, because no such articles have been found yet. First, we will introduce two methods of using Stack Overflow-jmp esp and jmp ebx. Next, we will explain the simple method of conversion. Finally, we will give two practical examples, write isno. printe

Get jmp esp/jmp ebx/call EBX address in a process

//////////////////////////////////////// /////////////// Get jmp esp/jmp ebx/call EBX address in a process// By isno// It must be compiled in debug mode in VC.//////////////////////////////////////// /////////////# Include # Include # Include # Define fnendlong 0x08# Define nopcode 0x90# Define noplong 0x0# Define buffsize 0x20000 # Define shellbuffsize 0x800# Define shellfnnums 9 // Number of API function

Introduction to old technology, new learning, and API hook MessageBox-JMP Instruction usage is also collected

// Hookapi. CPP: defines the entry point for the console application. //// conclusion: add an assembly 0xe9 unconditional jump value to the front of the original API function pointer, and jump the API function called by the system to the custom function to execute # include "stdafx. H "# include //////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////////////////////////// ////////////// JMP command Explanation: N

Call & JMP command

For JMP commands: (1) JMP short labelEquivalent to (IP) = (IP) + 8-bit displacement jump range is [-128,127](2) JMP near PTR labelsEquivalent to (IP) = (IP) + 16-bit displacement jump range is [-32768,32767](3) JMP far PTR labelsEquivalent to (CS) = the segment address of the label, (IP) = the offset address of the la

Execute shellcode using jmp esp

Source: evil baboons 1. preface.In Buffer overflow in Linux, there are many shellcodes used to jump to the stack. in windows, there are many jumps using jmp esp. There is no new technology in this article, but it is just a whim, just change my methods.2. comparison.The frequently used shellcode method to jump to the stack has a good side. For example, you can put shellcode in ENV to avoid the length limit. the disadvantage is that

Derivation of JMP address Formula

The above question is: Why does JMP 12345678 of the same assembly command correspond to different machine codes? First, the machine code E9 indicates that this is a near jump (near JMP). Here we need to add the relevant knowledge: JMP is divided into three types: ① short jump (short JMP, only jump to the range of 256 b

"0day Shellcode Authoring Art"--jmp ESP, dynamic get API. Subsequent: encoding, compression

This is the main hand to understand the writing shellcode is not easy. Really not easy, look at the author's code, all feel that they have nowhere to start. The need for the underlying principle of knowledge is also very much need to add up.Intend to gradually add later. At this stage, jmp ESP is understood. The subsequent dynamic fetch API was faulted on the host. The problem is similar to searching for the JMP

Winapi hook (modify the first five bytes, JMP jump Method)

, wparam, lparam) // empty Hook Function{ Return (callnexthookex (g_hhook, ncode, wparam, lparam ));}Hookapi2_api bool installhook () // outputs the function of installing an empty hook{G_hinstdll = loadlibrary ("hookapi2.dll ");G_hhook = setwindowshookex (wh_getmessage, (hookproc) Hook, g_hinstdll, 0 );If (! G_hhook){Messageboxa (null, "set error", "error", mb_ OK );Return (false );} Return (true );}Hookapi2_api bool uninstallhook () // output the Yu in the hook function{ Return (unhookwindowsh

Calculation Method of jmp offset address

Calculation of jmp distance of E9: distance = destination address-(current address + 5) (plus 5 is because the JMP command occupies a total of 5 words, actually the destination address minus the end address of the JMP command, that is, the current address + 5If the target address is f1e0b63eThe current address is 8093c6d8.Distance = f1e0b63e-8093c6d8-5 = 714cef61

Assembly-Control transfer instruction JMP

Jump instructions are divided into three categories:First, unconditional jump: JMP;Second, according to the value of CX, ECX Register jump: JCXZ (CX is 0 jump), JECXZ (ECX for 0 jump);Three, according to the EFLAGS register flag bit jump, this too many.JMP Unconditional Transfer Instructions1, the direct short transfer within the paragraph 2, a direct near-transfer within the paragraph 3, within the paragraph near the transfer of 4, the direct transfe

Article 10 JMP $

In assembly, $ is used to obtain the address where $ is located. Therefore, JMP $ is an endless loop. Unless Interrupted, and the interrupted service program will be executed again. However, it should be noted that the returned address is still JMP $, rather than its The next statement. In JMP $ execution, the address of the

JMP & call & RET privileged transfer & Process Scheduling

JMP is not responsible for scheduling. It does not save any information, and it does not consider turning back. Skip this step.② Call, save EIP, and so on, so that the program can jump back. RET is the inverse process of call and the process of turning back. This is an inherent CPU command, so we do not need to save the information. Run the command directly.③ Privilege-level transfer within the same task, which is similar to ②, but you need to prepa

Differences between call and JMP calls

1. The difference between JMP is that one is intra-segment call and the other is inter-segment call. 2. The call is very different, because the call will have an impact on the stack:(1) The call's near call will not change the stack used, but the stack content has changed: the next command is pushed into the stack; if there is a parameter, the parameter is pushed into the stack.(2) The Remote Call of call changes the stack used. Because the stack use

Win32 Compilation-Jump instructions: JMP, JECXZ, JA, JB, JG, JL, JE, JZ, JS, JC, JO, JP, etc.

Tag: instruction equals Win32 html WWW htm greater than lag strongJump instructions are divided into three categories:First, unconditional jump: JMP;Second, according to the value of CX, ECX Register jump: JCXZ (CX is 0 jump), JECXZ (ECX for 0 jump);Three, according to the EFLAGS register flag bit jump, this too many.Instructions to jump according to the flag bit:JE or equal to the jumpJNE ; not equal to the jumpJZ ; for 0 then Jumpjnz ; not 0 jumps

My understanding of the jmp selector: offset Model

Jmp selector: offset. The selector may indicate a segment descriptor or a gate descriptor. The cpu executes this command as follows: The above is my understanding of the jmp selector: offset execution process. In fact, the call selector: offset is similar, but the stack of cs and eip is added at the beginning and end, And the stack is output. (The arrow shown in the figure is a bit eye-catching. I can

Manually delete syswin7z. JMP syswin7z. sys Trojan

Virus name: Trojan-PSW.Win32.QQPass.ajo (Kaspersky)Virus alias: worm. win32.pabug. CF (rising star), win32.troj. qqpasst. ah.110771 (drug overlord)Virus size: 32,948 bytesShelling method: UPXSample MD5: 772f4dfc995f7c1ad6d1978691190cdeSample sha1: e9d2bcc5666a3433d5ef8cc836c4579f03f8b6ccAssociated Virus:Transmission Mode: Spread through malicious web pages, other trojan downloads, USB flash drives, and mobile hard drives Technical Analysis============ After the trojan is run, copy itself:Cod

"Free function gets stuck" "No source code available for the current location" "JMP _ vec_memzero; Use fast zero sse2

YourselfProgramTo share with you. It's dangerous to remember sprintf! VC ++ 2008 in debug mode # Include This program gets stuck when it is executed to free, and F11 is used for debugging until it reaches the assembly language. JMP _ vec_memzero; Use fast zero sse2 implementation The system stops and displays "No information available for the current location ".Source code". Cause: Invalid Memory Access, subscript out of bounds.

License plate information in license plate recognition and the idea of how to make license plate recognition

First, the current domestic civil license plate are 92-type license plate.Some parameters of its license plate are as follows:A: The total length is 440mm;B: height is 140mm;C: One of the word Fu is 45mm;D: The entire license plate area character length is 409mm (here at the back of the calculation when the convenience

Text-to-Mobile text recognition acquisition Terminal (identity card identification, driver's license identification, driving license identification, passport recognition, license plate recognition)

, can identify identity cards, driving licences, business cards and other identification documents, as well as vehicle driving license, license plate number and other vehicle information. With the camera support and video triggering, automatic classification function, can achieve rapid batch acquisition of identity card information.Functional Features: Using text-to-text recognition (OCR) technolog

Mobile license plate recognition, professional license plate problem solving algorithm

"Mobile license plate recognition" Car is the necessary means of transport, which also leads to more and more vehicles on the road, in the drive to continue to facilitate the people at the same time, all kinds of jokes appear."Mobile license plate Recognition" For example:"Thai taxi driver: Chinese people are most anxious." Xu Lang: The Thais are the most abrasive; Thai taxi driver: Where are you from China

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