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Juniper EX8200 Series Switch Configuration common commands

logged in"[email protected]# Delete web-management http4. Open the FTP serviceThe ex switch can be configured as an FTP server for uploading or downloading. In addition, by default the ex switch itself is the FTP client, with FTP commands (as with the FTP command under Windows), you can use the FTP command in CLI mode to connect to your own set of FTP servers.[E

Juniper EX2200 Switch configuration experience

/1 unit 0 family ethernet-switching Root @ ex2200 # delete port-mode trunk # "delete trunk" Root @ ex2200 # delete vlan members # "delete all VLANs under a port" 4. routes and maintenance commands You can configure static routes and RIP dynamic routes when using the Juniper EX2200 layer-3 interface. # Set routing-options static route 0/0 next-hop set the default route and point the next hop o

[Juniper] common configuration methods for daily maintenance of switches and routine maintenance of juniper

[Juniper] common configuration methods for daily maintenance of switches and routine maintenance of juniper The juniper device is different from other vendors, and adopts the configuration concept of submitting for effectiveness. This greatly reduces misoperations. Note: Al

Juniper EX Series Switch upgrade process

add an FTP user and create an FTP shared folder with the read permission. At this point, the FTP server is set to over. 4. Download The jinstall and jloader files from the juniper official website and put them in the FTP shared folder. 5. Use the console line to connect the computer to the switch. Use a network cable to connect the MG port of the switch and the

How to test the Juniper Switch

practicability includes objective and subjective factors. Objectively, we decide which management method is supported by the switch on IPv4 and Ipv6, and its security is the same. We also decide the default management method and the methods to enable/disable. In addition, we also decided whether to delete all personal identity information, restrictions and best security practices when deleting the configuration

Juniper Firewall Configuration Backup method

have been eliminated, you can switch to the standby device through NSRP to restore the network operation and further locate the hardware failure. The switch mode is 1, unplug the upper and lower line network cable of the main firewall (only if the device is powered off, you need to unplug the HA connection of the device), the firewall will automatically make the primary standby

Python3 Backup Juniper Switch

the switch account number 'Password= ' Here is the switch password 'Print (' Backing up: ' +host)Tn=telnetlib. Telnet (Host.encode (' Utf-8 '), port=23,timeout=4)Tn.read_until (b "Login:")Tn.write (User.encode (' utf-8 ') + ' \ n '. Encode (' Utf-8 '))Tn.read_until (b "Password:")Tn.write (Password.encode (' utf-8 ') + ' \ n '. Encode (' Utf-8 '))Tn.read_until (b ' > ')Tn.write (b ' Show

Juniper-ssg-netscreen series High Availability CLI configuration finalization

configuration commands are synchronized3. EXECNSRP Sync Global-config SaveIf the dual-machine configuration information is not automatically synchronized, please manually perform this synchronization command, need to restart the system.4, GETNSRPView device status, primary and standby relationships, session synchronization, and parameter

LAPB, X.25, and X.25 Switch configuration commands (1)

PVC_MAP1 VC: 3 *Facility:BROADCAST;WINDOW_SIZE: I 5 O 5;Table 3-3 describes the meaning of each domain in the preceding address ing information.Table 3-3 X.25 address ing information  Related commands]X25 map, x25 pvc, show x25 interface15. show x25 switch-vc-tableThe X.25 switching circuit table is displayed.Show x25 switch-vc-tableCommand mode]Privileged user

Cisco router switch configuration commands (1)

1. commands supported by the vswitch:Vswitch basic status: Switch:; ROM status, vrommon>Hostname>; User ModeHostname #; privileged ModeHostname (config) #; global configuration modeHostname (config-if) #; interface status Vswitch password settings: Switch> enable; enter privileged ModeSwitch # co

Cisco layer three switch configuration commands and explanations

) # Service-policy input name applies policy to this interface3550 (config) # MLS QoS start QoS3550 (config-if) # Auto QoS VoIP initiates automatic quality of service on the interface3550 (config) # priority-list priority_queue_# Protocol Protocol High|medium|normal|low [list acl_#] Define the flow of information for the priority queue3550 (config) # priority-list priority_queue_# queue-limit limit_# defines the maximum queue space for a specific priority queue3550 (config-if) # Priority-group p

Summary of ruijie Switch configuration commands

Basic operations 1. Enter privileged Mode Switch> enable Switch # 2. Return to user mode Switch # exit Press RETURN to get started! Switch> Ruijie Switch configuration mode: Global configurati

Summary of ruijie Switch configuration commands

Ruijie switch display command: Display Switch hardware and software information Switch # show version Display the currently running configuration parameter Switch # show running-config Display the saved configuration parameter

Juniper Common Commands (ii)

Juniper Firewall basic CommandsCommon View CommandsGet int View interface configuration informationGet int ethx/x View specified interface configuration informationGet MIP View Map IP relationshipsGet Route View Route tableGet Policy ID x view specified policiesGet NSRP View NSRP information, then can take parameters to see the specific VSD group, port monitoring

The most comprehensive collection of Huawei router switch configuration commands in history

The most comprehensive collection of Huawei router switch configuration commands in history, proficient in the following Huawei router switch configuration knowledge points, you only need to spend a few minutes to understand the Huawei router

Juniper firewall configuration backup

the firewall and the configuration fault and screnos software fault have been ruled out, you can switch to the slave device through NSP to resume network operation and further locate the hardware fault. Switch Mode: 1. Unplug the upstream and downstream Network cables of the active firewall (the HA connection of the active firewall must be unplugged only when th

Basic commands for Cisco switch configuration

machine telnet switch1. Connect the PC1 with a straight line to the FASTETHERNET0/3 port of the switch.2. Open IP configuration on the desktop of PC1, select the static configuration, set the IP address to, the subnet mask is Open the "command Prompt" on the PC1 's "desktop".4. Remotely log on to the

Common configuration commands for LAN switch Maintenance

Common configuration commands for LAN switch MaintenanceFor the following information about LAN switch maintenance, please explain the Common commands in a blank space. LAN switches have evolved from a HUB-based LAN shared in the traditional sense to a broader space. The wid

A10 load configuration and master and standby manual switch commands

name172.16.2.50_TCP_8000 access-list100source-nat-poolsnatslb service-groupnginxha-conn-mirror templateNbsp;persistsource-ipsource_ip_persist Such a simple load is added to the complete.A10 Load device commands are basically consistent with Cisco device commands, but there are also differences.The Cisco device Master and Standby switch

Juniper SSG Common Commands

NetScreen Juniper SSG Operation commandApril 10, 2013Command line get configuration information get configcommand line to get the time set to get clockSet Vrouter TRUST-VR sharable settings Consider router TRUST-VR can share set Vsys "Vrouter"/Set virtual router for other UNTRUST-VR systems Set Vrouter "TRUST-VR"/Set Virtual router set zone "Untrust" Vroute "UNTRUST-VR" zone untrust to U In NTUST-VRZone Unt

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