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jquery Plugin list (2010-1-25 update) _jquery

JQuery Scroll Follow with the screen scrolling layer click to view demo JScrollPane Custom scroll bar plugin Click to view demo jquery Tree Menu Plugin Jqueryflexselect drop-down box automatically prompts jquery ID Tags-examples of 8 different

Jquery plugin (2)

Conversion from: All sources are available :-) Jquery plugin (2) ++ ++ Navigation ++ ++   Jquery Plugin: TreeviewThis plug-in can convert unordered lists into a tree that can be expanded and shrunk. Jquery Plugin: Treeview Fastfind menu

Over 1000 jquery plug-ins!

  ++ ++ Accordion class ++ ++ Based on jqueryDevelopment, very simple horizontal collapse control. Horizontal accordion: jquery Popular books: www.hotbook.cnJquery-horizontal accordion Horizontal Direction accordion with xbox360 blade

JS get current date time and other operations (jquery?)

var mydate = new Date (); Mydate.getyear (); Get Current year (2-bit) Mydate.getfullyear (); Get full year (4-bit, 1970-????) Mydate.getmonth (); Get Current month (0-11, 0 for January) Mydate.getdate (); Get the current day (1-31) Mydate.getday ();

Superb jquery plug-ins-upload class/time and date class/virtual keyboard class/rounded corner class hot

++ ++ Upload popular books: www.hotbook.cn ++ ++   JquploaderCombined with JavaScript and flash development, a file upload control with an upload progress bar is provided. Jquploader Jquery Multiple File Upload pluginThe multi-File

Common jquery plug-ins

Collect commonly used jquery plug-ins 1000 I hope you will like the Jquery plug-in that has been accumulated for a long time. If you have any new plug-ins, please leave a message and we will record them together. Thank you for your support. 1.

JQuery-1.9.1 source code analysis series (14) Some jQuery tools, jquery-1.9.1jquery

JQuery-1.9.1 source code analysis series (14) Some jQuery tools, jquery-1.9.1jquery To prepare for the next chapter of analysis animation processing, let's take a look at some tools. Queue tools are often used in animation processing. JQuery. fn.

[Simple introduction to jQuery] source code analysis 2-great tricks, simple introduction to jquery2 --

[Simple introduction to jQuery] source code analysis 2-great tricks, simple introduction to jquery2 -- I have been studying jQuery Source Code recently. I have no clue when I first look at the source code. It is really subtle to let me sit down and

Jquery displays the current date and time, day of the week, accurate to seconds at any time

View results   Jquery shows a small example of displaying the current date and time, the day of the week, and the precision to the second (clock) at any time. The jquery clock plug-in allows you to conveniently display the date and time on your

Use jquery to simplify Ajax development-jquery-.

JQuery is a JavaScript library that helps simplify JavaScript™ and asynchronous JavaScript + XML (Ajax) programming. Unlike a JavaScript library like this, JQuery has a unique rationale for succinctly representing Common, complex code. Learn the

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