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JAVA Development FAQ and java Development FAQ

JAVA Development FAQ and java Development FAQ When the MySQL table has two field types: TIMESTAMP, the following problems often occur: Caused by: java. SQL. SQLException: Value '2017-00-00 00:00:00 'can not be represented as java. SQL. TimestampAt com. mysql. jdbc. SQLError. createSQLException (SQLError. java: 1078)At com. mysql. jdbc. SQLError. createSQLException (SQLError. java: 989)At com. mysql. jdbc.

SysBase FAQ [set character set] And sysbase FAQ

SysBase FAQ [set character set] And sysbase FAQ 1) character encoding problems:(2402) Error converting characters into server's character set, Some character9s) cocould not be conver[Mainly causes insert and drop exceptions] Perform encoding settings after SysBase is installed [very troublesome] How to view server and client character setsView the server character set:Run the following command in the isql e

[Interview] [Spring FAQ summary] [01], spring FAQ 01

[Interview] [Spring FAQ summary] [01], spring FAQ 01Spring is an open-source framework. Spring was a lightweight Java development framework that emerged in 2003, it is derived from part of the concepts and prototype stated by Rod Johnson in his book "Expert One-On-One J2EE Development and Design. It is created to solve the complexity of enterprise application development. One of the main advantages of the F

[Interview] [Spring FAQ summary] [03], spring FAQ 03

[Interview] [Spring FAQ summary] [03], spring FAQ 0321. Automatic Bean Detection To configure automatic detection, you must use the @ Component -- generic constructor annotation that identifies this class as a Spring Component @ Controller -- Define the class as SpringMVC controller @ Respository -- identifies the class as a data warehouse @ Service -- identify to define this class as a Service22. filter c

Use of the fetch function-FAQ and faq of the fetch Function

Use of the fetch function-FAQ and faq of the fetch Function Use of fetch: Overall format: Fetch ('url ', { Mode: 'cors ', Method: 'post ', Headers :{ 'Content-type': 'application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset = UTF-8 ', [need to specify] }, Body: JSON. stringify ({a: '000000 '}), },). Then (); Verify that the front and back ends are strings in JSON format. Note: 'content-type': there are only three types

Css multi-browsing FAQ and css browsing FAQ

Css multi-browsing FAQ and css browsing FAQ CSS compatibility with various browsers has become a common issue, and Web tutorials are everywhere.The following content is not too novel and is purely personal summary. I hope it will be helpful to beginners.I. CSS HACKThe following two methods can solve almost all today's HACK. 1 ,! Important With IE7! Important Support ,! The important method is only applicabl

Mybatis FAQ and mybatis FAQ

Mybatis FAQ and mybatis FAQ1. Mybatis basics: # {...} and $ {...}MyBatis will #{...} It is interpreted as a parameter mark of JDBC prepared statement. And $ {...} Interpreted as string replacement. It is useful to understand the differences between the two, because parameter markers cannot be used in some SQL statements ).For example, we cannot use parameter tags in the position of table name.Suppose there is the following code:01. Map 02. parms. put

Win10 FAQ-the taskbar disappears and win10 FAQ

Win10 FAQ-the taskbar disappears and win10 FAQProblem description: O had a bitter taste of win10, and there were endless bugs. The two biggest bugs currently encountered were: 1. Black screen appears at a high probability after startup, only the mouse, no desktop, cannot be saved 2. The task bar may be lost at a high probability of normal operation and cannot be saved. Problem 1: There is no good solution so far. You can only restart it, Question

Java FAQ and java FAQ

Java FAQ and java FAQ 1. What is a Java Virtual Machine? Why is Java called a platform-independent programming language "? Java virtual machine is a virtual machine process that can execute Java bytecode. Java source files are compiled into bytecode files executed by Java virtual machines.Java is designed to allow applications to run on any platform without the need for programmers to rewrite or recompile

Visual C + + exception (Exception) FAQ (original title: A Visual C + + Exception FAQ)

object. The function is to delete the Mfcstdexception object, by prohibiting the creation of the local exception object, it is good to avoid throwing the local exception object pointer error behavior.In the case of MFC programming, it is necessary to use a technique similar to the one above if you want to maintain the robustness of the program by mixing various types of exceptions. This is easier to capture than just writing try{}catch (...), and it throws an exception to the block of code that

MySQL installation FAQ (File not found, system service cannot start...), mysql FAQ

MySQL installation FAQ (File not found, system service cannot start...), mysql FAQ When installing mysql, you will always encounter problems. Every time you reinstall mysql, it will take a lot of time to troubleshoot. There are actually a lot of related articles on the Internet, but many of them only talk about the method, but do not talk about the specific details, leading to the failure to solve the probl

Linux Kernel/module development FAQ (FAQ)

http://www.kernelnewbies.org/faq.2.10 what is the definition of list_entry?A. list_entry is defined in the kernel source File Include/Linux/list. h:# Define list_entry (PTR, type, member )/(Type *) (char *) (PTR)-(unsigned long) ( (type *) 0)-> member )))B. Its function is to convert the pointer PTR of list_head to the starting address of its host structure. The host structure isType, and PTR is defined as a Member member in its host structure. For e

I have sorted out a FAQ, and a FAQ for beginners.

I sorted out a FAQ and asked the newbie to take a look-a quiet dog-blog Garden I have compiled a FAQ for beginners to take a look. I. Unix/Linux environment Q: I want to learnProgramWhat language should I use for design? What books should I read?A: C should be preferred. Most of the software running on UNIX itself and on it is written in C. The UNIX operating system API (System Call) interface is a

Java FAQ & lt; 1 & gt;, java FAQ

Java FAQ 1. Which of the following statements is true:A. The form parameter can be modified by the field modifier B. The form parameter cannot be object C. The form parameter is actually passed when the method is called D. The form parameter can be regarded as local. variable reference answer: D 2. The sequence set used by Java is A, ascii B, BCD C, DCB D, and Unicode) 3. What functions does the Java reflection mechanism provide? A. Determine the Cla

LNMP installation FAQ and lnmp FAQ

LNMP installation FAQ and lnmp FAQ1. ERROR: invalid PHP executable specified by TEST_PHP_EXECUTABLE =/usr/local/src/php-5.3.18/sapi/cli/phpCause: make php errors mean: Close the security mode is good, it is a fault caused by testing the safe mode. Latest php versionInstallThe safe Module is no longer in the package. Solution: Ignore this error and make install directly.2. nginx: [emerg] getpwnam ("www") failedCase: when the test file is run after ngin

JavaScript Basics FAQ _ Basics

today saw a very good JavaScript FAQ on the web, trying to translate some content and share it with friends for fear that they would not be able to read it all the time. FAQ Original Address: http://www.javascripter.net/faq/index.htm First, frequently asked questions 1, about this FAQ (about this

jquery implementation defaults to the closed FAQ expand Effects Menu _jquery

This example describes the jquery implementation by default a closed FAQ expansion effect menu. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: This is a closed FAQ display menu, which focuses on the use of jquery. Boolean value is (String expr) checks the currently selected collection of elements with an expression that returns true if at least one of the elements conforms to the given exp

ARCSDE FAQ Summary (iii)

Utility-------------------------------- ---------------------Usage for Sdedbtune:sdedbtune-o import-f 5:windows solutions that SDE services cannot start automatically after the operating system starts Answer: Reference http://blog.csdn.net/liufeng1980423/article/details/6069783 ARCSDE FAQ Summary (i)ARCSDE FAQ Summary (ii)ARCSDE FAQ ---

Linux XAMPP FAQ stay here and make a memo.

Linux XAMPP FAQ stay here to do memo XAMPP Linux frequently asked QuestionsHow do I install XAMPP?Suod./xampp-linux-x64-5.6.3-0-installer.run--mode GTK # Default is QT, I use the GNOME desktopHow does I start XAMPP?Sudo/opt/lampp/lampp startXAMPP: starting Apache...fail. XAMPP: Another Web server is already runningsudo service apache2 stopsudo sercice mysqld stopsudo sercice httpd stopsudo chkconfig httpd offSee:http://www.aboutlinux.info/2006/04

Spring Cloud, Eureka FAQ Summary

In Spring Cloud, Eureka FAQ Summary.1eureka.environment: Specifying the environmentReference Documentation:1eureka.datacenter: Specify Data centerReference documentation: Using configuration items:1 Eureka.instance.leaseRenewalIntervalInSeconds Reference Documentation:123Why is it so Slow to Register a Service? Being An instance also involves a periodic heartbeat to the registry (via the client's Serviceurl) with default dur

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