js get element tag name

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An introduction JSP tag library very detailed article, can be used as a reference manual

js| Reference | Reference manual Standard JSP tags can invoke JavaBeans components or execute customer requests, which greatly reduces the complexity and maintenance of JSP development. JSP technology also allows you to customize taglib, in other

JS Gets the tag name implementation method of HTML element _javascript tips

There are 3 common ways to get elements, respectively, by element IDs, by tag names, and by class names. getElementById The DOM provides a method named getElementById that returns a Node object with its corresponding ID attribute. When used, be

JS and jquery Get the parent element, child element, sibling element method

First of all, the method of JS acquisition, which is more troublesome than the jquery method, followed by the jquery method for comparisonJS is a lot more troublesome than jquery, mainly because the FF browser, the FF browser, will take your newline

JS and jquery Get the parent element, the child element, the sibling element realization method _javascript Skill

First of all talk about the acquisition of JS, which is much more cumbersome than the jquery method, followed by the jquery method for comparison JS method is much more troublesome than jquery, mainly because the FF browser,FF browser will be your

JS gets the element's tag name implementation Method _javascript skill

Sometimes we want to get the name of a tag, for example:a get "div". Take a look at the following example: There is a class= "a" on the page, possibly input, or a normal div or span tag, now we want to add a value to this tag "value1". If it is

Native JS get element style

Summary:In the development process, we often encounter the use of JS to get or change the style of DOM elements, there are many ways, such as: by changing the DOM element class. Now let's talk about native JS to get the CSS style of DOM element,

Ext. get () and Ext. query () are combined to achieve the most flexible element fetch method _ jquery

To use the library function of ExtJS to perform various operations on the DOM, you need to obtain the object of the Element type, but Ext. although get () obtains Element, the parameter can only be id. If you like and worship jQuery selector, you

JS Common method gets element, node parent-child relationship Lookup

/** Common way to get elements* 1. Get element document.getElementById (' attribute name ') by ID* 2. Get the element document.getelementsbytagname (' attribute name ') by signing it;* 3. Use the Class property to get the element with compatibility

Get element node (DOM base)

First, DOM Introduction: with a Platform-and language-independent access and modification (methods and properties to add, move, change, or remove) The content and structure of a document (primarily a Web page). is a common way to represent and

2017-3-31 js on element Properties. Operation of the content. Timer. The level of the element, the parent, and the subset relationship.

JS action on element content:1. Operation Style (style)2. Operation Properties (Attribute)3. Operation Contents (Innerhtml/text)One. Manipulating element propertiesCommon Properties: Class. Id. Style DisabledCustom properties: You can customize an

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