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ZP's ExtJS study notes (ii)--calendar Transformation (example transformation, schedule management implementation, JSON-to-date data pre-and post-processing)

generation of the UUID of the JS, there is a need to comment that//alert (rec.data.EventId);REC.DATA.STARTSTR =Rec.data.StartDate.getTime (); Rec.data.EndStr=Rec.data.EndDate.getTime (); Rec.data.OperateType= "Add"; This. Eventstore.add (REC); This. Eventstore.sync (); This. ShowMsg (' Event ' + Rec.data.Title + ' was added '); This. Eventstore.reload (); }, Scope: This }2. Update the Schedule event (Editwindow)' Eventupdate ': {fn:function(Win, rec) {win.hide (); Rec.dat

Simple object transformation of JSON and Gson and list transformation with generics

Gson is a Java class library that Google provides to map between Java objects and JSON data. You can turn a JSON string into a Java object, or vice versa. Direct reference in Android Studio Compile ' com.google.code.gson:gson:2.2.4 'Let's look at how to convert the object: The entity classes are as follows: public class Testeneity {/*** Image:image/mango_cover.jpg* Content: Hot imported Malaysian Special

Mutual transformation of JSON and JSON strings in JavaScript

One, JSON string converted to JSON objectvar str = ' {' name ': ' cxh ', ' sex ': ' Man ', ' age ': ' + '} '/ ' method one: eval-mode-parse var obj1 = eval (' (' + str + ') '); Console.log (obj1.name); // method Two: Using the global JSON object parsing, using Json.parse strict adherence to the JSON specification, such

The transformation between JSON and JavaBean

Then the previous http://www.cnblogs.com/ya-qiang/p/9009134.html essay continues to introduce the transformation between JSON and Java objects.One, Java common Object and JSON string of the mutual transferJava Object---->jsonFirst create a Java object:public class Student {//name private string name;//age private String age;//address private string Address;public

JSON Data Transformation and application

a simple function, you can get the formatted data, you can use it directly. For other data formats, you need to convert between the original data and the formatted data. Even if you use an API such as the Document Object Model (which provides a function to convert your data structure to text), you need to learn the API and use the object of the API instead of using native JavaScript objects and syntax.The final conclusion is that JSON is almost certa

Mutual transformation of JSON, map, and struct in Go_14:golang

:"name"' Aint' JSON:" Age"'}func Teststruct2json (t*testing. T) {jsonstr:= ` { "name":"liangyongxing", " Age": A} ' var person json. Unmarshal ([]byte(JSONSTR), Person ) T.Log (person)}The result of this output is as follows:{liangyongxing 12}Of course, you can also do another experiment, verify that the corresponding field name in the tag tag is not sensitive to the case, there is no redun

The relationship and transformation between Json and JS objects

definition of a function, so this function does2 Using the Advanced browser's own parsing mechanismAdvanced browsers such as FIREFOX,CHROME,OPERA,SAFARI,IE9,IE8 can directly use the stringify () and Parse () methods of JSON objects.Json.stringify (obj) converts the JSON to a string.Json.parse (String) to convert the string to JSON format;3 The

The AJAX function based on jquery to realize the JSON transformation of Web service _jquery

But I really don't know what to do with the title of this article, if you miss it because of this bad topic, it's really a pity. I have consulted a number of articles before doing this thing: Http://www.roseindia.net/tutorials/json/parse-message-JSON-JS.shtml Http://www.json.org/js.html http://funkatron.com/site/comments/safely-parsing-json-in-javascript/ Ht

Mutual transformation of JSON objects and Java objects

1. Convert the JSON string to a Java object Jsonobject obj = new Jsonobject (). Fromobject (JSONSTR);//Convert the JSON string to a JSON object person jb = (person) jsonobject. Tobean (obj,person.class);//Convert a JSON object to a Person object2. Convert a Java object to a JSON

The transformation between Nsjsonserialization-json data and nsdictionary and Nsarray __json

Http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_7b9d64af0101ce92.html Click to open the link In iOS 5, Apple introduced a nsjsonserialization class that parses a JSON string. Through this class, we can accomplish the transformation between JSON data and Nsdictionary and Nsarray.In the past, I remember using a third party plugin. However, after the Apple out of this set of analys

Androidannotation using @rest JSON Data transformation to interact with server (ii)

* * @EActivity (R.layout.activity_main) public class Mainactivity extends activity {private static final String tag= " Aarest "; @ViewByIdButton getUser; @ViewByIdTextView mytextview; @RestServiceUserService userservice;@ Beanmyerrorhandler Errorhandlerforuserservice; @AfterVieWsvoid Afterview () {//Set Errorhandleruserservice.setresterrorhandler (Errorhandlerforuserservice);} /** * Get user list */@Clickvoid GetUser () {Getuserinbackground ();} /** * Get user list * * No login required */@Bac

The List collection transformation JSON in C #

#region Convert listpublic string List2json (List{String result = "{";if (classname. Equals (String. Empty)//If there is no name for the given class, self-made smart{Object o = objlist[0];classname = O.gettype (). ToString ();}result + = "\" "+ classname +" \ ": [";BOOL Firstline = true;//The first line does not precede the "," numberforeach (Object oo in objlist){if (!firstline){result = result + "," + Oneobjecttojson (OO);}Else{result = result + Oneobjecttojson (oo) + "";Firstline = false;}}re

Java Data Transformation (Java and JSON and resolution of map and list) __ Large data

Recently, the entire transmission of data, of course, has been in the JSON format, naturally, the conversion between the format of the data, including JSON to Java Bean object, package parsing map, list and so on. Today we'll probably record these methods for later use.One, JSON1. Convert JSON to Java objectsThe JSON s

Java JSON transformation Class Library Gson basic Use tutorial _java

Gson (Github:https://github.com/google/gson) is a Java class library that Google provides to map between Java objects and JSON data. You can turn a JSON string into a Java object, or vice versa.The most important objects in Gson are 2 Gson and Gsonbuilder.Gson has 2 basic methods.(1) Tojson () – Convert Java objects to JSON(2) Fromjson () – Convert

The transformation and transfer method of JSON in struts _java

This article mainly discusses how to quickly convert ordinary data to JSON data, and discusses 2 methods altogether: Prime Minister prepares page and entity classes: Page: Entity classes: Package bean; public class User { private int id; Private String userName; private String password; ...... Omit get and Set methods } Method One: Convert JSON data using

Custom transformation of Json strings to C # objects

Here, the Atrribute method is used to convert a Json string to a C # object. This version is only applicable to Json strings, such as "response": "Hello", "id": 21231513, "result": 100, "msg": "OK. "; instead of a Json array. The atrrikey here is used for attributes. Like Atrribute in NHibernate, it is used for reflection at runtime to obtain the key correspondin

Java JSON Transformation Library Gson Basic Usage Method Example _java

String toString () {return name + ': ' +age } } The entity is very simple, two fields, of course, the field in the entity can also be a list or set type. Gson Gson = new Gson (); list The above code focuses on the Gson object, which provides the Tojason () method to convert the object to a JSON string, with the Str object value of the above code: [{"name":"name0","age":0},{"name":"name1","age":5},{"name":"name2","age":1

The transformation of JSON object, the novice asks the great God to help

JSON object conversion, novice ask God Help

OpenGL viewpoint transformation, model transformation, projection transformation, and view Transformation

OpenGL uses camera simulation to realize the most basic 3D transformations in computer graphics, including geometric transformations, projection transformations, cropping transformations, and viewport transformations. At the same time, OpenGL also implements matrix stacks. Understanding the content of coordinate transformation, even if it truly enters the wonderful 3D world. I,OpenGLDisplay of 3D objects in (1) Coordinate System In the real world, all

Java upward transformation and downward Transformation (with a detailed example), java Transformation

Java upward transformation and downward Transformation (with a detailed example), java Transformation Java upward and downward transformations (for example) Examples of upward and downward Java transformation compiled by staying up late are very easy to understand ~~~~ 1. Upward Tr

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