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jquery Plugin: image upload local preview plugin, improve a case of a.

/** Name: image upload local preview plugin v1.1* Author: Chou Hsiang * Date: November 26, 2013 * Introduction: Based on jquery extension, image upload preview plugin currently compatib

jquery image upload Zoom Preview Plugin Collection _jquery

The JS section is like this: Copy Code code as follows: Picture Upload Preview Plugin ************************ Author: iddqd (2009-07-01) Email:iddqd5376@163.com Http://blog.sina.com.cn/iddqd Version: 1.0 Description: Picture upload Preview Plugin When uploading, you can generate a proportional sca

Java image upload and preview, front desk with jquery plugin ajaxfileupload, backstage with Fileutils.copyfile.

($ ("#" +fileid). val () = = "") {return; } $ ("#" +imgid). attr ("sRC ", ct+"/toview.do?attachment= "+$ (" # "+fileid). Val ()); }Background code (UploadFile naming must match the foreground name= "UploadFile" value): Private File UploadFile; Public File Getuploadfile () {return uploadfile; } public void Setuploadfile (File uploadfile) {this.uploadfile = UploadFile; } @Action (value = "UploadFile", results = {@Result (name = "Success", type = "json", params = {"Ignorehiera

jquery Upload plugin uploadify + jcrop Several common tips for image clipping

One, limit upload size, image size$ (' #select '). Uploadify ({ ' swf ': '/ plugin/uploadify/uploadify.swf ', ' uploader ': '/work/ Imageuploadservlet.up ', ' FormData ':{ ' Operatetype ': ' activity.product ' }, ' method ': ' get ', ' cancelimg ': '/plugin/uploadify/cancel.png ', ' auto ':true, ' multi ': false, '

jquery image upload Preview plugin code

$ ("# Picture Upload Preview Plugin Two Preview image(function ($) {$.fn.previewimage = function (options) {var default = {Imageclientid: "",MAXWIDTH:300,maxheight:300};$.extend (True, default, options);Return This.each (function () {if (Default.imageclientid!= "") {$ (this). Unbind ("Change");$ (this). Change (function () {if ($ (this). val () = "") {$ ("#"

Use the jquery plugin imgareaselect to implement picture upload cropping (Sync display image location information) _jquery

case of absolute or relative positioning. And here, No. So use the way to change the Margin-top margin-left value. Three, move the formula Above: Black: Picture, White: Selection, Red: Starting point, green: the horizontal ordinate value of the starting point; Yellow: Margin-top,margin-left of the right picture Suppose: The picture on the left and the right picture are the same size, width and height. I want to display on the right side of the white area of the

jquery plugin Jcrop+fileapi Perfect image upload + cropping + Preview code sharing

This article mainly introduces the jquery plug-in jcrop+fileapi perfect picture upload + cropping + Preview code, very simple and practical, the effect is also very good, the need for small partners can refer to. Web page to crop pictures, do not need to go through the server. This is accomplished with the Https://github.com/mailru/FileAPI framework. cooperate with Jcrop. Advanced browsers use canvas cro

Jquery local upload preview extension (hidden upload control click Image Upload supports ie !!), Jquery Image Upload

Jquery local upload preview extension (hidden upload control click Image Upload supports ie !!), Jquery Image Upload Address of raw material

Implement the Image Upload local preview function based on jquery and jquery Image Upload

-drop operations. The following describes how to obtain the FileList object: 2. Blob Object A Blob Object is a class file object that contains read-only raw data. data in Blob objects is not necessarily in the native form of JavaScript. the File interface is based on Blob, inherits the Blob function, and supports the extension of local files on the user's computer. The object URL we want to obtain is actually obtained from the Blob object, because the File interface inherits Blob. The followin

Image cropping and asynchronous upload Plugin-one-step (recording) and one-step asynchronous upload

Image cropping and asynchronous upload Plugin-one-step (recording) and one-step asynchronous upload The Image Upload and cropping function can be seen everywhere. Some users write it by themselves, but it takes too much time. The

JQuery mobile Image Upload Component and jquery Image Upload Component

JQuery mobile Image Upload Component and jquery Image Upload Component This article provides an example of the mobile Image Upload Component

"Front End plugin" Image upload Plugin Collection

Http://tpl.9iphp.com/146.htmlHTML5 implementation of Image upload preview functionhttp://www.dropzonejs.com/Image upload Preview.http://segmentfault.com/a/1190000000754560HTML5 local crop image and upload to server (old terrier)ht

Empire CMS7.2 new Multi-image upload plugin, upload multi-graph more efficient

The original upload multi-image files, you need to select a file, and then click Batch upload, more trouble. So the Empire CMS7.2 added a multi-image upload plugin: For the use of flash mode to achieve simultaneous selection of mu

Jquery implements basic Image Upload preview and jquery Image Upload Preview

Jquery implements basic Image Upload preview and jquery Image Upload Preview

JQuery File upload upload plugin simple to use

PrefaceThe development process sometimes requires users to upload image information in the previous paragraph, we can usually use the form tag settings enctype= "Multipart/form-data" Property upload image, when we click the Submit button, the picture information will be automatically saved in the predefined variables $

File Upload Tool jquery upload plugin uploadify

In the daily project, often in the background need to upload pictures and other resource files, before using this component a few times, feel very useful, but every time you use the need to go through a review, so it is better to remember here, after the use of the time to turn over. His official website is as follows: http://www.uploadify.com/ Plugin: http://www.uploadify.com/download Description Document:

JQuery file Upload files upload plugin uses

jquery file Upload is a jquery document upload component that supports multiple file uploads, cancellations, deletions, pre-upload thumbnail previews, list display image sizes, support for upl

Recommended Ajaxfilemanager for TINY_MCE more complete TINY_MCE editor image upload and image Management plugin PHP version support Chinese

TINY_MCE Editor, I think very concise, easy to use, but is the picture upload plug-in is charged, and online for half a day did not find open source good upload plugin. But Kung fu is not a conscientious, and finally I found a quite satisfied with the plug-in. This plugin is named Ajaxfilemanager. The official site is

Superb jquery Plugin-color selector/right-click menu/image news flash display

effect to display images or any HTML pages. You do not need to enable the page to load images. The effect is also available on the official website of Apple Mac. FancyZoom Jcrop Jcrop is a cross-browser jQuery image cutting plug-in (JQuery image crop plugin). You can add a

Based on jquery 20 File Upload Plugin Introduction

File uploads are one of the most common features of a Web site, and using jQuery allows you to make the upload process more humane and a better user experience. This article describes 20 jquery file upload Plug-ins, some of which are tutorials. 1. Plupload Plupload is an interface-friendly file

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