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[Juniper] common configuration methods for daily maintenance of switches and routine maintenance of juniper

[Juniper] common configuration methods for daily maintenance of switches and routine maintenance of juniper The juniper device is different from other vendors, and adopts the configuration concept of submitting for effectiveness. This greatly reduces misoperations. Note: Al

Static Routing Between the juniper Router and the SRX Firewall

Real juniper devices are expensive, so we use simulators to simulate juniper routers and juniper srx firewalls. The topology is simple: Juniper router em0.0 ------------ VM1----------------SRX ge0/0/0.0 That is to say, the first network adapter of

Juniper Router Certification Summary

1 Juniper Router enters configuration mode for the first time, you must set the login password, or the commit prompts for a root-authentication password, and the login password method is set as follows: Root#set system Root-authentication Plain-text-password New Password: (the password here must be a combination of numbers + letters, at least 6 digits) Retype

Juniper-ssg-netscreen series High Availability CLI configuration finalization

First of all, for the theory of literacy, you need to understand ha what it is and whether it is similar to other high availability, not much to say. You can look down.Juniper-netscreen os ha High availability configuration HA NetScreen Company's NSRP agreement is Juniper company based on the VRRP protocol specification independent Development Agreement, the firewall as the core network of the

VRRP configuration instance on Juniper Firewall

Experiment on a PC running FreeBSD and Junos, topology as above: Virtual IP (VIP) addresses = and R1 is Master's VLAN 520 and R2 is back R2 is Master's VLAN 530 and R1 is back MD5 authentication is enabled. For VLAN 520, the key is ' vrrp520 '. For VLAN 530, the key is "vrrp530" My virtual router configuration, track first Logical-systems {r1 {interfaces {fxp1 {unit {Vlan-id 13;

Juniper Olive Dynamic routing RIP configuration case

The diagram above is a configuration topology diagram R1,R2,R3,R4 all RIPv2 get the route, the following is the configuration document. System {root-authentication {Encrypted-password "$1$pc0igedw$xh19u99vsa6azotdk9bfz."; # Secret-data} logi n {User Mengmeng {UID 2001; Class Super-user; Authentication {Encrypted-password "$1$keim0kf/$ezlHwRupnb 7HFdUZVdIvE."; # # Secret-data}}} Services {telnet;

Juniper EX8200 Series Switch Configuration common commands

Enable disabling of a port[Email protected]# set Interfaces GE-0/0/4 disable #1. Close port[Email protected]# Delete interfaces GE-0/0/4 disable #2. Recovery portConfigure MGT Port IP[Email protected]# set interfaces ME0 Unit 0 family inet address interface Parameters[Email protected]# Edit Interfaces GE-0/0/1[Email protected]# set description "Connect to Juniper 6350" # "Set Port description"[Email protected]# set mac 00:1f:12:3

JUNIPER-SSG Series Sub-interface (one-arm routing) configuration termination

, analysis and pre-planning: planning as illustrated aboveAnalyze customer's tentative topology scheme to realize multi-VLAN communication. G0/0/48 Port made trunk, theoretically sw-a will only let 10.10.0.X/24 host, Juniper Firewall ping vlanif1-6 can go, this is the problem, only 10.10.0.X/24 host, The port will be able to go to the juniper device without making the case. Then you can realize that the dir

Configuration of Nagios CHECK_MK monitoring juniper in Linux

First, open Juniper SNMP configuration The code is as follows Copy Code #设备标识信息和联系信息Set SNMP location 361way_officeSet SNMP Contact ""#配置snmp及允许连接的客户端IPSet SNMP Community public authorization read-onlySet SNMP Community public clients To detect the normal availability of data through Snmpwalk after co

MRTG Monitoring Juniper Firewall traffic configuration in Linux

First, Juniper Open SNMP The steps to turn on SNMP are the same as yesterday's reference to configuration methods, which is skipped here.Second, install the configuration MRTG 1, installation MRTG's official page is, the latest version is 2.17.4. You can choose to compile the installation using the source package, or you can select

How the mercury router backs up the mercury router backup configuration file method

router with the backup path file, click on the following "Load configuration file", as shown in the following figure. Mercury Router Restore Backup configuration file method Finally will be a pop-up to restore the router c

TP-Link wireless router settings graphic tutorial how to set a TP-Link Wireless Router Diagram

TP-Link wireless router settings graphic tutorial how to set a TP-Link Wireless Router DiagramThe following describes the settings of the tp link wireless router. In this example, we use a new vro. If you are not sure whether the vro has been set before, we recommend that you reset the TP-Link Wireless vro, for more in

Do you want to use a BGP router? You don't have to spend money to buy it. In this tutorial, you use CentOS as one (1)

unique to vtysh. You can enter commands that are compatible with and supported by vro vendors (such as Cisco and Juniper. We will use vtysh shell to configure BGP routing in the rest of the tutorial. Start the vtysh shell command and enter: # vtysh The prompt will be changed to this host name, which indicates that you are in vtysh shell. Router-A#

Home Wireless Router Security Settings tutorial, Wireless Router Security Settings

Home Wireless Router Security Settings tutorial, Wireless Router Security Settings Nowadays, many families are secure from the home wireless wi-fi system, but many users do not know how to set up the home wireless network safely during installation. Many users feel very difficult, I think security protection operations are too complicated and difficult to set up

Tutorial on setting a fully-targeted Wireless Router

The wireless router is the transmission media, this article from the author's own TP-LINKWR641G as an example, describes the specific operation steps of the wireless router configuration, and describes the WAN port settings and other issues. As we all know in the tutorial on setting wireless routers, wireless signals a

Router Configuration & lt; 14 & gt;

Basic Frame Relay Configuration: Target: Basic Frame Relay Configuration Lab device: Router with serial port) 2 V.35 cable DTE/DCE) 1 pair Tutorial principle: The frame relay standard can be configured and managed permanent virtual circuit PVC in the frame relay network) for addressing, and the frame relay permanent

Router Configuration & lt; 13 & gt;

Ppp chap authentication Target: Purpose: Understanding the process and configuration of ppp chap authentication Lab device: Router with serial port) 2 V.35 cable DTE/DCE) 1 pair Tutorial principle: The PPP protocol is located at the data link layer of the OSI Layer-7 model. The PPP protocol is divided into two sub-layers by function: LCP and NCP. LCP is mainl

A detailed analysis of Cisco router configuration

Users using Cisco routing, many of them do not pay much attention to doing Cisco router configuration work, in fact this is a very important part, especially for our network security. There are several ways to do Cisco router configuration. The configuration can be done by t

Router Configuration & lt; 11 & gt;

Wan protocol encapsulation Target: Measure the test taker's knowledge about the encapsulation types and methods of Wan protocols. Tutorial principle: Common Wan leased line technologies include ddnleased line, PSTN/ISDN leased line, Frame Relay leased line, and X.25 leased line. The data link layer provides various leased line protocols, including PPP, HDLC, X.25, Frame-relay, and ATM. Experiment topology: 650) this. width = 650; "src =" http://www.bk

Router Configuration & lt; 10 & gt;

Configure OSPF single region Target: Purpose: Configure the OSPF single-region experiment to implement simple OSPF configuration. Background description: In the topology, there are three routers with five CIDR blocks and classless subnets. Requirement Analysis: In this topology, the OSPF routing protocol is used to learn route information, and a single region is used. All routers are in Area 0. Tutorial pr

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