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What is the main process of website construction? -

Layout For most users who access the website, the first sight given to them after entering the website is the website structure layout. Different types of website design businesses are different. In the early stage of website construction, we need to make a reasonable plan

Main principles of commercial website design

representation with effective organization and communication. To achieve a clear theme, the main points, with a simple and clear language and screen to reflect the theme of the site. Mobilize all means to fully display the site's personality and taste, to run the characteristics of the site. The basics of the Web site's homepage include: page header: Accurately identify your site and corporate logo; Email address: Used to receive user inquiries; Cont

Main principles of website design and maintenance

the analysis, the effect of some websites is not as good as expected. The main reason is that there is a misunderstanding of users' needs and there is a lack of user tests on the website. Designers often put marketing and business goals in the first place, but do not know much about the real needs of users and potential users. Therefore, enterprises or institutions must have a clear understanding of th

The main principles of website design and maintenance

site will combine graphic imagery with effective organization and communication. To achieve a clear theme, the main points, with a simple and clear language and screen to reflect the theme of the site. All means to mobilize the full performance of the site's personality and taste, to run the characteristics of the site. The basic elements of the Web site's home page include: Header: Accurately identify your site and corporate logo; Email address: Use

The main methods of website testing

output errors are mainly caused by network speed or programming problems, which can be tested separately for both cases.Second, performance testingPerformance testing of the site is very important to the operation of the site, but at present, the performance of the site is not enough, we do not have a good benchmark in the design of the system can be consulted, so the establishment of a website performance

Nginx main configuration parameters detailed, nginx configuration website

# server_name somename alias another.alias;103 104 # Locat Ion/{html;106 # root # index index.html index.htm;107 #}108 #}109 110 111 # HTTPS server112 #113 #server {Listen # 443 ssl;115 # server_name localhost;116 117 # ssl_certificate cert.pem;118 # ssl_certificate_key cert.key;119 # SSL _session_cache shared:ssl:1m;121 # ssl_session_timeout 5m;122 123 # Ssl_ciphers high:!anull:! md5;124 # ssl_prefer_server_ciphers on;125 126 # location/{127 # root html;128 # Index index.html

On the five main points to be done in creating efficient website rankings

In the site optimization process, the same type of site will certainly be a high ranking, and even use the same optimization method will appear ranked high and low points. However, for the webmaster, what standards are the main indicators of the quality of the site optimization? How to determine the suitability of their own optimization method in the process of optimization, the optimization effect is not the same as expected. It all depends on how th

Website operation: Some problems of website operation and Development

Website Operation | Problem a large website project operation, inseparable from a team of close collaboration. In this team, it consists primarily of two parts of operations and development. However, in many aspects, such as experience, job role and cognition level, there are great differences between operators and developers, which will lead to contradictions and conflicts in the planning, development and

SEO diagnosis: Talking about the main reason of the enterprise website being down right

, server stability quickly affect the site user experience, And a good user experience can promote the Site keyword ranking, search engines will also be based on user preferences to determine whether your site has value, where to put it more appropriate, if your site is very like, every day there are a lot of people browsing, and stay for a long time, then the search engine will naturally like, Your site rankings naturally will not be poor to where, at least, will ensure that users can easily fi

Several problems encountered when purchasing an SSL certificate to deploy a website and ssl Problems

Several problems encountered when purchasing an SSL certificate to deploy a website and ssl Problems As a cainiao, I don't know much about SSL certificates. I only know that it is safer to use its website. So I encountered various problems on the way to using SSL certificate

Business-to-business website Optimization Solve these problems first

attention to the frequency and time to update the information has enough exposure time, at the same time this can also cultivate spiders, improve the efficiency of spiders, On the other hand, due to the unreasonable design of the website structure, it is difficult to collect. 5, update content quality problems Business-to-business sites need a lot of updated content, the

Analysis of several key problems in improving the ranking of website keywords

With the search engine algorithm constantly changing, how we improve the site in search engine rankings is a lot of optimization practitioners have been considered and faced with the urgent problem. Many friends of the site is also the intention to maintain, but the snapshot and ranking is not always true? Some friends of the website is like a roller coaster, today on, and tomorrow down again. What is the crux of these

A brief introduction to the problems frequently committed in the URL of a website

products have two domain names appear in the keyword ranking, after all, 302 is not to pass the weight, but two pages appear but also participate in ranking, this is a strategy bar. But we promote the use of 301 attitude, permanent jump can let the weight of the smooth transfer, so, this is what we need to pay attention to the place, we look at the shoe net 301    I don't want to say much about 301, but also have a lot of friends feel that 302 may be more practical, 301 of the util

Some problems after the website is uploaded to the Godaddy space

At present, the company's. cn website is subject to record filing uncertainty in China, so it has not resolved the. com domain name to the. cn space of the new domestic network. As a transitional solution, I purchased a three-month space at godaddy to deploy my website abroad. At present, the company's. cn website is subject to record filing uncertainty in China,

There are a few problems that can not be neglected in enterprise website. Does your business network exist?

text to promote, so as to allow the company's website to be recognized, Not even the people inside the company do not know the jokes of their company's website as it started!Four: There is no capital investment, because the site is in need of personnel maintenance, the general small and medium-sized enterprise website construction and maintenance of investment w

The three major problems of the existence of a faint website

Sina has, so the use of Zhang Yu Sina blog as an entrance to the success of Sina's large number of users to lead to Youku. Therefore, it is reported that in the Zhang Yu sex trading behavior in Youku on the first announcement, the number of Youku users in two or three days quickly reached 8.36 million times, commented on more than 7,000. This is a way to borrow chicken eggs integration. Of course, marketing and consolidation are critical to building traffic, developing users, and ultimately to

Large web site brings problems, large website brings problem _php tutorial

Big website brings problems, Big website brings problem Problems with large websites There are three main aspects Large flow Storage of massive amounts of data is not an issue in itself, but retrieval is a problem Adding a user attachment Insertion of data records

Website keywords SEO optimization to pay attention to what problems

Website keywords SEO optimization to pay attention to the problem:First, the change in the form of keywordsThe content of the writing page can be properly integrated into synonyms, synonyms, the same thing and different titles. For example, computers and computers are synonyms, which can cross the page. For example: Host, server, website space is basically said, these words can be in the

Problems and solutions in the optimization of SME website

Qingdao SEO is engaged in website operation and SEO optimization also has more than two years, handling the optimization of the site also has a lot of, including some enterprises station. It should be said that the optimization of the enterprise station is relatively simple, it is easy to get a good ranking, and even do not need to be deliberately to optimize the site can also be ranked, but many small and medium-sized enterprises or their own site fe

Strace diagnosing CPU run-up problems (java/php website)

? The query business code sees the EXEC function and verifies that it does result in a clone system call with the following command:shell> strace-eclone php-r ' exec ("ls"); 'Finally, we have a question: if we use Strace to track a process, the output is very small, is not that the process is very idle? Actually try Ltrace, you may find Shia. Remember that there are kernel states and user-State points.This article is from the "Little Rookie" blog, please be sure to keep this source http://baishu

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