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JQuery Easyui API Chinese documentation

http://www.cnblogs.com/Philoo/tag/jQuery/Total 2 page:12 next jquery easyui API Chinese Document-Tree table (Treegrid) Merry 2011-11-19 18:51 read: 25025 comments: 3jquery Easyui API Chinese Document-tree (trees) Merry 2011-11-18 20:13 read: 31937 comments: 2jquery Easyui 1.2.4 API

Those functions not mentioned in the jquery API documentation

it, jquery uses it to transform the string containing the tag that JS dynamically inserts into a jquery dom when initializing (init) page, and then use it to do the action;For example: $ (' 12.$.parsejson (data)Convert a string into a JSON object, with it in IE6, 7 can not introduce json2.js, test is like this13.$.parsexml (Data)Converts a string of XML into a JS object14.$.globaleval (data)A string to do

JQuery easyui API Chinese documentation-Introduction to tree usage

node data that was removed. Update Param With the node specified by the heart, the Param parameter has the following characteristics:Target (DOM object, updated node), id, text, iconcls, checked, and so on. Enablednd None Enables drag-and-drop functionality. Disablednd None Disables drag-and-drop functionality. BeginEdit Nodeel Begins the edit node. EndEdit Nodeel Ends the edi

jquery Plugin ajaxfileupload API documentation

that handles the commit operation for any syntax errors3,syntaxerror:invalid Property ID ErrorIf this error occurs, you need to check whether the Text field property ID exists4,syntaxerror:missing} in XML expression errorIf this error occurs, you need to check whether the file name is consistent or not present.5, other custom errorsYou can use the variable $error Direct printing method to check whether the parameters are correct, compared to the above these invalid error prompts are much more c

JQuery easyui API Chinese documentation-Introduction to tree usage

parameter has two properties:The Parent:dom object, appended to the parent node, is appended to the root node if there is no assignment.Data: arrays, nodes. Toggle Target Toggles the expand/collapse state of the node, which represents the node's DOM object. Insert Param Inserts a node in front or behind the specified node, and the Param parameter contains the following attributes:A Before:dom object that is inserted in front of the node.The After:

How programmers write good technical documentation how to write high-quality API documentation work

Writing technical documentation is one of the most daunting tasks for many developers. It itself is a time-consuming and laborious job to do well. But most of the time, people are always trying to take shortcuts, and the results are often very regrettable, because quality technical documentation is an important factor in determining whether your project is a concern. This is true for both open source and de

. NET extract Comment generation API documentation Help documentation

First, prefaceIn a multi-person collaborative project, in addition to good code specifications, the complete API documentation is also very important. Through the documentation we quickly understand the actual interface of each module of the system, its usage scenarios, use examples to reduce communication costs to a certain extent, and reduce the risk of loss of

An online API documentation, technical documentation Tool (Showdoc) that is ideal for it teams

In the Yat Orange stayed less than two years, the development of the backend have developed interface API, to several libraries, a lot of back-end development and front-end communication is still sent Doc documents, very inconvenient, I respond to the CTO, I find this, fellow Tinre (PHP, Next door village) also used, may be some reason to choose Other, If a company is not bound by the itinerary, the development document will not be satisfied.I persona

Swagger generates API documentation, swaggerapi documentation

Swagger generates API documentation, swaggerapi documentation 1. Open the package management console and enter: Install-Package Swashbuckle 2. Open the SwaggerConfig. cs file in the App_Start folder and find C. IncludeXmlComments Replace C. IncludeXmlComments (GetXmlCommentsPath (thisAssembly. GetName (). Name )); 3. Add Method Protected static string Get

Automatically generate API documentation for your project using the Laravel API Document Builder extension Package

1. Introduction Installation The Laravel API Document Generator extension package can automatically generate project API documentation based on Laravel app routing. We use composer to install this expansion pack: $ composer require Mpociot/laravel-apidoc-generator After the installation is complete, you need to register the service provider in config/app.php

Using swagger to provide API documentation on the Core WEB API

When I developed my own blogging system (http://daxnet.me), I added swagger-based API documentation capabilities to my RESTful services. After setting the default boot route for iisexpress to the Swagger API documentation page, it is convenient to automatically redirect to the API

2 Tips for building API documentation using swagger in WEB API 2.0

When Web API 2.0 uses OAuth2 authorization, how do I add a authorization request header to swagger?The swagger documentation supports the manual invocation of the API, but when the API uses OAUTH2 authorization, there is no place to enter the authorization token, causing the response to be 401 without authorization.Sol

ASP. NET WEB API 2 Interface API documentation beautification of the swagger

Using the Swgger UI provided by a third party effectively improves the readability of the Web API interface list and can test the service interface on the page.But after I consulted a lot of data and coded the test, I found that most of the swagger instances did not run efficiently. For example, the following two URLs: Http://www.cnblogs.com/caodaiming/p/4156476.html and http://bitoftech.net/2014/08/25/ asp-net-web-

Detailed explanation of the Chinese documentation of the Chai. js assertion library API, detailed explanation of the chai. js assertion api

Detailed explanation of the Chinese documentation of the Chai. js assertion library API, detailed explanation of the chai. js assertion api Chai. js assertion library API Chinese Document Based on chai. js official API documentation

Documentation for automatic generation of ASP. NET core Web API using Swagger, online Help test document (ASP. NET core Web API automatically generate documents)

For developers, building a consumer application to understand a variety of APIs is a huge challenge.Using Swagger's. NET Core package Swashbuckle in your Web API project can help you create good documents and help pages. Swashbuckle can be easily added to a project by modifying the Startup.cs as a set of NuGet packages.Swashbuckle is an open source project that generates Swagger documents for Web APIs built using ASP. NET Core MVC.Swagger is a machine

Apizza (API Developer online tool) team collaboration is on-line, making it easier for teams to develop and maintain API documentation

permission to modify and delete other people's interfaces and documents, you can only modify and delete your own interfaces and documents 6. Create a new API, write a document, savePS: Can be saved to an existing directory, or can be saved to their own directory 7. View only your own documentsFinally click Browse Mode, send the link to other people to browse it.Official address: http://apizza.cc Finally, if you want to add an interface impersonation

In Web Api 2.0, Swagger is used to generate two small Tips of the Api documentation.

In Web Api 2.0, Swagger is used to generate two small Tips of the Api documentation. How to add the Authorization request header to Swagger when Web Api 2.0 uses oau22? Swagger instructions Support Manual Api calls. However, when the Api

SERVLET-API API documentation GET request parameters

1. If there is a GET request followed by the following parameters:A=ba2=b2a3=b3a4=b4.If you want to get all the key,value. This time can be obtained according to the request getquerystring. However, there is a problem, and the GetQueryString method does not decode the parameters.You can use the: String decode = urldecoder.decode (URL, "Utf-8") method to decode the operation.2, if the request parameter is in the body, the GetQueryString method can not get the request parameters.Can only be obtain

Jquery 1.4 official documentation Chinese Version

the jquery method is arranged in the order they appear on the page. Others (Miscellaneous) jquery. browser are centered on the browser engine (jquery. browser document, commit). For example, you can use jquery. browser. WebKit to detect whether the engine is WebKit. Improved processing of applets (commit 1, commit 2)

REST API Automation Documentation generation

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. A REST API Automation document generation capability Currently, as a standard connection between most mobile apps and the cloud service backend, the REST API has been recognized and widely used by most developers. In recent years, in the emerging API economic model has emerged, many

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