js capitalize first letter of each word

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Simple analysis of objects and methods in JS

As we all know, the object in JS is the essence, do not understand the object is not understand JS.So what's the object in JS?In JS, almost everything is the object: Boolean, String,number can be an object (or native data is considered an

Node.js combined Coffeescript Use method Summary Tutorial

Coffeescript is actually a very flexible language because it can be translated into JavaScript in a one-to-one manner. There are more than one way to bring it into the project. Here, I will first introduce the node project Coffeescript Way to make a

How to use Text-transform in CSS to convert case examples of letter capitalization

We used to use JS to achieve the letter of the first letter of the case, but now there is no need, CSS can be fully implemented, saying that compatibility is OK from the beginning of IE6 support. Text-transform:none | Capitalize | Uppercase |

JS Learning Summary

Transfer from http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_75cf5f3201011csu.htmlone: About the basic data types in the relationship between stack memory and heap memoryThe basic data for the stack memory and heap memory can be copied, you can assign the data in a

HTML text box input letter auto Capitalization

method One : use JS, add the OnKeyUp method to the HTML tag, use JS to capitalize the charactersDOCTYPE HTML>HTML> Head> MetaCharSet= "Utf-8" /> title>title> Script> functionToUpper ()

JS Learning Notes

First, JS how to runSecond, the outputdocument.write ();Alter ();Third, how to use JS in HTML1. Use to embed JS syntax into HTML, you can use more than one, each one is related;2.href = "javascript: Code";3. In various response events4. Write to

. NET Development Specification

First, naming rules1.1 Naming Law description(1) Pascal nomenclature: Capitalize the first letter of the identifier and the first letter of each word that is connected behind it.Example: BackColor(2) Camel nomenclature: The first letter of the

Twig's Filters learning _ PHP Tutorial-php Tutorial

Twig Filters learning. Currently, the supported filters include filters currently supported by filters include Date format replace number_format url_encode json_encode convert_encoding title capitalize nl2br upper lower striptags join reverse

Twig's Filters Learning _php Tutorial

Currently supported filters include Date format replace Number_format Url_encode Json_encode convert_encoding title capitalize nl2br Upper Lower striptags Joi n Reverse length Sort default keys escape raw Merge The Date Filter 1.1 has new time

string conversion to hump format--js exercise

Topic RequirementsThe function convertToCamelCase of perfecting functions. The function convertToCamelCase converts the passed-in string argument string to the hump format and returns the converted string. The specific requirements are as follows:

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