juniper show configuration history

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[Juniper] common configuration methods for daily maintenance of switches and routine maintenance of juniper

[Juniper] common configuration methods for daily maintenance of switches and routine maintenance of juniper The juniper device is different from other vendors, and adopts the configuration concept of submitting for effectiveness. This greatly reduces misoperations. Note: Al

Juniper EX2200 Switch configuration experience

/1 unit 0 family ethernet-switching Root @ ex2200 # delete port-mode trunk # "delete trunk" Root @ ex2200 # delete vlan members # "delete all VLANs under a port" 4. routes and maintenance commands You can configure static routes and RIP dynamic routes when using the Juniper EX2200 layer-3 interface. # Set routing-options static route 0/0 next-hop set the default route and point the next hop of the default route to # commit

VRRP configuration instance on Juniper Firewall

Group VR Stat E VR Mode Type address fxp1.520 up 1 master Active LCL vip FXP1 .530 Up 2 backup Active LCL vip [edit] gkz@juniper-lab# run show VRRP su Mmary logical-system R2 Interface State Group VR State VR Mode Type address fxp2.520 up 1 Backup active LCL VIP fxp2.530 up 2 master Active LCL VIP

Juniper Olive Dynamic routing RIP configuration case

The diagram above is a configuration topology diagram R1,R2,R3,R4 all RIPv2 get the route, the following is the configuration document. System {root-authentication {Encrypted-password "$1$pc0igedw$xh19u99vsa6azotdk9bfz."; # Secret-data} logi n {User Mengmeng {UID 2001; Class Super-user; Authentication {Encrypted-password "$1$keim0kf/$ezlHwRupnb 7HFdUZVdIvE."; # # Secret-data}}} Services {telnet;

Juniper EX8200 Series Switch Configuration common commands

multiple commands at once (e.g. to configure OSPF Hello-time and dead-time at once)[Email protected]# set protocols OSPF area 0 interface ge-0/0/1.0 Hello-interval dead-interval 10In this way, exit can go back to the previous layer with edit and directly enter top to return to the top:The difference between user mode and configuration mode showThe show command in user mode is to view the system parameters,

How to back up configuration files for Cisco, ruijie, And Juniper

#Copy running-config tftp: Address of remote host []? Enter the IP address of your computer Destination filename []?F1-RJ-S2352G-3_20131128// Name the exported configuration file Building configuration... Accessing running-config... Success: Transmission success, file length 3726 You can compare the difference between ruijie and Cisco. When you enter an IP address, you will find it differe

Configuration of Nagios CHECK_MK monitoring juniper in Linux

display the traffic usage of the GRE tunnel on the monitoring system. Here we use the Stone plug-in, the plugin's Project home page is:, Because there was a special article about the plug-in log article ———— Nagios SNMP traffic monitoring, so this is not done in detail, only listed configuration can be. The code is as follows Copy Code

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