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Visual Studio DSL entry 3-create a simple DSL Model

Starting from this section, we will start our DSL journey. First, make sure that you have installed the Visual Studio SDK and use Visual Studio 2008. we will first create a simple DSL project to understand the DSL development environment and process. 1. open. net, new -- Project, click another project type -- extensibility ). the following lists the projects of

DSL concepts, categories, and why to write DSL 1

DSL Concept Martin FowlerDefines a domain-specific language (DSL) as "a computer language that's targeted to a particle kind of problem, rather than a general purpose language that's aimed at any kind of software problem" Domain-specific agesAren't a new idea by any means. dsls have been around since long before the start of computing. People have always developed specialized Vocabularies for specializ

Atitit. Improve development efficiency and quality DSL (3) ---- Summary of DSL implementation methods

Atitit. Improve development efficiency and quality DSL (3) ---- Summary of DSL implementation methods 1. Pipeline abstraction 1 2. Layered abstraction (JSON, XML etc) 1 3. asynchronous abstraction promise 1 4. Ide code templete 1 5. Method chain (Stream interface .?? Pipeline abstraction ??) 1 6. Static factory method) and import 1 7. varargs 1 8. metaprogramming (Anno ??) 1 9. Easy-to-Read API 1 10. Metho

Set DSL connection manually in Ubuntu, and set dsl manually in ubuntu

Set DSL connection manually in Ubuntu, and set dsl manually in ubuntu After installing Ubuntu, I found that the DSL connection of the graphic interface was useless and I was depressed for several days. I think it would be a waste of 120 hours of mobile traffic every month. Just as I wanted to return to the Windows system, I found a good way to manually set up a c

Visual Studio DSL entry 7-DSL graphical representation 2

The previous section describes the graphical symbols of DSL, including charts, editors, and shapes. in this section, we will look at the relationship between a single symbol and metadata. How are they mapped together.Model Elements are represented by shapes, while domain relationships are represented by connectors. graphical ing defines that model elements are visually represented by shapes, while connector ing defines how links are visually re

Android Studio:gradle DSL method found: ' Android () '! and Gradle DSL method not found: ' Runproguard () ' Error

Gradle DSL method not found: ' Runproguard () ' ErrorThis error occurs because in the new version of Gradle, the Runproguard () method has been discarded and replaced by minifyenabled, So just change the runproguard in the Build.gradlew file under each module to minifyemabled. Such as:Gradle DSL method found: ' Android () ' ErrorAs with the last error, this is also because the Android () method has been dep

Example of JavaScript DSL fluent interface (called using a chain), dsl chain

Example of JavaScript DSL fluent interface (called using a chain), dsl chain After carefully studying DSL for a while, I found that one of the most interesting things in JavaScript is probably chained call (Method chain, that is, Method Chaining ). Interestingly, Martin Flower points out:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:I 've also noticed a common misconception-pl

DSL forum Chief Operating Officer Robin mersh's speech in China

network for access, and we need to have some specific specifications, which are also well known to everyone. When You can see some environments, such as optical fiber deployment, DSL and WiMAX deployment. In fact, the cognition between different devices must be realized in the same network, in fact, we need to provide higher bandwidth support and perform more interoperability tests. This test is not conducted by the

A Preliminary Study on specific DSL languages

Http:// The basic idea of domain specific language/DSL is "Seeking for specialization", which does not cover all software problems as the general target language does, it is a computer language dedicated to a specific problem. DSL was originally and ultimately a dream for programmers, just as January 1. People have been talking about

Visual Studio DSL Entry 1

what is development in specific fields and DSL development in specific fields is used to solve repeated problems, summarize and analyze each problem to solve the same problem at one time. frequently changing aspects can be expressed in a special language. for this special language, we can create a model or expression and insert it to a fixed part. for our solutions in the software industry, the fixed part adopts the traditional design and implemen

Mdsf: Introduction to DSL (domain specific language)

ArticleDirectory One Language DSL content DSL Architecture Advantages of DSL applications Styles) Application scenarios Books Model-driven development (MDD), software factory, and domain-specific modeling (DSM) are all highly abstract development methods, the languages used by these methods are specific domain languages (

Reading Notes: Development Guide for specific fields of Visual Studio DSL tools

Microsoft started to provide DSL in vs2005sdk, and also published a book dedicated to writing Visual Studio DSL. This book details the DSL content, in the current environment where there are few DSL books, it is good to have such a book for reference. I have read this book a few years ago. Since I recently began to c

Install damnsmalllinux (DSL) on the hard disk (Virtual Machine) and GCC

Author: liguisen Blog: Damnsmalllinux (DSL) is a livecd version of Linux. Simply put, it is burned to a CD and then started from the CD in the PC, just like using a complete operating system installed on a hard disk. The biggest difference from the operating system installed on the hard disk is: All the changes you make are limited to the memory, because it virtualizes A ramdisk in the memory. Therefore, when you res

Domain-specific language (DSL)

[Switch] domain-specific language (DSL) The basic idea of domain specific language/DSL is "not seeking for specialization", which does not cover all software problems as the general target language does, it is a computer language dedicated to a specific problem. People have been talking about DSL since the beginning of computer invention. The UNIX comm

Groovy exploring DSL for method name

Groovy language is most proud of the characteristics of the DSL, the definition of DSL and classification, advantages, etc., it is not to be elaborated in this article, you can access the Internet, there is a large number of this convenient introduction. The groovy language is a great way to design your internal DSL, and in this context, my Groovy Discovery serie

Visual Studio DSL entry 8-create a state machine metadata model

In the previous sections, we introduced some basic knowledge about DSL with the default project we created, including domain classes, domain relationships, graphical symbols, and graphic ing, these things may seem abstract and have no direct relationship with the requirements described in section 2, but these concepts must be mastered before developing our own DSL. If you are not familiar with the re

Ubuntu manually set up a DSL connection

After the installation of Ubuntu, found that the GUI connection of the graphical interface no matter how, depressed for several days, think about moving 120 hours a month of traffic is not wasted. Just when I wanted to return to the Windows system, I found a good way to manually set up a DSL, thanks to the author of the Notes of frozen kernels (I think it is called frozen benevolence bar), the following is the detailed method.0x00: Install pppoeconfsu

Top-down bottom-up mini-languages ages (little language) Fluent-Interface DSL

OrderLine (3, Product. find ("LGV "));O1.addLine (line3 );Line2.setSkippable (true );O1.setRush (true );}FluentInterface refers to the following style: private void makeFluent (Customer customer){Customer. newOrder (). With (6, "TAL "). With (5, "HPK"). skippable (). With (3, "LGV "). PriorityRush ();}The code in this form is short and clear, and the meaning of the expression is clear. Even domain experts can understand that Martin Fowler classifies this form as an Internal

Instance: manageable dsl vpn reduces enterprise network costs

meet the needs of individual users, small offices, and large offices. GAB Robins also needs to optimize access to each site. Some sites are very distant, such as in Alaska. He said that our company has many areas without good network connections.Another killer is the billing of MCI. According to Broccoletti, the bill for MCI is sent to the company's headquarters and must be allocated to specific branches. This job alone requires a full-time job.GAB R

Competition Between WiMAX and Wi-Fi, DSL, and 3G (1)

WiMAX is called World Interoperability for Microwave Access, that is, global Microwave Access Interoperability. As a wireless MAN technology, WMAN is a new air interface standard for microwave and millimeter wave frequencies. It is used to connect 802.11a Wireless Access hotspot to the Internet, or connect the company and the home environment to the wired backbone line. It can be used as a wireless extension technology for cables and DSL, known as "wi

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