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JS Implementation 60s Countdown (pro-Test effective), and the span tag how to use and disable the OnClick event

; - Border-radius:5px; - Margin-left:20px; - text-align:Center; + Margin-top:3px; - } + . Validation span{ A Color:#fff; at Line-height:30px; - font-size:14px; - } - style> - Head> - in Body> - Divclass= "Validate-div"> to inputtype= "text"class= "Validation-code"ID= "Validation-code"name= "Smscode"placeholder= "Enter Verification Code" > + Divclass= "Validation"> - spanclass=""ID= "Validate_span"

The onclick event of the JS registration control

(var i = 0; i So replace the Classrole[i],getelementsbytagname ("input") with Classrole[i].getelementsbytagname ("input") [0] Gets the collection of HTML tags that contain the input tag, so add the subscript to it.So much of it is used to click on the Select All checkbox, Below is the checkbox for clicking on a member.function Chkroles (objall) { var roles = Getelementsbyclassname ("role"); var ischeck = false; var isnotcheck = false; for (var i = 0; i The above code effect:

MU Lesson Programming topic JS TAB Toggle

The last section of the JavaScript Advanced Chapter is a tab switching program that requires the following effects.Here are two blocks, one for the content toggle display, and one for the red border style toggle.Content switching can be implemented with pure JS code, but when you need to set a red border style, JS will appear a lot of CSS code, so the unified use

Avalon with native JS tab toggle

="javascript:;"ms-class="@currentSelect. Key = = ' report ' ' active '"ms-click="Sortclick (@setting. Report)"> Trial reports if="@currentSelect. Key = = ' safety '"> 11111 if="@currentSelect. Key = = ' recommend '"> 222222 class="Award_bottom"ms-if="@currentSelect. Key = = ' Secret '"> 3333 if="@currentSelect. Key = = ' Report '"style="margin-top:0.2rem;border-bottom:1px Solid #f8f8f8"> 44444 setting: {

JS in the element (picture) Toggle and hide display problems

, (personal feeling), embedded words concise and clear, a look at understand. Here's an example:Inline type:Ahref="Images/1.jpg">ImgSrc="Images/1-small.jpg">A>Ahref="Images/2.jpg">ImgSrc="Images/2-small.jpg">A>Ahref="Images/3.jpg">ImgSrc="Images/3-small.jpg">A>a href= "images/4.jpg" >img src= "Images/4-small.jpg" >a> Span style= "color: #f7f7f1;" >a href= "images/ 5.jpg ">img src = "images/5-small.jpg" >a> In-line:Head>Body>Ahref="Images/1.jpg"oncli

Cross-browser generic, Reusable tab-TAB Toggle JS Code _javascript Tips

Getevent:function (event) { Return event? Event:window.event; }, The browser takes the target DOM node of the event object Gettarget:function (event) { return event.target| | Event.srcelement; }, To bind nodes to events across browsers Addhandler:function (Element,type,handler) { if (Element.addeventlistener) { Element.addeventlistener (Type,handler,false); }else if (element.attachevent) { Element.attachevent ("on" +type,handler); }else{ element["on" +type] = handler; } } };

JS Toggle Effect

Just a holiday home nothing, then looked at JS, in the original code, added an automatic switchDOCTYPE HTML>HTML> Head> MetaCharSet= "UTF-8"> title>JS Toggle Effecttitle> style>Body{Background-color:#CCC; }. BTN{width:100px;Height:7px;Background-color: White;margin:10px;float: Left; }. Btn:first-of-type{Background-col

tab Toggle JS making the application of index and this

. "#"Target=_blank>6. Don't laugh! I am an English word book "#"Target=_blank>7Manual of Human meridians "#"Target=_blank>8Stock market Profit "BOOK3"> "#"Target=_blank>1. Skerry Golden Children's book?.. "#"Target=_blank>2. Harry Potter and the "mixed." "#"Target=_blank>3. Not the same Carmela (.. "#"Target=_blank>4. How did they get here "#"Target=_blank>5. Five. Bad boy in class three. "#"Target=_blank>6. Boys Diaries "#"Target=_blank>7. Harry Pott

TAB tab Auto-Toggle effect JS Implementation

football "#"> Zhang Yong: To play happy football "#"> Zhang Yong: To play happy football class="MoD"style="Display:block;"> "#"> Zhang Yong: to play happy "#"> Zhang Yong: To play happy football "#"> Zhang Yong: To play happy football "#"> Zhang Yong: to play Happy Try.css*{margin:0; padding:0; List-style:none; font-size:12px;}. notice{width:298px; height:98px; margin:10px; border:1px solid #eee; Overflow:hidden;}. notice-tit{hei

Asp. NET rewrite render to load CSS style files and JS files (toggle css for skin)

There are many ways to skin a Web page, and the simplest is usually to switch between CSS and CSS, which is usually written in an external CSS file. Then switching CSS is actually replacing the link href path in HTML. I searched the internet for the next.There are generally two ways:1. Put a holder control on the page. Then programmatically write the current user's style CSS link to the page.2. Over-reflection mechanism, set CSS style on a per-control basis.The above two ways are very troublesom

Common javascript Functions on the AppBaseJs class library and _ js object-oriented functions written by other js Class Libraries

AppBaseJs class library. It is written based on common functions on the Internet and other js class libraries for your convenience. The Code is as follows: /*-----------------------------------Web Application JavaScript Library2009.11 janchie------------------------------------*/// String native object extension left and right SpacesString. prototype. trim = fu

How to use the js class library of CI and the jquery class library of CI?

configuration items can be configured in the application/config. php file, in your own config/javascript. php file, or in any controller using the set_item () function. For example, an image is used as an "ajax loader", a Progress Indicator, or a simple text message "loading" is displayed when ajax is called" $ Config ['javascript _ location'] = 'http: // localhost/codeigniter/themes/js/jquery /';$ Config ['javascript _ ajax_img '] = 'Images/ajax-loa

Native JS gets the class attribute of the element (gets all the elements of Class) and changes or adds Calssname

obtain only the var d = $class ("Dom");The meaning of this function is:var odiv = document.getElementsByTagName ("*");This means getting all the DOM elements in the pageSecond, JS change or add classname1 styletype= "Text/css">2 . Newdiv{3 Font-weight:Bold;4 }5 style>1 Script>2 functionCLK () {3 varParent=document.getElementById ("Parent");4 //parent.classname = parent.classname + "Newdiv"; Add cla

JS class background management menu class-menuswitch

The starting point of writing the menuswitch class is that as there are more and more management items in the background, a scroll bar appears in the menu display department, causing the page to be unsightly. I wrote this JS class myself. This function class adopts the popular web practice. It uses Div + CSS +

JS Class background Management menu Class-menuswitch_js object-oriented

Write the Menuswitch class starting point is because with more and more background management items, which led to the menu display of the scroll bar led to the page is very beautiful, their own Monsen write this JS class. This feature class uses the current Web2.0 approach, separating styles and functions using the DIV

Automatically complete JS class (pure JS, Ajax Mode)

1. encapsulated JS files//************************************** ******************// Creation date:// OPERATOR: oloen// Content Description: Automatically complete the JS class// Usage:// Var auto = new autoComplete (Client ID );// Auto. Init (document. all. Client ID );//************************************** ******************// Automatic completionFunction au

Automatic completion of JS class (pure JS, ajax mode) _javascript skills

One, the package JS file //******************************************************** Date Created: 2009-03-10 Author: Oloen Content Description: Automatic completion of JS class Usage: var auto = new AutoComplete (client ID); Auto. Init (document.all. Client ID); //******************************************************** Automatic completion function AutoComplete

Getting CLASS objects with native JS (simple and practical) _ javascript tips-js tutorial

This article mainly introduces how to use native JS to obtain CLASS objects. Friends who have read dom programming art may know that it is the most commonly used .... I think of dom programming art. Untitled document Sss Script function getElementsClass (classnames) {var classobj = new Array (); // defines the Array var classint = 0; // defines the Array subscript var tags = document. getE

[Smartscript] JS class library management is no longer worrying

**************************************** *****************************Copyright Notice** This document uses the Creative Commons release. Please strictly abide by this authorization protocol.* This article was first published onBlog, This statement isArticleIs an indispensable part.* Author's network name: prodigal son* Author email: Dayichen (AT) 163.com* Author's blog: Http: // www. cnblogs. com/walkingboy***************************************** **************************** [Smartscript]

Binding style and class list to vue. js learning notes

: {alert }}{{ isSafe }}// Jsvar app11 = new Vue ({el: '# classBind', data: {isWarning: true, alertList: ['redalert ', 'alert release'], alert: ''}, computed: {isSafe: function () {return! This. isWarning ;},methods: {toggle: function () {this. isWarning =! This. isWarning; this. alert = this. isWarning? This. alertList [0]: this. alertList [1] ;}}); Css: .warning{color:#f24;}.safe{color:#42b983;} When you click status text, you can switch the text and

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