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Graph deduction strategy in FW (3)-send to FW beginners (single background wedding dress map)

Continue to deduct the figure. Today, the status is good. After playing the word for half a day, the head is not dizzy, and the eyes are not spent. Then I will learn to buckle the wedding dress! From the very beginning, deduct the wedding dress map of the monochrome background. To put it bluntly, the key to deducting a wedding dress is to ultimately handle the transparent effect of the wedding dress. To this end, this example uses the tool that we usually seldom use in the

Graph deduction strategy in FW (7) -- for FW beginners (non-black hair on a monochrome background)

In this example, a well-known software is coming soon -- knockout 2.0, a professional software used for photo deduction! Of course, the biggest news is that this software supports the FW operating environment. That is to say, during the installation process, we can select the object-oriented path to the "plug-in" directory of the FW installation directory. After the installation is complete, run

[Juniper] common configuration methods for daily maintenance of switches and routine maintenance of juniper

[Juniper] common configuration methods for daily maintenance of switches and routine maintenance of juniper The juniper device is different from other vendors, and adopts the configuration concept of submitting for effectiveness. This greatly reduces misoperations. Note: All configurations do not take effect immediately after they are configured. You need to sub

Graph deduction strategy in FW (4)-for FW beginners (black and white backgrounds with black hair)

has been found in FW. I will stay for further study! In this example, the first type is the simplest.In this example, a "filter" -- "convert to Alpha" is used. Do not underestimate this filter. If it is just a single black/white background, through the use of such a small filter effect, we can achieve the expected deduction. Well, as shown in the example, before the tutorial starts, Let's first look at the material graph to be processed: 1. Before

The hero Tang is flying "actual combat juniper Introductory Course"

The hero Tang in the fly in the 51CTO College launched a experience-based, combat-oriented juniper Introductory course, on-site recording has been One-third, welcome to join us, to make valuable comments. Http://,Actual Combat Juniper Introductory course QQ Group 263,642,196 only paid trainees are allowed to join, and a paid 51CTO username is required. This group prov

NAT/FW traversal in P2P communication

Abstract: P2P (Peer-to-Peer) communication has developed rapidly and has a great impact. Like traditional communication, P2P communication is also restricted by the NAT/FW traversal problem. Therefore, it is very important to solve the NAT/FW traversal problem. Compared with traditional communication, NAT/FW traversal in P2P communication has many unique issues a

How to back up configuration files for Cisco, ruijie, And Juniper

>Put 3F-J-SW-EX4200-23F-J-SW-EX4200-2_2013 1128// Export the configuration file. "3F-J-SW-EX4200-2_20131128" indicates the name of the exported configuration file. Local: 3F-J-SW-EX4200-2 remote: 3F-J-SW-EX4200-2_20131128 200 PORT command successful. 150 the File status is normal. Prepare to start the data connection. 100% | ************************************** * *********** | 16961 --: -- ETA 226 closing data connection; file transfer completed successfully. 16961 bytes sent in 0.13 seconds (

Juniper Infrastructure Firewall System Solution

The problems that customers face Organizations cannot tolerate attacks in the network spreading to all sensitive resources of the company. Businesses want to be able to quickly identify, control, and eliminate attacks to ensure that network resources are not compromised or compromised. To further refine perimeter firewalls and protect the internal network from increasingly complex types of attacks, including attacks that hide in network traffic or attacks that completely bypass security precauti

Juniper EX2200 Switch configuration experience

CISCO and HUAWEI vswitches are usually used in many projects, while Juniper vswitches are rarely used. A juniper switch EX2200 has been redeployed from elsewhere in a project of the Organization. You need to debug the test project. Generally, the switch model is different, and the command line and configuration are also different. Because this switch has never been used before, it is unclear about its confi

How to view juniper enterprise-level route publishing certification plan

Many people may not have a special understanding of juniper enterprise-level routing. Next we will give a comprehensive introduction to juniper enterprise-level routing certification, so that you can have a better understanding of juniper routing. Juniper network, a high-performance network leader, today announced the

Juniper, underfix L2TP, mingdu Chen Cang

to authenticate the experiment topology: 650) this. width = 650; "title =" top_acs "style =" border-right: 0px; border-top: 0px; border-left: 0px; border-bottom: 0px "height =" 431 "alt =" top_acs "border =" 0 "src =" "/>1. Configure juniper firewall 1.1 to configure the address pool 650) this. width = 650; "title =" acs.1.0 "style =" border-right: 0px; border-top: 0px; border-left: 0px; bord

Basic configurations of Juniper Ex series switches

Juniper Ex series switchesIt takes about 2-3 minutes to start the instance. Please wait. After the Console port is connected, if the vswitch has been configured with a user name and password, enter the User name: root, password: xxxxxx, and press enter to enter the system. If it is an unconfigured switch, the default user is root, and there is no password, you can directly enter the system. Juniper Ex Serie

Juniper Junos OS DoS Vulnerability (CVE-2016-1262)

Juniper Junos OS DoS Vulnerability (CVE-2016-1262)Juniper Junos OS DoS Vulnerability (CVE-2016-1262) Release date:Updated on:Affected Systems: Juniper Networks Junos OS Juniper Networks Junos operating system 15.1X49 Juniper Networks Junos operating system 12.1X48

Static Routing Between the juniper Router and the SRX Firewall

Real juniper devices are expensive, so we use simulators to simulate juniper routers and juniper srx firewalls. The topology is simple: Juniper router em0.0 ------------ VM1----------------SRX ge0/0/0.0 That is to say, the first network adapter of juniper router and srx is

Juniper EX Series Switch upgrade process

The upgrade process of the Juniper EX series switches has recently come into contact with the juniper-branded switches. At the beginning, I had no clue at all, because I had previously renewed the configurations of the cisco Series switches. However, after a long time of contact, we can start to understand the configuration of juniper. Let's talk about the upgrad

Juniper Platform Construction

When I first learned about Juniper, I really didn't understand anything. I didn't mean that I didn't understand TCP/IP, but simply couldn't configure the Juniper Router. The reasons for this are mainly from two aspects: the simulator was too long to start, and there was too little information on the Internet. When I configured the Juniper Router on Gns3, the dire

Juniper Firewall Configuration Backup method

In order to prevent the Juniper Firewall equipment failure in the case of network interruption, to ensure the uninterrupted operation of the user business, the Juniper Firewall is the case of the rapid recovery of the specific description. Juniper Firewall configuration Backup, device restart: Juniper Firewall during

Security Warning: more than 300 juniper network devices in China are affected by Backdoors

Security Warning: more than 300 juniper network devices in China are affected by Backdoors On July 15, the Juniper official website published a Security Bulletin stating that unauthorized code was found in their Netscrren firewall's screnos software, which involved two security issues, one is in the VPN authentication code implementation is placed in the backdoor, allow attackers to passively decrypt the VP

Juniper firewall configuration backup

To prevent network interruptions caused by the failure of the Juniper firewall device and ensure uninterrupted operation of user services, we will describe the rapid recovery of the Juniper firewall under the fault.One of the backup configurations of the Juniper firewall and the restart of the device: if the system reset is required when the

Juniper Old driver Experience (SRX Firewall optimization) Video course on line

Juniper Old driver Experience (SRX Firewall optimization) Video course on lineEveryone in the QQ group, the forum often ask questions, many people on the SRX double machine is not very understanding, the actual work encountered too many problems, provoked a little trouble.For this I recorded a Juniper old driver experience (SRX Firewall optimization) Video course, on-line. Only 9 dollars, a nominal charge,

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