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Cracking Wifi WPA-WPA2 in 5 second--dumpper v.80.8 +jumpstart+winpcap

Although the title is 5 seconds to crack WPA-WPA2 WiFi password, but in fact this is the kind of router for foreign countries, our big celestial routers more and more powerful. Some routers have anti-pin, even some routers do not have pin,wps and so on. But there are some that should be useful. Here's how to say:Tool: I downloaded the dumpper v.80.8 +jumpstart+winpcap in https://sourceforge.net/projects/dum

Oracle t4-2 Installation with Jumpstart method Solaris10

Label:2 issues encountered during the installation process1) Hard RAID disk not recognized during installationT4-2 's 2 local disks do hard raid, the hard RAID disk is not recognized with Jumpstart installation, the error message is as follows: {0} OK boot net-install nowinboot device:/[emailprotected]/[emailprotected]/[emailprotected]/[ Emailprotected]/[emailprotected] File and args:-Install nowin1000 Mbps full duplex Link uprequesting Intern ET addr

ASP. NET jumpstart: Asp. net2.0 learning Quartet

1. ASP. NET jumpstart: Introduction to media share library Starter Kit Bill evjenReuters Applicable:Microsoft ASP. Network 2.0Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 express Edition Abstract:Learn how to use Microsoft ASP. NET and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 or Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2005 express edition to build your own starter toolkit.Source: msdn 2. ASP. NET jumpstart: Build the data layer o

Blog Park's first fight-HTML5 jumpstart study Note 1: Semantic Structure 6 years confused: developer's "stiff style"

I. Some insights It takes about half a year to register a blog. I haven't written a blog yet. I used to access csdn before. during training, I often write Study Notes on csdn. After half a year of work, I was very busy, so I turned to shame on my blog writing habits. Today, I have been engaged in old business and moved my family to a more professional blog Park. I hope that I can continue to share, learn, and improve my family together. Just now, I read an article on the homepage-6 years ago: th

Transform small wifi into a wireless card (small wifi can receive WiFi signal)

Install the official small WiFi drive, only let it as a wireless signal transmitter, but I want to through the small WiFi to allow my desktop computer can all receive wireless signal, so after a toss finally success. Mine is Win7.Small WiFi does not accept the wireless signal, can not be used as a normal wireless card. So I came up with a method: The small degree

WiFi Sharing wizard not only shares WiFi

Whether it's a high-tech mobile phone in Iron Man, or a 3D computer where avatar can manipulate everything, the ubiquitous connection is the simplest dream of technology for the future. At just the end of the 2013-year Tencent we conference, Tencent CEO Ma summed up the internet in the future of the seven directions, in which the concept of "connectivity" is particularly recognized by the industry, and the "connection" is connected to the physical world, the user can touch all aspects of life wi

WiFi location principle and IOS WiFi list access

WiFi location principle and IOS WiFi list accessFor everyone, WiFi should be a familiar word, and we may be using WiFi hotspots every day. Wifi In addition to provide us with a focus on the role of positioning, now mobile devices to the user's privacy protection is increasin

Android system transplantation and debugging -------) how to add an adb wifi wireless debugging function [developer options]-[Wifi debugging]

Android system transplantation and debugging -------) how to add an adb wifi wireless debugging function [developer options]-[Wifi debugging] First, understand how to set adb wifi wireless debugging function, as shown below. 1. Enable the adb tcp connection port on the mobile phone end :/$setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555:/$stop adbd:/$start adbd Specifically, se

Android WiFi tutorial WiFi list display

1. How to get the WiFi object and operate the WiFi device, you need to get Context.getsystemservice (Context.wifi_service) to get the Wifimanager object, and use this object to manage WiFi devices. Addnetwork (wificonfiguration config) Adds a config description of the WiFi network, by default, this

[Smart Home] applications of wifi in Smart Home and wifi in Smart Home

[Smart Home] applications of wifi in Smart Home and wifi in Smart Home Reprint please indicate the source: http://blog.csdn.net/Righthek thank you! When designing a smart home system solution, a critical point is the networking mode. The networking mode is related to the stability, scalability, and real-time performance of the entire Smart Home System. In terms of installation and maintenance, I think no on

How does a WiFi companion work? Flash WiFi Companion Tutorial

Flash is China's Zhejiang Telecom for college users to launch the dial-up Internet software, after the successful dial-up, users can be converted to wireless WiFi through the WiFi shared companion software, easy to use mobile devices, WiFi companion software users can freely set WiFi hotspot name and password, you can

How does Tencent WiFi Butler connect to WiFi?

Mobile phone want to visit the page, need data, traffic, of course, can also through WiFi, this time need some WiFi helper class gadgets, small series today recommended Tencent WiFi Butler, this is a similar WiFi universal key tools to allow users free access to many WiFi Oh

"Smart Home article" WiFi Driver Understanding (3) Role of the--usb interface in the WiFi module

reprint Please indicate source: Http://blog.csdn.net/Righthek Thank you! The previous article has mentioned that the most important two functions of the USB interface in the WiFi module are Usb_read_port () and Usb_write_port (). So how do they relate to WiFi? We can analyze from the following three aspects:1, the first need to clear the WiFi module is a USB devi

Android wifi explanation wifi list display, androidwifi

Android wifi explanation wifi list display, androidwifi1. To obtain a Wi-Fi object and perform operations on the wifi device, you must first obtain Context. getSystemService (Context. WIFI_SERVICE) to obtain the WifiManager object and use this object to manage the WIFI device. AddNetwork (WifiConfiguration config) adds

WiFi learning for Android (2) -- connecting to wifi

Previous articles have briefly explained the basic knowledge of wifi. For more information, see WiFi learning for Android (1 ). On this basis, this article further improves program functions, the main functions are to enable the wireless network card, disable the wireless network card, check the network card status, scan the network, scan the results, connect to wifi

Android code connected to WiFi when the system switched to other WiFi issues

First of all, the Android code connected to WiFi a few steps : (The following refers to the specific API function self-examination ha, write the time by virtue of the impression of roughly written down)Reprint please specify the source:Fat Tiger : HTTP://BLOG.CSDN.NET/LJPHHJ1. First to turn on the wifi connection switch, mwifimanager.setwifienabled (TRUE)2. Geta list of

First step: Uninstall the "WiFi Master key" on your phone! Will share the WiFi in their home

Http://www.znds.com/tv-164866-1-1.htmlLandlord today's home WiFi card does not, thought, 20M Telecom fiber no reason so card! So on the internet to find a lot of information, the next unified collection to everyone!First step: Uninstall the "WiFi Master key" on your phone!first WiFi password settings not too simple, such as pure digital, pure English and so on! o

WiFi sharing master failed to create WiFi

wifi sharing master Create WiFi failed to do? WiFi Share Master A free Wi-Fi hotspot software that uses a laptop or desktop wireless card to share free wireless hotspots. Recently, some netizens to the small series, in the use of WiFi sharing master when the creation of WiFi

RT3070 WiFi + HOSTAPD based on Zynq WiFi and WIFIAP

Prior to the blog to achieve the compiler RT3070 driver Implementation STA mode and SOFTAP mode of WiFi, here to implement another way, seemingly is now relatively new, the two can also be implemented is slightly old. Host development environment: ubuntu14.04Cross-Compiler: ARM-XILINX-LINUX-GNUEABI-GCCLinux kernel version: Linux-3.6.0Development platform: ZYNQ Digital BoardAuthor: Zhu Thank http://blog.csdn.net/zhengnice/article/details/51694474and ht

How to create free wifi in Win10 ?, Create wifi in win10

How to create free wifi in Win10 ?, Create wifi in win10 Because traffic-based Internet access requires payment, many friends use free WIFI when accessing the Internet through their mobile phones. Of course, there are many ways to create free WIFI using the computer network, but most of them either need to use complex

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