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Getting started with manual shelling Article 4 Aspack 2.11

Comments: [Untext title] manual shelling entry fourth Aspack 2.11 [untext author] weiyi75 [Dfcg] [author's mailbox] [author's homepage] Dfcg official base camp [use tools] Peid, ollydbg [shelling platform] Win2K/XP [software name]

Intel manual-Chapter7-Task Management, intelmanagement driver

Intel manual-Chapter7-Task Management, intelmanagement driverThis section describes the task management function of the IA-32 architecture, which is effective only when the processor runs in the protection mode, this section focuses on the 32-bit

PLT Example Explanation

←itset Brief Introduction to the implementation of –with-abi and –with-arch in gcc → PLT Example ExplanationPosted on May, from admin by XMJ, Yao First, x86 ABI Handbook original and translation Original digest from System V application BINARY

Demo of manual shell Removal

Text/figure wastWe usually need to shell the Chinese software and decryption software, because most of the software has shelling. "Shell" is a program dedicated to protecting the software from unauthorized modification or decompilation. They

Getting started with manual shelling 19th ASProtect 1.1

Comments: [Remove text title] manual shelling entry 19th ASProtect 1.1 [remove text author] weiyi75 [Dfcg] [author's mailbox] [author's homepage] Dfcg official base camp [use tools] Peid, ollydbg, Loadpe, ImportREC1.42 [shelling

Getting started with manual shelling VGCrypt PE Encryptor V0.75

Comments: [Remove text title] manual shelling entry 17th VGCrypt PE Encryptor V0.75 [remove text author] weiyi75 [Dfcg] [author mailbox] [author homepage] Dfcg official base camp [use tools] Peid, ollydbg, ImportREC [shelling

Code injection and API hook implementation in Win32 Environment

API hooks are not a new technology, but I am ashamed that I have mastered them recently and have come up with some stupid ways to achieve my goal. There may be many errors or vulnerabilities in this article, and you may want to correct them in time.

Manual shelling of aspack compression shelling-random base address

First, tools and shell introductionSecond, shelling1, ESP law shelling2, single-step tracking shelling3, address relocation of the repair one, tools and shell introduction Using tools: ollydbg, Peid, Importrec, LOADPE, 010 Editor View

Armadillo shelling knowledge and methods

Recently, I am very interested in the Armadillo shell due to the changes in its various combinations. However, it seems that the solution to its protection is relatively fixed. The method is similar to several shelling methods (key and cc are

Search for OEP for cracking [manual shelling] (2)

1. Use the ESP Law After the OD is loaded, right-click the ESP content in the register window (for example, 0012ffa4) at F8 once, and choose "follow in the data window" to go to the memory data window, display the memory data window in the form of

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