jpg to pencil sketch

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The realization of image pencil drawing algorithm based on "combining Sketch and Tone for Pencil Drawing Production"

one, for reference:This paper draws on the understanding of this paper's algorithm in the summer of Csdn: Wind-blown summer's image pencil drawing algorithm, and the home page of the paper written by people such as Cewu Lu, the Chinese University of

Pencil Special Effect algorithm

There are many algorithms for pencil effects, and it's no surprise that such a powerful software like Photoshop has this feature. Occasionally idle to do nothing, collect some of this information, feel quite interesting. Recently, I saw a Jayaya

Illustrator to draw a colorful Christmas turkey effect tutorial

Give your illustrator software users a detailed explanation to share a tutorial on how to draw the effects of a colorful and awesome Christmas turkey. Tutorial Sharing: First, prepare the profile of the good players

Can you use these tools? Common design Tools Video Tutorial Highlights

In the process of product development, the most common way to show ideas is generally a paper and pencil prototype, the simplest and fastest, a few pictures, a rough line diagram is presented. But if you want to make the wireframes more perfect, you

Painter to draw a handsome cartoon wizard Prince cartoon tutorial

To give you painter software users to detailed analysis to share the drawing of handsome cartoon magic Prince of the specific tutorial. Tutorial Sharing: 1. Composition. First we open the PT, create a new a4-300 resolution paper,

Flash draw mid-Autumn greeting card: Happy Mooncake Parade

  This is a CorelDRAW, Photoshop, Flash, drawing the mid-Autumn Festival greeting card, the picture is the Moonlight in the Moon Parade, the sketch is on the roadside of the flower wall, street lights, driving the rabbit, carrying mooncakes car and

Mid-Autumn greeting card production: Moon Festival Parade

Hello, everyone. I am the Starry Night Studio, made a greeting card for the Mid-Autumn festival, and by the way recorded the process into a tutorial. In the future, if there is no special reason, the work will be made into a tutorial. I hope you

PS Tip 167 Article

Tips Tool Panel Tips 1. Quickly open file Double-click the background space in Photoshop (the default is the gray display area) to open the Browse window for the selected file. 2. Change the canvas color freely Select the Paint Bucket tool and

Web page Layout design basics

Design | Web page As you can see now, the layout of the Web page is becoming more and more important. Visitors are unwilling to see content-focused sites again. Although the content is very important, but only when the page layout and the content of

Adobe Photoshop CS Simplified Chinese without installation enhanced Version Download 3

Usage: Run "!) Green. bat "can be used normally.Run "!) Thumbnail. bat "allows you to view the thumbnail of a psd file;Run "-) Uninstall. bat" to remove the things that are added to the system during greening. ---------------------Updated in the

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