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Juniper Old driver Experience (SRX firewall NAT and strategy) video course on line

Following the previous "Juniper Old Driver Experience" (SRX Firewall optimization), Juniper old driver experience (SRX firewall NAT and strategy) The second video course was recorded on the line.1, two courses are completely independent and combined,SRX Firewall Optimization

Juniper Old driver Experience (SRX Firewall optimization) Video course on line

Juniper Old driver Experience (SRX Firewall optimization) Video course on lineEveryone in the QQ group, the forum often ask questions, many people on the SRX double machine is not very understanding, the actual work encountered too many problems, provoked a little trouble.For this I recorded a Juniper old driver experi

Static Routing Between the juniper Router and the SRX Firewall

Real juniper devices are expensive, so we use simulators to simulate juniper routers and juniper srx firewalls. The topology is simple: Juniper router em0.0 ------------ VM1----------------SRX ge0/0/0.0 That is to say, the first

Juniper SRX Firewall-nat Learn notes!

port for Edit Rule-set outside-to-inside1- Des-nat Set from zone Outside Edit Rule inside1-router-23 Set match source-address 0/0 Set match Destination-address Set match destination-port 2323 Set then Destination-nat pool inside1-23 Up Edit Proxy-arp interface fe-0/0/0.0 address Release Inbound Traffic! Edit Security Zones security-zone Inside1 Set Address-book address Inside1-router up up Edit Policies From-zone Outside to-zone Insid

Juniper SRX Firewall Default user name and password

Processing process: The Juniper SRX Series firewall is based on the Juniper Jnos system. Initial login username is root and password respectively null. Change your password first after entering. The order is as follows: Root> Root> Configure Entering configuration mode [Edit] root# root# Set System Root-authent

Juniper SRX and Cisco run ipsec vpn + OSPF

Today, we will demonstrate how the Juniper SRX Firewall runs ipsec vpn + OSPF with Cisco routers. Topology: 650) this. width = 650; "src =" "title =" 1.PNG" alt = "133822237.png"/> R1 simulates a cisco device, which is equivalent to a branch site. R2 simulates a carrier device, C1 is a zhuyun device, and bridging with

Juniper SRX Firewall NAT Configuration

untrust interfaces ge-0/0/0.0 host-inbound-traffic system-services Pi NgNote: By default, ICMP is required to be released, except for business ports that are not managed to be ping-through. Second,Juniper SRX NAT1 . Types of NAT1.1 Source Nat:interface1.2 Source NAT:p Ool1.3 Destination NAT1.4 Static NAT2. Configuration Example2.1 interface-based source NAT[Email protected]# Set security Nat Sourcerule-set

Juniper JunOS SRX Service Gateway dynamic VPN connection DoS Vulnerability

Release date:Updated on: Affected Systems:Juniper Networks JunOS SRX Branch Series Service Gateways 12.xJuniper Networks JunOS SRX Branch Series Service Gateways 11.xDescription:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------CVE (CAN) ID: CVE-2014-0612Juniper JunOS

Juniper SRX Firewall NAT Configuration

security-zone Untrust interfaces ge-0/0/0.0 host-inbound-traffic system-services p IngNote: By default, ICMP is required to be released, except for business ports that are not managed to be ping-through.Second, Juniper SRX NAT1. Types of NAT1.1 Source Nat:interface1.2 Source NAT:p Ool1.3 Destination NAT1.4 Static NAT2. Configuration Example2.1 Interface-based source NAT[Email protected]# Set security NAT s

Juning address of Intranet access in Juniper SRX Destination NAT

Network device:Juniper SRX series Firewall Network Topology: 650) this. width = 650; "onclick = 'window. open (" Refimg = "+ this. src) 'border =" 0 "alt =" "src =" "/> Problem description:When implementing Destination NAT, if you need to access the mapped public IP address from the Intranet, there will be some probl

Juniper-ha SSG Series Cluster-id solutions to scarcity problems

Juniper-ha SSG Series Cluster-id solutions to scarcity problems.Http:// from Juniper's official technician)By default, NSRP would support up to 8 cluster ID ' s and 8 VSD ' s. As noted in the previous entry, you can increase this with the Envar, but you need to use t

Basic configurations of Juniper Ex series switches

Juniper Ex series switchesIt takes about 2-3 minutes to start the instance. Please wait. After the Console port is connected, if the vswitch has been configured with a user name and password, enter the User name: root, password: xxxxxx, and press enter to enter the system. If it is an unconfigured switch, the default user is root, and there is no password, you can directly enter the system.

Juniper EX Series Switch upgrade process

The upgrade process of the Juniper EX series switches has recently come into contact with the juniper-branded switches. At the beginning, I had no clue at all, because I had previously renewed the configurations of the cisco Series switches. However, after a long time of contact, we can start to understand the configur

Use a USB flash drive to upgrade the juniper ex series switches

You can use a USB flash drive to upgrade the juniper ex series switch to the vswitch version. Generally, FTP or TFTP is used. Cause 2: 1. Most vswitches only support FTP or TFTP for data transmission. 2. Most vswitches do not provide USB interfaces. The Juniper Ex series switches provide a separate managem

Juniper-ssg-netscreen series High Availability CLI configuration finalization

Group id:0L Device priority in the VSD group:100L Preempt option:disableL Preempt Hold-Down time:0 SecondL Initial State Hold-Down Time:5 SecondL Heartbeat interval:1000 millisecondsL Lost Heartbeat Threshold:3L Master (Primary) always Exist:noRTO Image InformationL RTO synchronization:disableL Heartbeat Interval:4 SecondL Lost Heartbeat threshold:16NSRP Link InformationL Number of gratuitous arps:4L NSRP encryption:disableL NSRP authentication:disableL Track Ip:noneL Interfaces Monitored:noneL

The-JUNIPER-SSG series of PBR (Policy Routing) configuration finalization

Okay, everybody.This weekend seems to have been very fast, because there are too many customers after-sales problems need to actively cooperate with the processing, in short, the time for engineers to do a good job of technology has gone, many times we have to assume too many original role, and not just Huawei, China three, Cisco.this share, but also focused on the configuration of the idea of Huawei, rock Mesh firewall configuration ideas, in favor of everyone comprehend by analogy, spend a few

Juniper EX8200 Series Switch Configuration common commands

Enable disabling of a port[Email protected]# set Interfaces GE-0/0/4 disable #1. Close port[Email protected]# Delete interfaces GE-0/0/4 disable #2. Recovery portConfigure MGT Port IP[Email protected]# set interfaces ME0 Unit 0 family inet address interface Parameters[Email protected]# Edit Interfaces GE-0/0/1[Email protected]# set description "Connect to Juniper 6350" # "Set Port description"[Email protected]# set mac 00:1f:12:3

JUNIPER-SSG Series Sub-interface (one-arm routing) configuration termination

configurationSet interface ethernet0/1.2 NAT(PS: note Interface and area, and VLAN tag, here the is sw-a Vlanif2, so here to correspond together,), click-ok output such as650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" 4.png " alt= "Wkiol1b09h_jbsghaabg3-iubks283.png"/>Please note that once the sub-interface is established, the default is up, the number behind the interface is Vlan-tag (i.e., the downstream switch trunk c

JUNIPER-SSG Series Sub-interface (single-arm routing) application

of multiple gateways)V. Review of implementationSingle-arm routing long application in small and medium-sized enterprises, when the enterprise can not budget to buy three-tier switch, through the two-layer switch to achieve multi-VLAN interoperability.The implementation of the cross-border delivery, because the customer needs inter-VLAN interoperability, I have not done here strategy, the following is a simple introduction of the SSG series of strate

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