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Ten tie styles-Yes for men, ladies

Friends, business people should take a look at what may be used in your work or negotiation. As a man, women who are backed by men should know more ~~~ 01. flattening One of the most widely used tie styles for men, almost applicable to various materials. TIPS: the concave holes at the bottom of the bow tie must be balanced and lined on both sides. 2. Crossover This is a selection of bow ties for low-co

Ten Methods of Tie binding [resend]

I usually don't pay much attention to dressing up. It is a common person in common people. Sometimes I encounter an important occasion. I often feel helpless. I don't even have to help my wife, so I can't even wear a tie, sweat... Today, I saw the ten methods of Tie binding on the Internet. If I had been lucky enough, I would like to archive the archive for the future. At the same time, I would like to re

How to tie

I have just learned how to tie a tie. I also searched for five types on the Internet, including flattening, Cross knot, double ring knot, Double Cross knot, and Windsor knot, now I will introduce you to the full illustration of the tie. I believe that you should be able to easily get started with step by step decomposition steps on the image and your diligent exe

10 kinds of Tie play graphics and text Tutorial _ Classic Net Pick

1, Flat knotIt is one of the most popular bow-tie styles for men, and is almost suitable for a variety of materials.Tip: The concave holes formed underneath the bow tie need to be evenly spaced and lined. 0 image.height>0) {if (image.width>=510) {This.width=510;this.height=image.height*510/image.width}}} " > 2. Cross knotThis is for monochrome simple and simple and thin ties suitable for the selection of

Tie (illustration)

For many men, it is not difficult to wear a tie. If you work for an office worker who needs to wear a shirt and tie, let alone. But to be honest! Although most men wear ties, they are only familiar with the one thousand and one types. If it weren't for "Ping Knot" or "Windsor knot", in fact, there are at least 18 types of bow ties with exclusive names in some books that teach men how to

Graphic tutorials on 10 new tie styles

1. The Windsor Knot The tie, named after the Duke of Windsor, is the most orthodox collar system. It forms a triangle and is full and powerful. It is suitable for wide-collar shirts and is used for formal occasions. Do not use a thick fabric tie to tie Windsor. 2. The four-in-hand Knot four-handed Knot The knot can be completed in four steps, so it is named

PS teaches you to draw exquisite realistic tie icons

an anchor point, adjust the lower ellipse, and make it look a bit curved. Adjust the effect after. Right-click to create a clipping mask, or ctrl+shift+alt+g, or hold down Alt in the middle of two layers, and cut the adjusted ellipse into rounded rectangles. This step may be asked, why cut into the oval disappeared? Don't worry, double-click the rounded rectangle to mediate the layer style. If you look at the diagram settings, the ellipse will appear.

How to play Tie graphic method _ Application Skills

Occasionally wear a suit tie, interval time long, easy to forget the method, in addition to the simplest kind of play can also be slowly remembered, now good, on the network found hungry to tie the tutorial, immediately collected, hehe, at the same time to share with you, need to be scripted. 1, Single knot Single knot: The classical form of tie knot. This is t

Tie image and text Method

Occasionally wear a suit and tie. After a long time, it is easy to forget the method. In addition to the simplest way of playing, you can also think of it slowly. Now, I have found a hungry tie tutorial on the Internet, I immediately added my favorites, and shared it with you. If you need it, you can follow the instructions in this article. 1. single knotSingle Knot: the classical form of

There is nothing on a foreign website. I will teach you 33 ways to tie your shoelaces.

units wear jump boots with white ladder lacing. Features:Neat distinctiveShortens moreHarder to tighten Spider Web Lacing-New!Another decorative lacing method used on military boots, which is like ladder lacing running at an angle, creating a woven web of shoelace. Features:DecorativeShortens moreFirm tightHarder to tighten Double back lacingAlthough terribly awkward to tighten, this method looks interesting, holds very f

The binding of the input and output stream pointers in Iostream/fstream, the use of the tie function.

To be compatible with the input and output of C, C + + uses the tie to flow input and output through the line bindings, so Cin/cout is not independent. The cout is also executed when CIN is executed. Vice versa.By Defalut,cin are tied to Cout,and wcin are tied to wcout.By default, CIN and cout are bound together, and wcin and Wcout are bound together.In other words, by default, we performint a;cin>>a;User input ABCD ' enter 'The process of doing this

Summary of scarf and tie styles

Scarf style, applicable to both men and women1. You can put all the data in the future. This makes it easy and complex. 2. You can close your neck and look handsome. 3. If your scarf is thick,And you don't want to put all the scarves in the back. Just loosen your neck! 4. Fold the two sides of the scarf,If it is long,Long side,Short Side,If it is short,It is best to keep one side long and short.Then, set the two sides of the scarf,Put it in a half-circle..You can also try this method.

Group 2016 research and development engineer Pen test (tie shoelace problem)

From A to B, there is an escalator in the middle, the total distance and the length of the escalator is fixed, in order to catch up the whole journey in the walk (including the escalator), halfway found that the shoelace loose, need to stop to tie the laces. Please tell me how to tie the laces on the escalator. Tie your shoelaces on the road for a short jou

[Pin to the top] portal of textview of Android Xuan Tie Jian

Portal: Previous section Xuan tiejianJin Yong, the first martial arts sword! The yundun is an exclusive game of the World. After the age of 40, the yundun is the hero of the artifact. Before the treasure of the gods, the sword was given to Xiao dongxie Guo yu. Before Xiangyang City broke, Guo Jing and Huang Rong and his wife invited the High-tech craftsman to build the yitianjian, the Dragon Sword and the two God soldiers, and hidden in the "9 Yin Zhenjing", "down the Dragon 18 palm spectru

Tie line: What are the significant effects that CRM systems can bring to your business?

Enterprises NeedCRM system? We explain why your business needs a CRM system, but also teach you how to choose a CRM system, today's link line CRM system small series to share with you is how the CRM system can bring significant results to the enterprise . 650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http://s2.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/85/78/wKioL1ekU9WBvhxnAAC3tPxL_nA520.jpg-wh_500x0-wm_3 -wmp_4-s_1430494686.jpg "title=" tie line: What are the significant effects that CRM

New 10 kinds of tie of the play graphics and text Tutorial _ Classic Net Pick

1.The Windsor Knot Windsor knot The tie knot, which is named after the Duke of Windsor, is the most orthodox collar method, and is made into a positive triangle, full of strength, suitable for matching wide collar shirts for formal occasions. Do not use the fabric too thick tie to play Windsor knot. 2.The Four-in-hand Knot four hand knot Through four steps can be completed knot, so called "four hand knot"

Renren Zhang tie an: Analysis of the Feed System Architecture

Original article: http://www.csdn.net/article/2010-07-26/277273 Following the successful holding of the first Tup event, the second Tup event jointly planned by csdn and programmer magazine arrived on schedule in the hongyun 2 Hall of the Beijing liting Huayuan Hotel, this activity focuses on the hot social networks, Weibo architectures, and real-time search fields with the Web 2.0 technology as the topic. Provides a fully open communication platform for participants on the technology, product d

[Original] Tie strategy-semi-Windsor knot

Keywords: Work, interview, suit, formal dress, IT, tie, leather shoes, semi-Windsor knot, the half windsor knot, look at half windsor knot from another angle, suit When you are looking for a job, you sometimes need to wear formal attire. You do not usually wear a suit. You may not wear a tie in the key case. Save this page on your phone for future use. They are all small pictures, so you can easily view th

Sony's new tie-iron headset

Recently launched at the IFA Conference new flagship XBA-Z5, magnesium alloy shell, silver-plated OFC line, work than the current ring iron flagship XBA-H3 is obviously better than a grade, let people heart. I don't know if there is any problem to improve the wearing comfort of XBA-H3. This time, we have not released the traditional mobile circle flagship ex series. It seems that it has replaced exk to become the new generation flagship ear plug (the ex Listening Series will not be replaced by t

Network wiring frame how to tie line

Network wiring frame how to tie line Material Preparation: Step One:Put the network cable into the stripping edge, reserving 40MM lengthStep Two:The rotary stripping knife cuts off the outer skinStep Three:The network cable according to international standard line order T568B card into the clamp Step Four:Use a wire to press and cut the cable.Step Five:Finish the line as shownStep Six:Then press the other line in the orderStep Seven:Fasten th

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