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Julia Experience language feature meta programming, macro

On the basis of language, release-1.1, the individual feels that the language is far from the ideal country of his heart. This language because the audience is not only the programmer has a lot of confusing design, but it is strange that its syntax and other imagery design, although it is not intended for programmers, the intrinsic is provided a large number of n

Julia programming language with the rise of machine learning

Julia This programming language is the development efficiency of Python, also has the execution efficiency of C, is the programming language that designs for numerical operation. Julia can call C directly, many open source C and F

Julia programming language

Julia is a high-performance dynamic high-level programming language for scientific computing. Its syntax is similar to other scientific computational languages. In many cases, it has performance comparable to the compiled language.Julia is a high-performance dynamic high-level programming

TIOBE September programming Language rankings: Julia First 50

engines (such as Google, MSN, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, YouTube, and Baidu) (Basic tutorial Qkxue.net). Please note that this leaderboard only reflects the popularity of a programming language, and does not explain how much a programming language is good or how many codes are written in a language.This leaderboard can be use

When did you start focusing on the Go language? What prompted your team to decide to use the Go language? And what is the reason for the "Go Language Programming" book?

the world's top bull and Google's strong commitment to support, And after our group of love toss the yard of the full test and testing to confirm, why not. As the saying goes, it is not our blind adventures to make decisions with Go, but the clear conclusion that we first ate crabs a few years ago and have been tested by practice. When using Go language programming, in addition to the official website pu

Some attempts at Julia's language

After discovering Julia's programming language a few days ago, he decided to make some attempts at it, and then wrote the following small program, also to see how fast the language so called speed.Integer summation:x=0function fff () for in1:1000000000 Global x + =I end println (x) endfff ()x=0for in1:1000000000 global x+=iendprintln (x) functi

The best Julia language

Work on data/machine learning for many years. Most familiar with C + +, Matlab/r/python/java/scala have been used. But the experience of each language always feels flawed.One idea: If you're not a language expert, then programming languages are just tools to implement ideas. The more important thing is how to quickly and accurately implement functions and ideas,

"80x86 assembly Language Programming Tutorial" 25 conclusion (reading: How about this book)

The recommended star rating for this book is: 5 stars. After all, it is a classic book, Nothing to say.As far as the Assembly itself is concerned, the preparation of high-efficiency programs and the optimization, commissioning, and reverse engineering of the project is a foundation; in terms of the theoretical operating system, the assembly lets you understand the CPU, understand the architecture of the com

Programming language Tutorial Book How to write: Learn from K&r!

Original address: Lax Language TutorialsAndrew BinstockEvery year in the review of Jolt Awards books, I will be a number of language tutorial books are exhausted. Judging from these years of experience, these language tutorials are well written, but in addition, there are few bright spots. In other words, these books are very rigorous, very sophisticated, if the

2014 Worth Learning programming language book

sales of more than millions series of books for more than 10 consecutive years to create a classic brand intuitive, step-by-step learning courses to master the best starting point of knowledge "Read less, do more" (intensive reading more practice) teaching ideas to guide the reader to complete the most common tasks You can also choose it without editing experience. "Whether you are a beginner or an experienced programmer, when you learn a new

Book introduction to C language programming in Linux

The book introduction to C language programming in Linux-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. This book introduces c language

Another mistake in the Go Language programming book

"Go language Programming" in the book "2.4.1 Conditional statement" There is a mistake, should be in the book using the Go language version is less than the 1.1 version, the original text as follows: In a function that has a return value, it is not allowed to "final"ReturnSt

Programming Language-the path to practice is a special book

Programming Language-the path to practice is a special book that focuses on the principles of compilation and interpretation of programming languages, taking the performance of data types, subprograms, and other specific programming concepts in the computer architecture as a

The best programming language book on Earth: LearningPHP-php Tutorial

The best programming language book on Earth: LearningPHP If you want to get started with PHP, this book is essential. author David Sklar (PHP Cookbook) guides you through aspects of the language you need to build dynamic server-side websites. by grouping features of PHP 5.x

Book Reviews: C Programming Language

Many students asked me: I want to learn C/C ++.ProgramWhat are the good teaching materials for designing languages? Here, I will answer: C Programming Language If you ask me: Why? What I want to tell you is: this is the "9 Yin Zhenjing" in the C programming language ". Author of this

2015 Top 10 programming language learning Videos + book Tutorials

2015 Top 10 programming languages, this list is based on2015 RedMonk Community Language rankings2015 Jobs Tractor Community language trends2015 programming language Community Tiobe language rankingsCombined with these 3 rankings.

Another mistake in the Go Language programming book

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. "Go language Programming" in the book "2.4.1 Conditional statement" There is a mistake, should be in the book using the Go language version is less than the 1.1 version, the original text as fo

Example compilation in the Intel Assembler Language programming book

Just see this example is tangled up ... Compile but Ah, Google after seeing a lot of people will be ... Later, after a query, found the compilation methodCompile with masm615:In addition to connecting the necessary Lib files in the example, is to set masm615 environment variables, pach add masm615 directory, include (no new) Add include directory, lib add Lib directory, for example:Pach:x:\masm615\Include:x:\masm615\includeLib:x:\masm615\libX is the disk that holds the MASM, the directory behind

TIOBE January 2017 Language rankings: Go language received 2016 programming language _ programming language

Tiobe's annual programming language Laurel was awarded to the most popular programming language of the year, and Google's go language won the honor with a big score this year, with little competition. The 2016 go language gained 2

C language, four books, five classics-C language book recommendation

C language books. What, C language? Some readers are wondering. Yes, this time the main character is the C language that was born in 1973 and is now full of children and grandchildren. The reason we want to talk about C is not only because of its profound influence, but it can be proved by the prosperous development of the C-series

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