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Journal of Image Processing __ visual tracking

Search on the Internet, there are a lot of, the following is the image processing, good cast and the quality of the article has a great relationship, if it is the first time to vote, and not urgent to the article, I suggest that the quality of the

Major conference/Journal for Web Service [updating]

Focused Conference ICWs 2010 (July) 2009 (July) 2008 SCC 2010 (July) 2009 (SEP) 2008 Ecows 2009 (Nov) 2008 2007 Icsoc 2009 (Nov) 2008 Unranked Focused Journal Partition Sr (quarterly) (International Journal of Web Services Research) (Sci & EI

National Journal of Computer Science (SCI/EI)

sci-expanded 1. Computer Science and technology Journal of computer Sciences and Technology (bimonthly) JCR (if:0.293; articles); JCR (if:0.441; 104 articles) Organizer: Institute of Computing Technology, CAS

Measurement of software Quality

Measurement of software quality Absrtact: With the increasing complexity of software, the period of software development and the increasing cost, the guarantee and improvement of software quality become more and more important. With the development

What is software design?

Source: So far, I can still remember where I was when I had an epiphany and finally produced the following article. That was the summer of 1986. I served as a temporary consultant at the China Lake Naval

Petri Net-based software process Support Environment Design

Petri Net-based software process Support Environment Design Petri Net-based software process Support Environment Design Summary Chapter 1 Introduction 1.1 Software Process and Process Modeling 1.3 Status Quo of software

) Common computer magazines

Common computer magazines 1. Journal of software (monthly) indexed by ei and istic Organizer: China Computer Society Institute of software, Chinese Emy of Sciences Address: Beijing 8718 mailbox Zhongguancun software Journal, Haidian

Interpretation of Japanese software outsourcing

Sender: wll (diet starts again...), email area: jkstuTitle: "Japanese learning" weekend special series (4) -- Interpreting Japanese software outsourcingMail station: Peony garden station, Jilin University (Sun Oct 21 10:18:00 2007) Among many

Influence on traditional software engineering

Talking about the impact of cloud computing on traditional software engineering, we need to understand these two concepts first.First, the traditional software engineeringThe first is the traditional software engineering, to understand the

"Turn" top two journals in the field of software engineering research

[1] IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (IEEE T software ENG, abbreviation TSE) Chinese Name: IEEE Software Engineering TransactionsPublishers: ieee,1975 years of publicationJournal website:

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