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In php, how can I use echo to call JS functions?

In php, how can I use echo to call JS functions? & Lt ;? Php & nbsp; echo & nbsp; "& lt; script & gt; show_div (); & lt;/script & gt; ";? & Gt; js functions: in func php, how does one call JS functions with echo? Echo "script show_div (); script"; ?

JavaScript image loading library Echo. js, javascriptecho. js

JavaScript image loading library Echo. js, javascriptecho. js Echo is an independent JavaScript tool for loading images lazily. It is fast, small (less than 1 k), and uses HTML5 data-attributes. Echo supports IE8 +. Plug-in description: like Lazy

Delay loading external JS files, delay loading pictures (jquery.lazyload.js and Echo,js)

JS in the case of delay loading, most can not be separated from the two situations, namely the external JS file delay loading, as well as the delayed loading of web images:1. First of all, briefly describe the JS file of the 3 kinds of lazy loading

Laravel 5.3 New features Laravel Echo use: Live chat room

1, what is Laravel EchoEcho is a tool that allows us to easily implement WebSockets in Laravel applications (about websockets working principles and mechanisms to refer to this article: WebSocket combat) while simplifying building complex websockets

Install Nginx-echo module in Nginx

Install Nginx-echo module in Nginx Nginx-echo can be used to output some information in Nginx. It is a good tool for testing troubleshooting. It can also make a summary of the information from different link addresses. In short, it can help

Can I use echo to pass php values to js?

Can I use echo to pass php values to js? For example, the question is that the value is transmitted in json format. because there are many records, it takes too much time to use echo. Reply to discussion (solution) Why does it take too much

node. JS IO processing input and echo, and the history of today's Web applications

1. About node. JS IO processing input and EchoEnter Echo ' I must learn about node. js ' in Windows terminal or CDResult will just input echo ' I must learn about node. js ' content echoing output to CDThe terminal is also the input relative to the

What is the difference between echo,print () and Print_r ()?

This article mainly introduces Echo,print () and Print_r () what is the difference between interested friends to understand. What is the difference between 1.echo,print () and Print_r ()? Echo is a language structure with no return value. Print is

Use echo to embed static resources in Go combat--golang (Labstack/echo, Geertjohan/go.rice)

Life goes on and on go Go go!!! When you use Go to develop an app, you sometimes encounter situations where you need to read static resources. For example, to develop WEB applications, the program needs to load the HTML of the template file

JS implements the radio button echo when the page effect appears, but the value of the selected radio box is empty

  Recently done a lot of front-end page work, encountered a feeling very headache in the matter here to remember:Often use JS to echo the radio box, but clearly from the page effect, the Radio box has been selected, but it can not trigger the Change

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